Governor Igbinedion of Edo State Should Shut Up!

by Paul I. Adujie

Governor Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State frequently visits America and Europe and it has been speculated that his visits, usually, coincides with the schedule and time-table of federal allocations of revenue to Edo State; Edo state it must be said, is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria that has jointly, with other such states clamored for increases in the revenues allocated to oil producing states based on the principle of derivation.

This, even though the governors of the oil producing states have not actually accounted for the monies received so far from the federal government of Nigeria, based on the derivation principle, it is clear that these governors have not utilized these monies for the benefits of citizens of these oil producing states! But those gyrating in their prodigal son-like demands for 100% control of oil revenue, would not bother to demand accountability, on the part of the thieving governors of these oil producing states!

Recently, Governor Igbinedion sent Commissioner Kingsley Osadolor, the man in charge of information and orientation in Edo state, on an impossible mission and task, to convince Edo sons and Daughters in the Americas, United States and Canada that the Edo state government is doing its best, even though we are all aware that the Edo state governor has performed woefully, displaying stunning ineptitude and stunning incompetence and astounding failures in Edo state!

Governor Igbinedion tried, through the speech by Commissioner Osadolor, to blame armed robbery and high rate of crime on citizens of other states, or on the fact that the police is not controlled by Edo state! Instead of focusing on the corruption and deprivation that he has presided over or supervised in the state since 1999! He orchestrated feeble defense of his failures after feeble defense! He blamed bad roads and traffic jams on the federal government and blamed prostitution and child-trafficking on rumors and gossip? He would not take blame for anything! Not his failure to create jobs or coordinate crime fighting? After all, Edo state is a PDP state and one would assume that Mr. Igbinedion has unfettered access to the PDP hierarchy and access to the presidency?

Governor Igbinedion blames everybody, every circumstances on others, but himself, his incompetence, his high rate of ineptitude and complete disconnect from the people of Edo state. And with a bold face, he talks about the dignity of Edo people!

How do you give people dignity, in the face of high rate of armed robberies? How do you talk of giving dignity when the people are hobbled by all manners of indignities, unemployment, high rate of crime, decayed and abandoned public infrastructures, impassable and un-motorable roads, particularly in Benin City, house-to-house-ransacking by chieftains of brigandage? In recent times, His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N Edo Uku Akpolokpolo has had to make passionate appeal in Edo state, to decry the high rate of crime and criminality that has overwhelmed Edo state while Governor Igbinedion sleeps at the wheels!

How can the Governor talk about dignity of the Edo man, when Edo men, out of unending hardships, sufferings and economically induced desperation herded their daughters and their wives to prostitution in Italy, France and other parts of Europe? How can this young but failed governor, expatriate ex-America and all, who has acted as if he is bereft of all and any ideas of governance, lecture the rest of us about dignity? What dignity for Edo man are you talking about Mr. Governor?

Mr. Lucky Igbinedion lectured Nigerians of Edo state origin in the United States, about what he described as the ‘Dignity of Edo man’ upon broaching the title of his lecture, I was completely aghast at the clear irony of the governor’s chosen lecture topic!

Here is a man, who is singularly responsible for depriving the Edo citizens of dignity more than anyone alive or dead, and he, without any qualms, actually was there, live and in person, lecturing about dignity for Edo citizens!

Under governor Igbinedion’s watch, Edo state has deteriorated incredibly! And you do not even have to be an Edo state indigene to be aware of the fact that Edo state used to be a model state among other Nigerian states.

Edo in my lifetime was ahead in remarkable ways, severally, in Education, Sports, Culture and pretty much everything else and most of these transpired during the administration of Dr. Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, a former colonel in the Nigerian Army, he has less formal education compared with Mr. Igbinedion, and he performed wonderfully and creditably well. Other states used to be envious of Edo state achievements!

Mr. Igbinedion on the other hand, received his education in Nigeria and in the United States, he is young, well traveled has out of Nigeria exposure and one Omosun Fadal wrote not long ago, how the young Igbinedion had expressed passion for public service while he lived and studied in the United States and how Igbinedion’s current shambles in Edo state is inconsistent with the promises he made and the vow to lead Edo state to greater heights.

