Vote for Quintessential Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton

Apart from Secretary Clinton’s quintessential self, she is versatile with a fertile mind. She is very presidential in her demeanor, and she is more diplomatic in her presentations. The forthcoming general election will be an election between progression and regression. Hillary Clinton’s victory will be a victory for substance and decorum.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

People thrive on faulty facts, outdated and misinformed information to mislead people. The rumors that some bigoted Republicans peddle around about Hillary Clinton are premeditated, vicious and unfounded. GOP establishment knows that Hillary Clinton is a very formidable candidate, and she is more than qualified to be the US president, but the brawl between Clinton’s family and the Republicans has spanned more than two decades.

The hatred and resentment they have for the Clintons are in their political DNA. These lies and resentment have morphed into a phenomenon called Donald Trump. Donald Trump was not tamed during the circus shows of shame in the GOP’s primary. His bigotry and vulgarity have now metastasized like cancer amongst the Republican Party. Donald Trump has now hyped and embellished the age-long lies and shenanigans in the GOP to a nauseating level. Donald Trump engineered resentment, he breeds hatred and he now epitomizes the divisiveness in the Republican Party.

The repulsive art of intimidation, blustering, bullying and bigotry Donald Trump used against his co-contestants, women, disabled person, Mexicans, countries and other religious organizations will be his encumbrance in November. The world leaders keep scratching their heads about Donald Trump’s (un)presidential behaviors. President Obama has been bombarded with phone calls, questions and concerns by well-meaning people around the world about Donald Trump’s utterances. President Obama has unequivocally assured the world that Donald Trump will not be the US president.

Meanwhile, the way he bullied and dismantled other 18 GOP contestants like a pack of cards will be repelled by a formidable Hillary Clinton in Fall. His blustering cannot work in the forthcoming general election. He will lose in all ramifications.

Hillary Clinton is a very confident, astute and resourceful woman. Her resilience and political gymnastic and charisma will trash Donald trump’s maniac persona any day. She has withstood the strong opposition and premeditated lies against her in the last 25 years of her political career, instead of Secretary Clinton to decline; she trudges ahead of them in political achievements. Clinton is now one of the most influential women in the world. Her feminism and advocacy for children around the world is adored.

Stay tuned as Hillary and Trump debate policies, characters, foreign policy and other substantive international issues in few months to come. The grains and shafts will be partitioned or separated. We will know who is more presidential with the grasp of domestic and international affairs. Hillary Clinton is in every way conceivable a better candidate than Donald Trump in the general election.

Vote Hillary Clinton for US president, vote an iconic politician; vote a policy wonk for a sustainability of American imagination, possibility and exceptionalism.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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