Hillary Clinton and I

Hillary Clinton

From December, 1991 to December, 1992, I was a Visiting Research Fellow to the prestigious University of Michigan, Faculty of Law, at Ann Arbor, USA. One day, I went to the Law Library to read about the Jim Crow legislation. It was racist, wicked and ill-defined.

HillaryClintonThen, I stumbled upon an article on a legal theme written by Hillary Clinton, a law attorney.  It had all the trappings of a person with a high IQ and a liberal habit of mind.

During the presidential elections 1991-1992, it was announced that Hillary Clinton would address the University of Michigan academia at Boalt Hall.   Because her husband Bill Clinton would be unavoidably absent, she would address the assembly.  She delivered a first class speech.

An African American student asked her during question time, “Why are you not contesting the presidency yourself.”  I quickly cut in and proclaimed like those ascended masters, “She will, she will.”

I then asked Mrs. Clinton why the American jurisprudence harps on civil rights and not human rights? She gave a robust response and there was an ovation.  As she walked by, I sensed a powerful aura, the aura of a goddess.

As a result of her disquisition on human rights, I later wrote a book on “Human Rights in International Law,” 1992, which was presented at the Vienna Conference on Human Rights. I sent an autographed copy to Bill and Hillary Clinton and predicted that Bill would win. He did twice.

As a master soul, I decided to contact her reincarnational trends, her ACASHIC RECORD.

What follows hereunder can only be understood by those who in their past reincarnation attended the Elisha/Elihu School in Egypt and proceed to the School of Christ.

From my quest, I discovered that indeed Hillary was a goddess. She was Joan of Arc of France, Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar (now Malagasy), Queen Amina of Zazzau and other lesser manifestations. Law came to her easily since Queen Ranavalona  since she  drafted the Code Civil.

Hillary is among the best 100 attorneys in America.  She was the wife of the Governor of Arkansas for twelve years, then the President of America’s wife for eight years, Secretary of State for four years. These are formidable credentials unmatched in world history.  She is yet to make another historical first in November 2016.

In 2014, I wrote two articles on NigeriansinAmerica.com, entitled, “Hillary Clinton, US President? I am now removing the question mark. The second article was aimed at stating how and why she would win.

I suggested that she should champion women’s causes like the Beijing declaration.  That the Bill Clinton positive record would be an asset. That African-Americans would vote for her. That the Latinos would massively vote for her. Women with self-pride, who live to revenge men’s chauvinism over the hurrying centuries would go for a President Clinton. Those men who love their wives would vote for her.

On the ideological level, Republicanism is an anachronism.  It was good in the era of the slave trade, Jim Crow legislation, and gun acquisition for shooting “rabbits.”

The party should disband and find a new ideology that is more humane, cultured and conscience driven.

Finally, I leave Americans with the following thoughts.  “Americans in the last 100 years have wrestled not only with flesh and blood but with… Spiritual wickedness in high places” in the wars they have fought as a result of the rule of men.  A woman in the White House, who understands the pain associated with child birth, is not likely to send soldiers to wars in order to police the world. She must have learnt from her Iraq, Libya and Syrian overdrive.

The Women of America, this is your chance to deal with male chauvinism. As Herodotus narrated, the women of Greece fed up with their husbands being killed in wars, had the men sleep on couches for one month.  Any man, who does not vote for Clinton, should sleep on the couch for a week. (Laughs)

I promised to be at Hillary Clinton’s inauguration. If you still want to know who you were before this reincarnation, send me an email (eesiemokhai@yahoo.com), Africa Regional Volunteer Center for the Clinton Campaign Promotion.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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