General Muhammadu Buhari: The Wind of Change

Image courtesy AITonline
Image courtesy AITonline
Image courtesy AITonline

The wind is blowing, the wind Nigerians have always desired and dreamt of but vanishes at the break of dawn. Nigerians have never experienced such wind since our transition from military rule to democratic government. We are in the season of change. Whenever you get hold of this wind spread it around you, the more you spread the wind, the more it gets to all Nigerians here and even beyond.

The wind of change is General Muhammadu Buhari. This wind of change became realistic on December 11th 2014 when General Muhammadu Buhari emerged as the presidential flag bearer of APC for next year’s general elections.

The predilection at which Nigerians received the news of the emergence of this humane, incorruptible, indefatigable, austere, reliable and credible figure, as the flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in next year’s general elections shows the political atmosphere is about to change for good.

The ruling government, its profiteers, and some ignorant half-wits are already losing sleep over the kind of attention and acceptance Buhari’s emergence was given, they are yet to come to terms with it. The apologists that have been irascible in their opinion in referring General Buhari as a religious fundamentalist and Boko haram sponsor over the years are now soft-pedalling in their bitter diatribes and tirades, they have come to terms with reality that their musings and ceaseless mud slings on General Buhari didn’t affect his personality at all, rather it gave him an edge over his detractors, made him popular and increased his cult following not only in the North but all over Nigeria.

General Buhari is an example of the saying “good name is better than silver and gold”, the only man in Nigeria our ruling political class shivers down their spines whenever he makes a move, they have tried many ways to ruin General Buhari politically and physically but the General, the cat with nine lives is always one step ahead of his traducers.

General Buhari is the “Moses” of our time, he is confidently living out his life of grace, this explains his wild acceptance this time around across the federation which has enabled him remain resolute in his mission and vision to stamp out corruption once he’s elected president.

General Buhari is a tested and trusted candidate: political hirelings of the ruling government are disputing this fact, they are never tired of opening their lose cannon mouths to berate that General Buhari was part of the young army officers that over threw a democratically elected president in 1983. Even the former ousted president Shehu Shagari in all sincerity will admit his government was embroiled in monumental corruption which was beyond his powers and as at that time, the coup was inevitable, the question should be, in those two years of General Buhari as head of state, did he achieve anything meaningful?

Over throwing a democratically elected government that was stagnant and embroiled in corruption in all its facets shouldn’t be something to make noise with. Every informed and objective historian will admit to the fact that some great African leaders dead or alive were products of military coup directly or indirectly. Thomas Sankara of Burkina faso and Jerry Rawlings of Ghana are glaring examples, they left indelible achievements that will outlive generations.

General Buhari’s charismatic authority is a phenomenon, he is a man of untainted integrity, a strong distinct personality, with an unlimited amount of passion, he has the ability to inspire people to key into his vision.

His cult of personality is on the increase, it cuts across ethnic, religious and party affiliations, its a demonstration of his extra ordinary insight and accomplishments.

Where ever you are in this yuletide season, North, West, East or South. Drum it, sing it, shout it, write it, draw it. However you can, spread the good news about General Muhammadu Buhari.

General Buhari and his party may not be opportuned to give him full publicity, they may not be allowed to campaign for him from door to door, let’s help rescue our battered nation from this present state of perdition by spreading these message of hope, change and continuity.

It is not expensive to achieve, tell your neighbours to tell their neighbours to tell their families, friends, acquaintances, enemies et el to continue to spread this wind of change, until it gets to every Nigerian.

Nigerians have never been this united in this wind of change already in the air, we are tired of the ruling party’s transformed poisoned apple called “breadth of fresh air”, what Nigerians need is the wind of change that is already blowing in all directions.

General Buhari is the competent man with an unquestionable character that can rescue this nation, to rescue Nigeria is to fight corruption, to fight corruption is to sweep PDP away from Nigeria, let’s not be deceived by their politics of propaganda and politics of conspiracy theories, we voted the ruling party in the past to help salvage the situation, they have failed to achieve any meaningful impact. The attack dogs, especially in the ruling party have been gob-smacking and obfuscating in defence that Nigerias problem didn’t start today, anybody that can’t solve Nigerias problem in 6 years, can’t perform any magic in another 4 years. Let’s all unite in the fight against PDP led government and make sure they are swept out from the centre.

This may be General Muhammadu Buhari’s last and right time to get to the presidency, Nigeria of my time needs man like General Muhammadu Buhari to sanitize and sweep this country of its series of anomalies.

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Written by
Joe Onwukeme
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