History Beckons Barack Obama

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“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit”. – Harry Truman, US president 1884-1972.

Historically, at noon on Friday, 20th January 2017, President Obama will exit the White House as the 44th president of the United States. Born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. He assumed the mantle of leadership of the free-world on January 20th, 2009. Obama is a child of history. The history of his journey to stardom began with his brilliant Kenyan father’s university education in the United States. His encounter with Barack’s mom produced a scion that would fatefully change the course of history of America, and redefine its roles in the global community.

Obama (Pixabay.com)

The restoration of America diplomatic relations with its age-long adversaries is one of the Obama doctrine, the doctrine that describes several principles of the foreign policy of U.S. President Barack Obama. One of his historic moves was the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba. The diplomatic relationship that were severed more than five decades ago. The Castro and Mr Obama’s historic meeting was congenial but had some disagreements about human rights. Obama is a positivist. Historically, President Obama seems to have learned optimism in the school of positivism. He is opened to diverse and divergent views on nascent national and global issues. In time of political argy-bargy, Obama doctrine usually comes to play. His coolness and approach to tackling controversial issues make him a classic diplomat. President Obama has opened a new chapter in Cuban history with a renew admonition to President Raul Castro for the expansion of human rights in Cuba. President Obama has reassured Cuban people that though “we have decades of profound differences” but he believes that “change will occur with time”.

The world evolves every time, and revolves around some crucial issues that need crucial and strategic timing; and decision-making by an envisioned leadership. President Obama is a brave man, a glorified warrior who likes to walk where others fear to thread. He is a smart and intelligent individual who believes in the possibility of any imagination. A leader who has walked difficult terrains and fine lines. In the end, he remains unscathed. Obama weathered through some local and global political turbulence. He made difficult decisions that could mar or make him, at the end, he triumphed of over the pundits and pessimists who were always hungry for war.

He tamed and killed Osama Bin Laden in a stealthy manner, Osama Bin Laden, a terrorist who was a nightmare to a frightening world. Obama’s laundry list of achievements and failures speak for themselves. In a turbulent world, Obama is a silent warrior; a smart guy who sees beyond his peers and other contemporaries. He has learned from the school of thought that says, every fallible man should learn from the mistakes of the past. He has the confidence of “yes, we can” i.e. what we can achieve if we believe in our dreams and the courage of our convictions. Obama is a pacesetter. He also believes that, war can never be an answer or solution to any international disagreements. All his predecessor’s internecine wars were his encumbrances. The dwarfness in the mind of his adversaries has made them to refuse to understand that war is mutually destructive. But history is a lesson, it teaches man the ugly lessons of his life. When a man refuses to see any goodness in his enemy, he will undoubtedly live in perpetual resentful state and unbelievable future. Man of little mind has always convert his innate potentialities and individuality into failures. Obama has always been a menace that has made his adversaries not to see beyond mundane issues. He is a conqueror!

Man is the product of his environment, if you evolved from an abnormal society, there is every tendency, if you’re intellectually lazy, for your brain to be wired and rewired to suit the society. Every rational norms will be irrational in that environment. Many of the environmental issues by which man dwells are based on prevailing social attitudes, and the inclinations to prejudices, religion, resentment and the common sense derives from everyday life. Man can accidentally be influenced by the prevailing environmental factors discerned above. We should empathize with the  type of man who operates in such environment.

From cradle to adolescence, from adolescence to adulthood, the crescendo of man is a (product) creation of his own fortune and misfortune. The man’s mind is the engine that propels his success and failure. History is a preceptor. It teaches man the lessons of life: Life is 10% of what is wrong with man; the remaining 90% is what man makes of it to right his wrong. We are the builders of our own future.

Obama has etched his name is the sands of time. A visionary man who believes in the rectitude of judgement; rightness of principle and conduct; moral virtue and good values for all. Some people may not appreciate his humanism now, but posterity is undoubtedly on his side. He is a man who has discountenanced mundane or refuses to dwell on the makeshift or the mistakes of the past; he has successfully  used American 21st century democracy to reshape the state of other countries’ 19th century bureaucracies.

