Good Bye Nigeria

by Churchill Okonkwo


No need bothering yourself with the answer

If only the wind had not blown away
The corrugated roof of my grand father’s house
I will still have shelter
Where the wandering ghost of my ancestors will be appeased
Am about to start a romance with the foreign gods

Very soon
I will no longer have the privilege
Of listening to the trade marks of Lagos – my Lagos
“Oshodi – Oshodioo-o-o-o!”
“Your side, your side”
“Wole, wolewa”

I will miss the “Due process” and “Federal Character” principles
I will miss the “fight against corruption”
I will miss the rhetoric from AC – the only party still standing
I will miss Bola Tinubu and the madness of Lagos

What I will not miss
Is the sipping of my beer ever Friday night
After escaping from the VI and Apapa traffic
I won’t miss the liberty of doing anything and going free
I won’t of course miss my bosom friends
Some of whom have given me list of expectations
As long as the third mainland bridge


Next week,
I will travel to my village (hoping I will cross the gully erosions along Lagos-Benin road)
To see what is left of my erosion threatened abode
It will be an honour to kill a fowl
Under the cashew tree in my fathers big compound
I will spill the blood on the mother earth
In communion with the gods of my father’s
Who knows?

Who said the electrons must revolve round the nucleus?

I will miss Lagos
I will miss Nigeria
I will miss Yar”Adua
I would have loved to watch the drama unfold in Aso Rock
Watch the imbeciles dance to their discordant tones
From Ota Farm and Mina


When the drums starts to beat again,
Where will you be?
Or have you stopped dancing
Just because the mad bulls are on stage?

When this transition is over
I hope to get back and rescue my state
From Andy Uba when he tries to make a comeback
I pray my beloved Nigeria will still be intact
When this transition is over
Or will I like the rest of my country men
Who had earlier taken the road am about to follow be lost?

That is what they all say at the beginning of the transition
Transition to “greener pastures”
From the pastures to the subsurface
Then the evolution
Evolution to acquiring foreign citizenship
Being absorbed in the system where things “work”
Finally reincarnating as visitors to motherland
Until old enough for old peoples home.
Or “until death do us part”?

Whatever may the dire consequences of this course
The squirrel is at the tail of the palm frond
What is left is “soft” landing
Until then,
Good bye Nigeria

Although I hope to be back soon

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