Gov. T.A. Orji Insults ex-Gov. Mbakwe

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Many Nigerians have known today that the Gov. Theodor Ahamefule Orji
administration in Abia State is an expert in telling lies and in the use of
propaganda to discredit opposing view. It even goes as low as labeling its
critics rapists, kidnappers, killers, extortionists, and sundry unprintable
names. But the people have resorted not to take whatever its fraught media
mobs dish out for the consummation of the unsuspecting public, seriously.

It has done it again. Its trademark.

Reading the BusinessDay of Monday 19, August 2013, the article titled,
“Governor Orji’s legacy projects”, one could not stop sighing while reading
the mind of a desperate governor and his drivel government. The tone of the
article was of desperation; the desperation to be noticed and recognised.

But this desperation of Gov. Orji is a hoodwinking type. Knowing that
anybody in a position of authority that claims what he or she is not is
being foolery. Such a person uses desperate measures to equate desperate

Desperation is even worse when the person has reached the end of hope and
has nothing left to actualise that hope. Such lost hope is not unconnected
with the Governor Orji in governance. So, his foot soldiers are working
futilely tirelessly to redeem the misapplication and failed method of their
“Ochedo Global” to the things of good-governance in that state.

The media-gangster of Gov. T.A Orji who wrote that unenthusiastic article,
started by telling us that Abia State inherited “immovable infrastructures”
from the old Imo State when it was created, which the media-hoodlum also
said were the footprints of Dr. Michael Okpara and Dr. Sam Mbakwe.

The media-liar refused to include Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu in the scheme of
things as one of the ex-governors who worked, whose footprints are
indelible in that state. All that this liar-government continued to do is
to paint Kalu in bad-light, while their Ochendo is “Global”.

But the good people of Abia State know that there is no how that T.A Orji
can be measured with Kalu in term of performance. Of course, Kalu has
floored Gov. Orji in many ways.

It could be recalled that during the time Kalu was governor, the roads in
Aba were, at least, not in the state of deplorable condition they are today
and, Umuahia, the state capital, was not made a ‘one city’ in the state.
There was decentralisation of works, not centralised. Kalu was not
dichotomous in work.

Notwithstanding, Ochendo has not even done anything in Umuahia or in any
part of the state that is meaningful. Is it the Keke-NAPEP that his wife’s
NGO buy for the humiliated youths? These conks in the present government
would always lie that during the Kalu’s tenure, “the description of Umuahia
capital was limited from Uwalaka Street to World Bank Housing Estate, which
took less than 10 minutes to circumnavigate”. How else do we call somebody
a serial liar if not in a statement like this?

This government has sold numerous lies to the world where it is in
desperate attempts to discredit Kalu, for its exaltation. It has also
refused to tell the world where the sums that one Don Norman Obinna
published in many media platforms in an article titled, “”Abia State:
Theodore Orji’s Government of Deceit And Falsehood” are.

We are meant to understand in that account that there is a recent
communiqué issued by the Technical Sub-committee of the Federal Account
Allocation (FAAC) for the month of March, 2013, which demonstrates that
Abia State shared among other states, a total sum of N117,942 billion
(26.72%), as against N106,442 billion it had acknowledged for the month of

Obinna goes further to write that the Local Governments in Abia State are
among the Local Governments, which shared N90,928 billion (20.60%), as
against N82,062 billion received for the month of February. In-the-face-of
all these, Gov. T.A Orji has done ‘very well’ in rendering undemocratic
dividends in the areas of abysmal infrastructural decay in the economically
shortchanged 17 Local Government Areas (LGA) of the state.

The shamefaced side of the marooned article was where Gov. Orji’s
truth-muffler dragged ex-Governor Mbakwe into the thoughtless governance of
the state in order to boost its dampened and sunken image.

The media-assailant wrote that the visionless Gov. T.A Orji “is operating
on the same wavelength operated by Sam Mbakwe and M. I. Okpara”. Is this
not an insult to our untainted icons?

Gov. Orji should stop misleading the public with his media make-belief
stories that are better told as moonlight tales. Lies are the continuum of
the mis-governance, as we can see in Abia State. The government should stop
being desperate in telling lies, instead of in making sure that our people
enjoy the dividends of democracy.

The government should stop doing something wicked with propaganda and lies.
This gamut will not lead our state anywhere. Gov. T.A Orji should stop
making lies to mean good-governance. He should understand that desperation
to be appreciated on false claims is dangerous. The Gov. Orji
administration is expected to be mature by now, but, regrettably, it is
only mature in telling lies.

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