I have it on good authority that he ran an excellent administration as the Chairman of Oredo Local Government Area, a part of Edo state where I resided many years ago, and as result of promises he further made to run the entire state in the good way he administered Oredo Local Government, the capital city of Edo state and the seat of the state government, the reasonable expectation was that he would replicate his performance as a good local government chairman and leader, statewide as governor. He therefore ran on his record of achievements for Oredo Local Government and he therefore ran a believable campaign in 1999 and won!

But Edo state according to my sources, have never had it soooo baaad! Edo state has become the poster boy for violent crime, in prostitution and immoralities and brazen political thugs undertaking assassinations to achieve personal political ambitions.

When many years ago, I lived in Benin City, the capital of Edo state, it was the case that prostitution was illegal, a taboo and an abomination as well, even among single women, but these days, economic depression and desperation that are attendant, has driven ordinarily decent Edo women to be the best prostitutes money can buy in Italy, France and other parts of Europe! This started occurring before Mr. Igbinedion became governor of Edo state of course, but, you would have thought that he has had a chance to read his wife’s published writings in which she stated her abhorrence for prostitution and child-trafficking.

And how come, nobody has bothered to inform Mr. Igbinedion that creation of employment and economic prosperity would be a huge factor in any serious efforts geared toward the elimination of prostitution and child-trafficking? How come no one has explained to this young governor, that the best way to curb crime is to keep people busy, employed with hope, expectations and decent life outlook?

Edo state is being pillaged at the highest levels! We hear of properties and investments in California by high ranking Edo state officials, investments in England and South Africa, all through proxies of Edo state government officials, and here we have a representative of the same Edo state coming to address intelligent Edo state citizens in a speech full and replete with platitudes about dignity, when the same governor who directed Commissioner Osadolor to lecture intelligent Edo citizens about dignity, is the person that is singularly irresponsible and to blame for the high magnitude of indignities that Edo citizens have suffered during preceding six years? What a slap in the face of Edo citizens? What audacity? What an offens

ive irony?

In the face of governor Igbinedion’s most ignominious governance, he aspire to be anything, other than a dog-catcher, come 2007? Or dictate who becomes the governor of Edo state when he leaves? Why has good and decent people of Edo state, a formerly progressive state, a model state of proud people, a people of high education and high culture, sports excellence and all that is superb in Nigeria, why has Edo state been allowed to bleed and be bled by nitwits, grossly incompetent persons, who are putridly corrupt?

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Fred March 30, 2008 - 8:01 am

Hi Paul, ur article has exp everything about dis gambajastic nd unfocus Edo state former Gov Lucky Igbinadion.EFCC shouldhave go after him b4 now beside he should”t have been release on bail. All his fraudulent wealth should be confisticated to the Edo state government

kukuruku November 21, 2007 - 9:00 am



Our governor background speaks volumes. His associates speaks more VOLUMES!!!!!

Remember his dad's with our OBA? The Britts are to blame for our cultural woes, about 10% and the rest on ourselves (Edo men)

We were warriors, but not war mongers. we have reduced ourselves to simple men, we must regain ourselves and Lucky(Gov) to the era of 1896 with 2007 civilizations and educations. Having lots of certificates (a to z awards or earned) is not enough. We Need to act on these Problems….How???…

We must unite ourselves to help the EDO People.

Copy the JEWS of the world…

I am responsible for this problem as much as the "Gov".

This "sex girls" are our family members. how do we stop this mad rush to hell?????

WE need to talk Right now…

Send me suggestions……

mr kukuruku (also edo man)

Igbadia David July 17, 2007 - 10:40 am

But send this EFCC at and lets fight to get Lucky igbinedion arrested.

If you are a true Nigerian and EDO indigen.

Anonymous February 19, 2006 - 5:34 am

lucky igbinedion the governor of Edo state should open his eyes and see the shame in his state. It's awful to us as the Edos

Anonymous December 31, 2005 - 5:08 am

Hi Paul,

Bravo! for the candour with which you wrote this article!

And also that you mentioned investment by Edo State Government officials in South Africa.

Is (EFCC) not yet aware that Lucky Igbinedion has used Edo State people's money to build a Refinery for himself in South Africa

Or is this office (EFCC) waiting till he leaves office before he can be prosecuted

—Zurich, Switzerland.

