Hope for the New Nigeria

by Opeyemi Ajayi

Nigeria is currently on a brink, virtually all the major political actors have given up on the Buhari administration and the citizenry seems to be looking up to the 2023 general elections for the much needed hope of a New Nigeria.

What will 2023 bring?

Nigeria is currently in bed with an unprecedented high rate of unemployment, record breaking level of insecurity, massive lack of infrastructure and a high of corruption rate amidst several other issues.

No one denies the fact that Nigeria is blessed with massive human and mineral resources but a few have coerced the national wealth exclusively for themselves while the majority is kneeling down to beg for crumbs from the table that is rightfully set for them. What a nation!

The pre – 2023 electoral climate have produced 4 major presidential candidates.

Without doubt, leadership is our greatest challenge; whenever we are blessed to have good and patriotic leaders in government, followers will definitely act better.

In 7 years, the Buhari/Osinbajo administration have brought more pain on Nigerians than any other government in recent time, I consistently wonder how actors in this government sleep at night.

Do they have conscience at all?

We have never been this divided along ethnic and religious lines in my adult life, the insecurity is alarming and the economy is in shambles.

Whoever takes over in 2023 has a lot to do.

Amongst several other things, if Nigeria is to achieve her vision and purpose, we majorly need a one united indivisible Nigeria; adequate security of lives & property; rule of law; a free market and massive investment in science & technology.

The class of individuals that have taken over our political system needs evaluation.

Religion doesn’t count in delivering dividends of democracy but any individual that genuinely loves Nigeria cannot in the best interest of Nigeria support a Muslim/Muslim ticket at this time with what is currently going on in Nigeria.

Obviously, winning the presidential election is more important to Asiwaju Tinubu than having a one united and prosperous Nigeria. Patriotism and national cohesion is dead in that clan.
With what we’ve faced as a country during Yar’Adua and Buhari administration, voting for someone who is not so healthy or who’s health status is shrouded in secrecy is a disservice to the country, no matter your personal interest.

With our current climate and for the purpose of equity, how do you explain an 8 years of a northerner followed by another 4 years of a northerner? With our level of ethnic division…? haba! You people should fear God now!!!

Especially coming from people who were ready to burn down Nigeria if a Southerner was elected in 2015. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, we are all Nigerians after all and no one owns Nigeria more than the other.

I keep wondering if Asiwaju Tinubu and Alh. Atiku do not have requisite protégées with excellent intellectual acumen whom they can support to contest for Presidency if they have truly built people as they consistently claim and they are genuinely passionate about the Nigerian project. The duo should not be on our ballot in 2023.

Nigeria is bigger than them, they should withdraw from the race and fully support capable individual protégées who can get the job done.

For Mr. Peter Obi, it will be a miracle to be elected but not impossible.

I have no verifiable data so far so good to proof that his supporters have enough numbers to supplant about 30m traditional presidential voters that we currently have in the country. Time will tell.
However, my fear is that without alliances and adequate recognition of the demons that we generally regard as “leaders” that consistently disrupt cities for personal financial gain across Nigeria; if elected, he may be frustrated from delivering good governance as he may desire.

We need majority right thinking individuals in the National Assembly but I doubt if there is enough time to form alliances to make that happen before 2023 general elections.
For Mr. Kwankwaso and Alh. Atiku, I’m sure their conscience should prick them that for the purpose of equity and fairness of the entities that make up Nigeria and what they preached in 2014 to support Gen. Buhari, they shouldn’t even be on the ballot in 2023.

Nigeria belongs to no one; Nigeria’s leadership should not be traded in the market place. It is evil for any individual to claim that Nigeria’s Presidency is his or her turn.
For those who keep giving Nigeria the impression that there is a “saviour” that will suddenly turn Nigeria into Eldorado when elected President, I think you all should look at the Buhari campaign in 2014/2015.

Building a New Nigeria for all will not be a one man’s job but a collaborative effort of all and sundry.

A new Nigeria where things work adequately with rule of law and a free market is possible but all hands must be on deck, we cannot achieve this without active participation of the mass of patriotic Nigerians in our political affairs.

God bless you!
God bless Nigeria!

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Olaniran Olumide October 9, 2022 - 6:02 am

Nigeria as a nation need someone that can move her to the right place, a leader with boldness ( not just. emi lokan tape of men)


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