Meanwhile, there is palpable fears that his legacy and grace may be dismantled by the trumpism and the incoming administration. Donald Trump is much encumbered by his antecedents; and the monstrosity of the media that brought him to power. The world will be watching with keen interest how his circumstantial presidency unfolds.

Obama has nothing to burden his mind. His parental and global leadership’s dispositions clearly reveal his legacy. His is not a soldier but he commands the psyche of conqueror American soldiers; and the battalion soldiers and civilians across the globe. No wonder the Prime Minister of Britain wishes Obama had come from Europe! And Canadians Parliament wants four more years of his presidency. Obama is a quintessential human being who believes in competing with himself in order to bring out the best in him.

President Obama is a providential man in the United States’ history, a man who is using his present to his own advantage. In spite of stiff opposition and obstructionism of the Republican party, Obama remains steadfast, firm and resolute in faith and in unity of purpose. The cumulative insults and rhetorics of his self-avowed political adversaries; have produced a vulgar-recalcitrant successor in the US modern history. A menace whose divisiveness and hate campaigns went out of hand. Barack Obama is a man who has aspired to the zenith of success and achieved it by dint of hard work, focus and unequaled ambition. His audacity of hope and determination to face challenges of life has inspired and impacted billions of people across the world.

I have read so many books and essays on the enigmatic Obama. My inference from these books is one that surmises his simple persona. The uniqueness of his approach to difficult issues is second to none, and t is worthy of emulation.

Obama, simple with candour; lucid with integrity; distinct with sense of inclusiveness; honest with love; imbued with intelligence, brilliance and confidence which have made him to stand out among his predecessors. The best president, not even one of the presidents the United States has had. The combination of all these attributes make him a rare gift to mankind. Obama speaks extemporaneously about issues and eventually comes out victorious. Barack Obama’s bank of coolness is unmatched amongst his contemporaries. His life and success stories are parts of the American exceptionalism and unique history. His residence in the White House has brought more glamor, honor and love to the most secured, powerful and simple but magnificent house in the world.

Children are more of his friends than adults. Toddlers have innate instinct and natural affinity to people of good mind. Children see in him a loving father who exemplifies the joy of childhood and the grace of fatherhood. He brings himself to their positions with kindred spirit. A simple president Obama who saunters with swagger and elegance to the admiration of his friends, admirers and foes.

Obama is an epitome of love by the millennia, revered within and outside the country. He is a political star. His political diva and majestic outlook are blithe. His outsized personality is in confluence with his ideas on how to eke out humanism in us. He has secretly deconstructed the minds of those who are fixated on hate, bigotry and divisiveness. The flurry of interpretations and dissection of Obama doctrine and policies have made him the most vetted and loved president in the history of the United States.

Barack Obama is a resource for Hollywood movie producers; an imaginative and authentic figure for authors and freelance writers. He is also a menace for those who cannot use their brains; use common sense tools to solving common sense  problems to get common sense solution.

President Obama is just like Harry Truman (1884-1972), who during his inauguration preached peace and tolerance. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States and Truman’s legacy lives on in our collective memory. Responsible leader should be yearning for a united nations, not pandering to the fears and concerns of the people. That’s the true genius of a leader.

Those who suffer from intellectual catacomb will find it difficult to discern Obama’s intentions, resourcefulness and grace. This fallible human being with remorseful mind will continue be loved even after his presidency. A man with one love and peace in his heart; one love that neutralizes one million hatreds around him. In years to come, Obama will continue to be a menace and nightmare to his adversaries who have refused to use their innate intelligence. President Obama’s kind and loving heart is his biggest asset and divine gift a man could wish for.

Obama’s thank you and farewell speech in Chicago, USA, was one of his oratorical speeches as the president of the United States. His handing over speech will recaps all these historic speeches; and it be very instructive to the America and the beleaguered world why peace is better than war, as war is a mutually destructive to strive.

He’s bowing out of power with untainted glamor and grace. Barack Obama, a child of both tumultuous circumstances and amorous history has made another history in the world. He has existentially romanticized with history, history beckons on him.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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