Anonymous November 21, 2005 - 6:36 am

as an edo woman, i have to say you spoke my mind

Anonymous November 20, 2005 - 11:49 am

i am happy to have gone through this article,really the lucky is bad

Anonymous September 30, 2005 - 10:26 pm

it is indeed a realistic insight to the situation on ground devoid of any and all cover ups thanks my broda let the truth be told straight up.

Anonymous September 26, 2005 - 10:38 am

Why has Asia boomed in recent decades while Africa has sunk into penury

The pithiest answer is a joke I first heard in Nigeria. An African and an Asian make friends at Oxford before becoming politicians.

Years later the African visits the Asian and is impressed by his mansion with a Mercedes-Benz in the drive.

"How can you afford this" he asks. The Asian points to a majestic highway outside. "See that road" he says with a wink. "Ten per cent."

Later the Asian visits the African's home – a palace with a dozen Mercedes-Benzes.

Anticipating the question the African says: "See that road" The Asian sees only bush. "100 per cent."

Anonymous September 26, 2005 - 8:21 am

EFCC: How Governors Steal Public Funds

… To beam searchlight on S/Africa

From Kunle Aderinokun in Abuja 09.26.2005 Thisday

Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has given an insight into how some state governors steal public funds saying such governors not only buy into companies in their names or through proxies they manipulate the asset declaration form by filling what they intend to steal on assuming office.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the African Regional Capital Market Training programme in Abuja weekend Ribadu said state governors who are virtually in control of 50 per cent of the nation's economy have diverted public funds into private businesses.

Represented by Acting Director Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) of EFCC Mr. Dapo Okauru Ribadu said some governors have bought into many companies in their names and sometimes through proxies at the expense of the people they govern.

He said that asset declaration the only way to hold accountable public officials who launder money has not been of much help as many of the governors have devised means of outwitting the Code of Conduct Bureau the body legally empowered to check the assets of public officials.

According to him corrupt public officials while filling the asset declaration form usually include in advance assets they planned to acquire with stolen public funds on assuming office.

He pointed out that the arrest of some Nigerian governors abroad was not by accident but through the interconnectivity of FIUs across the globe which has made it possible for money launderers to be arrested anywhere in the world.

Bayelsa Governor DSP Alamieyeseigha was two weeks ago arrested in London on alleged money laundering offences and his passport impounded.

Last year Plateau State Governor Joshua Dariye was also arrested by the London Metropolitan Police on money laundering charges. He escaped bail.

Lamenting that Nigeria was so rich but the officials in charge of resources were the ones not using the funds to better the lot of the people Ribadu said Whenever you see that some roads are not tarred or some schools are not built it's because of the private jets or the new houses the governor bought.

According to him the country is very rich. But a few people that have access to public funds have made it impossible for the wealth to be judiciously utilised.When you see roads not tarred and you find people buying jets the jets were purchased because the roads were not tarred. Somebody bought shares for all his family members cousins and others. That person might have immunity but the law will eventually catch up with him.

When you talk of unemployment you have to relate it to money laundering. The financial sector has a lot to do in the war against financial crimes and money laundering.

He said the Commission will beam its searchlight on South Africa with a view to fishing out corrupt public officials and private individuals engaged in money laundering.

He said the focus on South Africa became necessary owing to huge business transactions between Nigerians and South Africans.

Ribadu said since the return to democracy there has been a lot of business transactions between Nigerians and South Africans. He said that such business activities have to be closely watched now given the opportunities they could provide for money laundering.

Huge funds he pointed out were being moved by the nationals of the two countries through financial institutions adding that the Unit has been vested with the responsibility of scrutinizing foreign transactions.

According to him "we are looking at South Africa closely now. There is a lot of transaction going on in South Africa by our people and a lot of South African businesses are coming into our country too. We need to look at all these economic activities because it could be an avenue for money laundering."

He said that the NFIU had received a total of 1299 suspicious transaction reports (STRs) and 1.389 million currency transaction reports (CTRs) at the end of July this year. The Unit in the first quarter he added had received a total of 328 suspicious transaction reports (STRs) and 481403 currency transaction reports (CTRs).

