He Who Comes to Equity Must Come With Clean Hands

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I have consistently maintained in my various writings that Buhari’s mind is imbued with the mind of a leader. You do not have to agree with this writer. The news published in the Punch newspaper of Friday 29, 2015 titled: “Buhari’s lopsided appointments split the North, his supporters” re-emphasized and re-energized my position in the project of rebuilding Nigeria. The end justifies the means. Right now, this administration’s modest achievements in a short period speak volume of the concrete foundation being laid for future administrations, res ipsa loquitur (Fact speaks for itself).

nigeriaFeelers from NNPC, Custom and Immigration Services, Police department and concerned Nigerians are how Buharimophobia or Buhari’s revolutionary stance is changing the mindset of the people and government officials to official bribery and corruption in Nigeria.

The multiplier effects are being felt everywhere, even in the age-long-mystified engines of national development (PHCN, Police, Custom etc). His government is demystifying the myths of the past in the infrastructures of development in Nigeria.

It is becoming obvious day by day that it shall not be business as usual. Let me use this opportunity to conscientize the mind of people having unpleasant motives against this administration, that people are sensitized and alive to their constitutional rights and responsibilities. Military usurpation or incursion into democracy is no longer fashionable. It has become a global misnomer. We see examples everywhere in recent times. This is not a primitive age of Ibrahim Babangida and Sanni Abacha’s autocratic rules or Olusegun Obasanjo’s benevolent democracy. The world will rise up in unison to exorcise any ghoul individual or group of people planning subversion or lethal premeditated uprising against the wishes of the people. This is a modern day democracy as expressed in the last general elections. Any attempt to surreptitiously subvert or truncate the popular mandate of the plebeians will be vehemently resisted.

It is unfathomable for some Nigerians to dwell in the current argy-bargy of origin of appointees into government positions, or the origin of persons who committed crimes in Malaysia, United States or China as if we are not all Nigerians. Some Nigerians have attained highest academic records in UK, China and Russia; a prodigious whizkid who recently got his Ph.D at the age of 19; or the first Nigerian shortlisted to travel to space should be celebrated as Nigerians instead of their states of origin. However, up till today, this writer does not know the states of origin of Mike Tyson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mike Zuckerberg and a host of other distinguished Americans who have shaped the world with their ingenuity.

Meanwhile, so far, I love Buhari’s style, his vision and focus; his stance, his incorruptibility, his transparency, his indefatigability, his unscathed persona, his accountability and above all, his transactional and transformational style of leadership. His government is giving us a clear direction; a breakaway from the suspicion of the past to face the future with unhindered and determined optimism as a united Nigeria.

Buhari/Osinbajo’s administration is also a defining moment in our nation’s history. Let us tear the mask of hopelessness, divisiveness, tribalism and generic sins from the face of Nigeria. We should collectively grab the opportunity; support this envisioned administration to rewrite the ugly history of a “wasted generation”, a generation that will surely turn to a prosperous generation soonest if we tap or explore our common endowed resources.

The long period of misrule in Nigeria is the reason for fixated ethnocentrism of our people. Past administrations have disfigured our people’s minds. The previously “balanced appointments” or “Federal character” have been abysmal failures, rather, we should focus our nationalism and patriotism on competence and impeccable credentials of individuals in the positions entrusted in their care. Let us condemn the individuals who committed crimes in Canada, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia or China instead of rushing to find out their states of origin.

This administration is faced with defining and mundane decisions in a nation that has been bruised and raped along ethnic, religious and political sentiments. We now look at one another with suspicion in all attempt at nation building. It is high time we jettisoned all the idiosyncrasies of this national malady. President Buhari is aware of the inclusiveness in nation building and national consciousness, inclusive government that tries to recognize and de-emphasize tribal and religious sentiments; a government that believes in the trust, competence and antecedents of the managers of the affairs of the country.

The country has been polarized and people prefer bad governance to good government as long as tribal and religious cards are played, it is normal. No, this is abnormal and it has to change. A repetitious history that makes people loose their conscious minds from the misadventures of their leaders in government. Sentiments, vices, indecorum and other negative idiosyncrasies have filled people’s subconscious minds. This is a new normal. Change is not easy and people are not generally receptive to new normal or change. Trending on social media now are political opportunism, grotesque of attention seeking individuals with inconsistency, that is the beauty of social media and popular democracy. Everyone competes to be appointed into Buhari’s government. We do not necessarily have to be in government to contribute our quotas to national development. Our critiques should be nationalistic and candor, spotless of ulterior motives. This administration will make mistakes, gaffes and unpopular decisions, but it should be allowed to correct itself through our honest and patriotic criticisms.

The dawn of a new era that wants to breakaway from the shenanigans of the past, President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo are cognizant of their national assignments. Their motto is that, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Those who will be entrusted with the business of the country must be men and women who are incorruptible with impeccable characters. Buhari and Osinbajo are aware of the burdens of history too. That’s the mind of leaders who are genuine and very focused, our generation counts on them. They will eventually succeed by God’s grace.

Curiously, why is it not normal to be normal in an abnormal society? If you behave normal, you’re seen as abnormal, but if you behave abnormal, you’re seen as normal. You will be beloved by corrupt people and be celebrated by opportunists and warped minds.

Our orientation should change, and national conversation should evolve to mobilize our countrymen and women, and to show them the needs for national consciousness and realignment for Nigeria to meet the 21st century reality and development.

Change has come to Nigeria!!!


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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