Hold Sudan Government Accountable for the Death of Nigerian Peacekeepers

by Paul I. Adujie

Murdering Nigerians, soldiers or civilians, must be turned into unaffordable and exorbitant luxury, too expensive for Sudan, Spain, Turkey and everywhere else.

There must be consequences for President Omar Bashir and his other riff-raffs in Khartoum, for the senseless and gruesome murder of our soldiers in Darfur-Sudan
President Bashir and his gang of dictators should be held to account for the murder of seven Nigerian soldiers, peacekeepers who were selflessly, gallantly and heroically protecting harmless Darfurians who have suffered death and deprivations from agents of death funded and supported by the Sudanese government in Khartoum

It is public knowledge that President Bashir’s government has for years, supplied weapons and money, to Arab marauders also known as Janjaweed, whose mission is to wipe out Africans in gentrification in favor of Arabs. Mr. Bashir’s government has tacitly aided ethnic cleansing and horrific genocide; against the Africans in Darfur Sudan and as a result, millions of Africans have been displaced and turned into refugees and tens of thousands other Africans have been murdered brutally, by the Khartoum assisted Jajanweed militias.

As Nigerians grieve with the family and friends of our troops, who were murdered in the course of their selfless duty of peace keeping, duties which our troops have to perform in harsh conditions and in the middle of nowhere in Darfur Sudan; We must demand actions and measures that must be taken against President Bashir, the sponsor of these Arab Janjaweed lunatics and there must be change in the rule of engagement, and such new rules, must enable our troops to take-on Janjaweed most aggressively!

These fallen Nigerian soldiers were enduring most harsh conditions in that Janjaweed terrain in Sudan. It is a very sad day for the families of these soldiers and it is as well a gloomy day for Nigeria and Africa. Preserving and protecting the work of our heroes-past, requires that measures are taken immediately to forestall a repeat of this dastardly act by those Janjaweed murderers

New policies, in light of these murders, are being considered by our government. Such new policies must include, equipping our troops with more sophisticated arms or changing the rules of engagement. For instance, letting our troops shoot when they are threatened or provoked. We must refuse and insist on not being sitting ducks to be murdered by these Janjaweed criminals.

As we grieve for the family and for our nation and we offer condolences, we must be cleared eyed regarding what are in our best national interests. We may so determine that it is not in our best interests to continue peacekeeping in Darfur Sudan, in view of the fact the government in Khartoum is an accessory to the killing of our soldiers by Janjaweed. These Janjaweed criminal elements are known agents of the Khartoum government. It is therefore time to demand that Mr. Omar Bashir call his Janjaweed to order, or Nigeria will be compelled to take vigorous and robust military action to accomplish our mission in Darfur.

It is true that historically, Nigeria has always committed to Pan African processes; including peacekeeping operations that have come at great costs in blood and treasure of incalculable magnitude. Liberia, Sierra Leone and Republic of Congo are only recent memory, where so much money was expended thanklessly by Nigeria and many of our troops were slaughtered by those who we were trying to help. And still, Nigeria gets no respect for these gigantic efforts on the part of Nigeria, in being our brother’s keeper

It is understandable that President YarAdua would announce, “There is no sacrifice Nigeria won’t make for the African man, the black man,” Nigeria will continue our longstanding history. Our troops will continue to make Nigeria‘s contribution to try to secure peace across the world. Nigeria have been at the lead of African Union, AU and every efforts aimed at stabilizing Darfur Sudan and resolving the intractable internecine crises there. Nigeria needs to rethink policies directed at those who attack us unprovoked! The picture of a tearful-mournful little girl, and photograph published on Friday is heart wrenchingly sad. Her tears drove the message home! Those who killed her father must be held to account!

As I understand it, Nigeria‘s National Assembly is examining the circumstances leading to the gruesome murders of our troops by these Janjaweed criminal elements in Darfur Sudan. It bears repeating, that these criminal elements are sponsored and funded by the government in Khatoum led by Mr. Bashir, Nigeria hold Mr. Bashir to account for the murder of seven our troops in Darfur

Mr. Bashir should be held responsible for the safety of our troops that are still in Darfur. We should make it very costly for Mr. Bashir, in particular, because he has surpervised the mass murders and genocide of Darfurians for far too long. Criminal murders committed by Janjaweed against our troops are the foreseeable consequences of the genocide in Darfur. The genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur is now personal to Nigerians. It now has hit home big time!

The primary duty of any government, including every administration in Nigeria, must be protection Nigerian citizens worldwide. This must form the fulcrum of our national duty. It is the first order of business in protecting and preserving Nigeria‘s national interests. It must be repeated here therefore, that Nigeria ought to review our foreign policy, and African policy. Nigeria must put policies in place, policies which would announce to the world that the government of Nigeria values and respect the lives of Nigerian citizens

The government of Nigeria should then take a further necessary step, which is, urging the world to put high premium, worthiness and value to the lives of Nigerian citizens and accordingly, respect Nigerian citizens or fear the consequences of doing anything less! Enough is enough!

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