He said banks that have not been sending suspicious reports risked being penalized. Noting that you become liable if on your part you refuse to report to us he however did not specify the kind of sanctions that would be applied to such erring banks.

"We have criminalized money laundering. Punishment for offenders range from two to five years. We want to be able to operate a less cash economy he said.

According to him banks have to be in a position to be able to profile their customers. If we find any bank that fails to submit suspicious transaction report and currency transaction report we would sanction the bank. The NFIU examines the suspicious transaction report and currency transaction report submitted by banks and analyse them. As soon as customers deposit funds suspected to be laundered money we expect them to submit the reports. Banks become liable on their part if they refuse to submit the STR and CTR.

The NFIU he said has access to every transaction above N1 million and N5 million done by individual and corporate bodies respectively.

He noted that the Unit has a very good relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has been getting reports from it.

He however lamented that due to the large amount of reports the NFIU received from banks it was extremely challenging to undertake thorough CTR analysis.

Given this scenario he said the Unit has been piloting various initiatives designed with a view to automating the process.

Ribadu said that since returning from the last plenary of the Egmont Group we have rendered assistance to a number of other FIUs around the world who have requested information for further investigations.

According to him specifically we have received nine requests for information from five jurisdictions and one international organization. We have made a couple of requests for information to some oversea FIUs. All the stakeholders law enforcement agencies regulatory/supervisory bodies and in fact other FIUs are increasingly becoming aware of the role of the NFIU as a source of valuable intelligence and good analytical reports.

He said looking forward the NFIUs objective is to implement an internationally acceptable anti-money laundering (AML) regime in the country. This he said has become imperative as the Commission prepares for the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) review team which is due in the country soon. Presently he said Nigeria is the only country on the FATF black list.

Paul I. Adujie September 25, 2005 - 1:24 pm

Your comment was:


There is a correllation between poverty and whether you become a prostitute or an armed robber….

Most female lawyers and doctors and their daughters from Nigeria would hardly become prostitutes any where in the world…. Do you know why

I have no second thoughts about my article regarding Governor Igbinedion!

Paul I. Adujie New York United States

Most Nigerian male lawyers and doctors would never become bank robbers or engage in such underclass crimes do you know why I am not by a long short saying or suggesting that all Nigerian lawyers are by any means holy saints! But economic prosperity has a lot to do with WHERE we all are in our lives at home and abroad.

Do you also notice that you will not find any children of Babangida driving cabs in New York Amsterdam or in Brussels The children of Nigerians who are millionaires whether by hook or crook never live in forced exile like most of us… they remain in Nigeria travel overseas with visas that is always easy for the rich unlike the rest of Nigerians…

My point is that… economic desperation is what drives prostitution and child trafficking in Edo state…. any responsible governor local leader must address economic desperations that push ordinarily good people to engage in breaking old abominations and taboos… Yes Tinubu and Kalu should look into why people forge foreign passports and visas….. it is because the Nigerian economy is comatose…. Nigerians in droves and throngs want to leave Nigeria the embassies refuse…. and criminals improvise!

There is correllation between poverty and crime…. especially underclass crimes like prostitution…. if you are waiting for an Igbinedion Abacha or Babangida's daughters as prostitutes…. You will have to wait a millenium….. OK several hundred years at the very least!

Goddy September 24, 2005 - 5:05 pm

My dear Paul

Youre one of the Internet writers after my heart! Im even beginning to prefer you to my very good friend Femi Olawole (Femi make you no vex abeg!)

Your reference to Kingsley Osadolo could only evoke a lot of laughter in me. It was only two days ago and in the company of Femi and other friends that I brought up the dilemma of guys like Osadolo Dr. (now professor) G.G. Darah who as columnists would not let us rest with their holier-than-thou articles of those days of Military reigns.

Just because of the few members of the military ruling class these guys created the impression that every Military officer was an illiterate incompetent and corrupt.

And I remember one particular time when Femi wrote an article in which he specifically hoped and prayed that one day Darah Osadolo etc would get into public offices and we would see what fantastic roles they would play! He sent the article directly to Darah in his capacity as the Guardian editorial board chairman and telling him to just read and pass it among his colleagues. Incidentally Darah published it!

