Greatness is a Choice!

by Opeyemi Ajayi

The world is filled with opposites. Virtually everything in this life has another angle to it. Male and female. Young and old. Brother and sister. Big and small. Tall and short. Black and white. Inside and outside. Up and down.

The world is not static and will never be static, days are counting, calendars are moving, no one is getting younger, no one can hold on to time.

One thing that I have always pondered on since I was young is the fact that why are some poor and some rich? Why are there rich countries and poor countries? Why do some fulfill their potentials in life and some don’t? Why are some kings and some slaves? Some become heads of corporations’ and some serve them, why? To some life is brutish and unfair, to some life is beautiful and good. Why?

It was William Shakespeare that wrote the popular saying, “some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness rested upon them

Life could be a bed of roses and life could be misery, every one on earth has the ability to choose that which he wants on earth. Every one has one form of limitations or the other but great men are those who despite all odds achieved greatness. Struggles are what make success stories sweet, without oppositions there won’t be any competition. Every one wants promotion but only a few want to write exams. There can’t be any form of promotion without examination. At every level in life we all have to write one form of exams or the other, exams are not necessarily written in a conventional class by students, it’s a life issue, we are all students in our life journey.

In the real sense of it, no one born great has a special blood vein; no one on earth with blue blood. Anyone born great must struggle to remain great. We have seen princes who become servants of their father’s former slaves. Nothing is new on earth. Any one who desires to be great must struggle to achieve greatness and also struggle to retain greatness. No success story comes cheap except you want to be fraudulent.

Everybody on earth has the power of luck rested upon them but not every one prepare for luck. The funny thing is those who sit back expecting luck to rest upon them do not recognize it when it arrives. No one can determine when luck will come, it can show up anytime but you and I must to be hardworking before we can recognize the presence of luck when it arrives.

Unfortunately, people who come from the part of the world where I come from assume that hard work is physical labour, they toil day and night, expecting greatness to come through their toil but it does not come that way. Hardwork is stretching your mind, exercising your brain, constantly thinking of how to do things better.

That is why those who achieve greatness are not the most “hardworking” people on earth. Those who achieve greatness do not toil, they work with their brains. Those who achieve greatness are those who challenge the status quo. Those who achieve greatness are those who want to do things in a better way. Those who achieve greatness are those who want a change for the best. Those who will never be great are those who are scared of change. Those who will never be great are those who want to play safe. Mediocre people are just alright with where they are, they won’t challenge authority, they won’t challenge opposition, they push nothing and nothing is pushing them.

The only way a slave can become a king is to fight opposition. A slave naturally does not have weapons so he must fight with his brains, he must see freedom with his inner mind, there and then, he can fashion out his own pathway to freedom.

The world gives every one the same opportunity but what you desire is what you will see. What you work for is what you will have. Your perspective to things in the world is the most important in life. If you recognize the fact that you are a slave, there is no problem with that, you are not the first slave, you won’t be the last slave. All you need to do is to think of how to free yourself from the shackles of slavery, fight your oppressors with your inner weapons. When they carry physical weapons, invent mental weapons to do justice to your side of the struggle.

You can achieve greatness if you desire to be great; every human being on earth can be great. Explore your mind and do great things, whatever is in your mind can be achieved, your inner thoughts can become reality, you can do whatever that is in your mind. Greatness is not skin coloured neither is it sex-based. Greatness in not age-linked, it comes to anyone who believes in it and can take the pain to achieve it.

You can do great things. Let’s meet at the top where only great people interact.

God bless you!

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afam nwafor February 10, 2011 - 4:56 am

this motivational and heart lifting piece is great,keep the fire burning.

afam November 5, 2009 - 9:27 pm

i have not seen a motivating speech of this magnitude,it,s inspiring.

thank you very much for this piece.

afam September 4, 2009 - 9:55 pm

this piece is heart lifting and anybody that wants to be great should work more with his heart.

i appreciate this wonderful write up.thumbs up.

afam July 8, 2009 - 7:59 pm

That is a very powerful signal to those who see greatness with thier inner most eye.thank you


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