Rational Suggestions for Donald Trump and the Rise of Vladimir Putin

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Though unsolicited, the following political opinion would definitely benefit Donald Trump.

  1. Do not embrace, but shun power politics.
  2. Do not engage in conflict promotion.
  3. Do not pretend to police the world. It does not work.
  4. Avoid McNamara’s mistakes in Vietnam.
  5. Avoid Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs disaster.
  6. Shun McCarthyism. It is an ignorant assertion about “communism” 80% of Americans still smart under McCarthyism. This was why Fidel Castro fought very hard to prove that societal ethos based on capitalism and arrogance create societal inequalities and that capitalist ideology has no social relevance to the poor.
  7. Pursue peace among all nations. Only wicked souls create political tensions and wars.
  8. Uplift poor nations by showing them how you made it.
  9. Pray for God’s guidance and universal peace.
  10. Trump must avoid Hitlerite push which led to the destruction of Germany (1939-1945)
  11. Trump must avoid the imperial stupidity of Hirohito, who promoted Japanese militarism that led to the Nanjing massacre, the slaughter of Japanese soldiers in Burma, Korea, at Pearl Harbour and the dropping of bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  12. Trump must avoid Stalinist dictatorship which sent millions of Russians to die in Siberia.
  13. Trump must shun the pol pot murderous ideological politics that led to killing of the opposition.
  14. Trump must avoid the Augustus Pinochet Chilean dictatorship.
  15. Trump should not behave like Idi Amin and Mobutu Sese Seko. They were ruthless.
  16. Rich and powerful people tend to think that they know it all. Trump will soon discover that he must read the history of Diplomacy and Political science from Machiavelli to Marx, Lenin, Mao and Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Fidel Castrol, Ho Chi Minh and my 2000 Essays published on NigeriansinAmerica.com in order to deepen and broaden his intellectual habit of mind.
  17. Donald trump must learn to listen to the American intelligence community. They hold the aces.
  18. Trump should employ a Professor of International Law. The United Nations is strictly guided by the norms, principle and rules enshrined in Conventions, multilateral treaties and protocols, from which no derogation is permitted.
  19. Trump is right in holding that only fools and stupid people oppose political diplomatic and economic relations with Russia people and the government.
  20. Trump must stoutly refuse the misadvise of commentators, journalists, opinionated bigots, with asps under their lips, who serve the force of darkness, promoting wars, discord and spiritual wickedness in high places in this universe of ours.
  21. The ordinary American and the ordinary Russian have no quarrel between them. The politician in the pay roll of arms manufacturers and deeds rake up hatred among nations so that they can benefit from wars and chaos in other nations. What a shame?
  22. Trump must avoid J.F. Kennedy’s mistakes that led to the Bay of Pigs disaster.
  23. He must avoid the exuberance of Robert McNamara that led to disaster for America in Vietnam.
  24. The new President should empower entrepreneurs, small-scale traders and return US companies to America.
  25. Cuts from military spending should be ploughed in education of Africa-Americas and others.
  26. Since Trump himself is of German origin, he should not be so hard on genuine immigrants. However, they must pass the security test and be registered in vocational and educational institutions so that they can acquire some useful skills to acquire some useful skills to help America.
  27. Trump should work out a scheme to help African states. We know highly of African leaders, who embezzled the ethnic politics and worship other gods.

Trump will discover that his elitist cabinet of billionaires will result in extremely conservative doctrines of government, which will alienate the middle class.

Trump will discover that the disputed circumstances that led to his election will remain a bone of contention throughout his presidency.

As a business man, trump may wonder why so many law enforcement agencies and military outposts exist. He might be tempted to look into the situation.

In this wicked era of cybercrimes and fake news, it is advisable for Trump to stop twitting messages but he may hold a week press conference to explain his decisions and politics. “a stitch in time saves nine”

May God shed the president of United State of America, Honorable Donald J Trump.

Mr. Trump, you may wish to re-consider your views on the issue of climate change.

You cannot be the only one who can negate the work of hundreds of State, who signed and ratified the Climate Treaty.

Until you put forward your health programme, it is difficult to buy your criticism of Obama care.

You may need to study the Middle East crisis carefully before you arrive at any credible decision.

By encouraging the president of Taiwan to annoy China, you can then turn around to expect China to Work rite you on the North Korea problem.

The issue of conflict of interest between governance and business will prove formidable.


After Gorbachev decided to allow the Soviet Socialist Republics to disengage from their tutelage as Socialist enclaves, the West applauded “perestroika and Glasnost”. The hailed the “collapse of communism”.

The West hurriedly invaded Eastern Europe looking for allies.

They were rebuffed by many of this former Soviet “Satellite States” but found a foothold in Poland and Ukraine and the Baltic States to the displeasure of Russia.

The EU hurriedly embarked on a policy of European integration. After a tortuous experiment with accommodating the ruffians from Eastern Europe, Germany, Britain, France, and others openly admitted that the lofty idea had failed.

After Putin took over Boris Yeltsin, his government was the object of derision, sabotage and attacks by some sponsored “Russian Patriots”.

Mrs. Clinton actively campaigned against Putin.

By the time he took over again from Medvedev, he had worked out a strategy to harass the West by threatening Poland, annexing the Crimea and other clandestine, military intelligence operations.

As a result, when the 2016 US elections was announced, Putin saw an opportunity to “masevat” in US presidential elections either through overt or covert means.

Putin knew that if he showed sympathy towards Donald Trump, many Americans, sick and tired of war-mongering by the Democrats, would vote for TORVARISH Trump. Having successfully intervened in Syria, Putin became an acknowledged player in geo-politics.

If the sanctions imposed on Russia are removed, Putin’s domestic politics will give him a good grip on power.

In a similar paper presented by Prof.  Igor  Butkevich, he advocated a special political union between Russia, China and North Korea. He argued that Trump will have no choice but to deal with that association.

Brexit, the new populism in Europe and America, will create internal disorder, which will make EU states and America to be concern with internal security more than geo-politics.

In Russia God’s heritage is waxing strong. In Nigeria the church must march on.  The enemies of God will crumble. Let God arise and his enemies will scatter. Amen.

The NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY seems to be worried that Trump may not support NATO sufficiently.  These will put Russia in a stronger position geo-politically. Recently, Putin visited Japan to discuss its territorial dispute with Japan and he scored a diplomatic victory. It is wise for Trump to normalize relation with Russia.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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