And as fate would have it the same Darah is now a commissioner in Delta State Osadolo is a commissioner in Edo while some other all-knowing saintly columnists" are also holding some public appointments. But so far what have they achieved thats better than those they made a career of abusing in those days..

As we used to say in the glorious days of 1960/70s Lagos Darah and his ilk have neither passed nor failed yet they remain in one class! They are just glorified office men! And as for Osadolo he is busy junketing about to tell some white lies on behalf of his Edo State boss..its a shame!

But Paul no vex oh! I must disagree with you on one issue! In all fairness you cant blame Gov. Igbinedion for the choice of some of his people to resort to international prostitution! Its a silly excuse for any one to go so low in life for the sake of money! Its like blaming Gov. Kalu (even though I cant stand him) for the resolve of some of my people to engage in producing and selling fake pharmaceutical drugs. Or would you blame Gov. Tinubu for the decision of some Yoruba to operate the Oluwole wuruwuru industry.. Lets call a spade a spade! What would happen if all of us had resorted to some criminal enterprise under the pretext of country hard Please!

prince kennedy Iyoha September 24, 2005 - 3:42 pm

Dear paul!

Thanks for this passionate write-up. I got to know this website some three mouths ago. Since then many subjects have been discussed. Ranging from the ex IG to governor kalu of Abia state. And from Marwa to the VP. Mr Atiku.

Through this period nothing has been said about Mr Lucky Igbenadion and his administration.

Like you rightly explained lucky has been in politics for some time now. He was an excellent chairman of the Oredo local government council. Contested for governorship during the General Abraham Babangida administration. It was during the campaign that his father insulted the Oba of Benin. And later apologies after he lucky lost the race to the then Governor Oyegun.

I am one of many Edo indigents that campaigned For him. Looking at his records as administrator of the Oredo local council.

Besides he obtained his masters degree in the United States. I was of the belief hence he had lived in the first World he most have some good intentions to improve the state to a higher living standard. Instead he allowed himself to be influenced by Igbinadion senior

Its unfortunate that instead of proving himself a great leader he is busy siphoning our revenue into his fathers various account around the world.

We lent he has an oil refinery in south Africa while almost 90 of the youth in Edo state are unemployed.

Yesterday we had a meeting to discuss the repatriation of a girl that was stabbed to death in the street where she works as prostitute. Paul you need to see how this girls work themselves up come rain or sunshine so that their parents can have three-squire mill. Many lost their lifes for not taking care of themselves. Sex business is very profiting but these girls rather prefer to send money home and starve themselves up. The girl that lost her life is what the Americans refer as collateral damege. Lucky was here to encourage the retune of some of this girls to Nigeria. But he was not able to inform of what Job they should expect when retuned to Benin.

According to report he had connived with the Italian authority to deport many girls home. I do not support the work they do; nether do i wish that they go back and become armed robbers. It is posible that most of the robbers are persons retuned from Europe or America in their desperate effect to retune to the confortable life known here they are becoming problems to innocent citizen.

It is true that we dont have any important industrial activity in Benin and the only revenue the Edo state enjoys is the alocations from the federal government. The revenue from the road transport workers goes to his friend bonboy.

the western union report of February is that more than 130million euro was transfer from Spain to Benin City only last year. Where is all this money If the government is intelligent he will ask the banks to contribute part of their gains to the state development programs. Improve the rood networks and the housing programes.

This to me is another way of contributing to the economy of the state. But when you get to Benin City there will be no indications that such money ever passed through the banks in Benin. the government of Edo state should benefit from all this transfers

Report reaching us is that his wife is among the mafias that promote sex slavery through sponsorships of these girls to work in the very harsh winter weather barely necked in the street.

The ONG i presides here has been working with both local and regional government in Spain to put up programes to help this girls find another way of life legalise their administrative situation put up free legal services for anyone that is willing to put up business and social residents For short period of about six to nine mouths before they can settle for something new.

My surprise is that more than 95 of immigrants here in Spain are from Benin. The same is in Holland Belgium Italy etc…etc…. Realising that Edo state has just two million inhabitant in a country of about a hundred and fifty million people. What is the problem with that state And why is lucky not concerned about this trend.

I am convinced that if there is a free elections in Nigeria lucky will not win again because people are feed up with his administration.

But what better alternatives do we have.


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