Further Discussions on the Future of Africa (2)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The Bradford Initiative on the future of Africa Collective agreed during the week-long Seminar on the future of Africa, that African concerns have gone beyond the potency of the written word, of poetry, banal literary musings, drama, songs and incantations.

(1) That all academic endeavours should be aimed at freeing Africa and Africans from ignorance and superstition and through original thinking and not thinking induced by alien cultural imperialism, rescue the African people from the centers of control and manipulation and from the throes of the depraved and degenerate culture of corruption, kidnapping, sitting in office like dogs in the manger, not governing well and not allowing others, better qualified, to govern.

(2) That scientific social science relating to Africa, should address vital issues concerning Africa by ensuring that socio-economic postulations must have social relevance to Africa’s development.

(3) That Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, can file applications with the Interpol seeking to “Extend its Powers to Trace Suspected FUNDS By Attachment”, (ERGA OMNES).

(4) That “trust payments”, slush funds, advanced fees, brokerage deals, underhand and overhand deals, coupons and voucher deals, house purchases in exotic climes etc, must form part of the search for ill-gotten funds.

(5) That the Government of Switzerland is now more favourably disposed to cooperate with national and international agencies, in more profound ways.

(6) That it is no longer enough for politically ambitious characters to WISH to be become presidents, without a detailed and convincing programme of action for four years.

(7) That a declaration of assets is a conditio sine qua non for eligibility to contest elections in the first place.

(8) That immediate resignation should follow, where a presidential candidate by the assessment of his peers, is incapable or it becomes clear from manifest evidence that he deceived the nation.

(9) That a register of graduating students must be kept in the Ministries of Education in order to plan how to create jobs for graduates.

(10) That a situation in which parents spend money to educate their children, who would take care of them in their old age, but which does not materialize as a result of unemployment, destroys family solidarity and harmony.

(11) That insensitivity displayed by temporary occupiers of state power is deplorable, inhuman and callous.

(12) That through silent inaction, government officials, cynically condemn the masses to slow death.

(13) That a village urchin, who hit the capital city and woke up on the sunny-side of hustling a decade ago, can now be the person to see, is a grizzly victory warp in an enigma.

(14) African governments must create investment opportunities in their enclaves and not wait for development assistance, which have now dried up. It is said that “when the pupil is ready, a Master will appear”.

(15) The Bradford Initiative, in collaboration with Chambers of Commerce in Europe has been bring business partners together and because we stand proxy for partners, distrust has been totally eliminated. We take the business men from Europe to our offices in Nigeria, set up meetings with other businessmen and deals are concluded speedily, trustfully and are mutually beneficial. Once mutual confidence is established, the wheels of international economic relations begin to roll. Contact: The Executive Director, The Bradford Initiative, West Riding House, 1st Floor, Suite 6, Bradford, BD1 4HR, United Kingdom.

(16) Where business people do not conclude their bargains due to shortage of time, the Bradford Initiative Office can assist in concluding the business arrangements on behalf of such clients and report back. You do not need to travel to Europe to do business any more. SEND US.

(17) WE are in a vantage position to enhance international trade relations between Africa and Europe jerockus@yahoo.com

(18) We also train young African entrepreneurs in international marketing, finance, global reach strategies and wealth-creation.

(19) Linkages with the International centers of manufacturing, goods producers and consumers have been established on a world-wide circuit and we are looking at the Shanghai-Tokyo- New York-London-Bradford-Fugar axis.
(20) We hereby invite applications from MBA graduates, International Law graduates and forward-looking people, with an intellectual habit of mind, from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

The Bradford Initiative Collective
West Riding House
Bradford BD1 4HR
United Kingdom

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