House # 105, Wife Number 4 minus 1 the Punisher’s fable?

by Charles Sogbesan

The antiquated axiom of “just price” was an exercise with the view that there is a face value for each commodity at which it could exchange without debasement of the buyer or deprivation of the seller. A natural progression of logic would lend the reasoning consequently that; to sell above that price is to make a profit unjustly,
Super normal profit would fit in nicely here!
As archaic as the creed is, it’s just about as effortless as it is the guiding canon till the present.

I trust what you are selling, I trust you are making a profit, I trust your profit is fair.

I sure lend myself to charges of naivety by my over simplification, yet now with complications of government, society, laws, interwoven commerce, adorning complexities, the indictment quite possibly might stick.

Charges or let’s quit the nuts and bolts for one quick second, let’s call them allegations, Ok? Sounds fancy, but will do for now eh! Fair enough?
At what point does house number 105 just seems a bit too abundant and conscience sets in, if greed is good as Gordon Gekko evangelized, I’ll get the quote in here to make my bit gawk.

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.

Fancy words for a man who was definitely on his way to the slammer, thumping his nose at the ambiance that made him what he became, ignoring the ultimately backdrop that would eventually work, boomerang and teach him back that greed was only good if it was legal. A straight slap on the back of his head, sure, greed is good, if you’re not a government minister, a civil servant, a public official, a local government chairperson, a state representative, an elected official working “for the good of the people” and if none of this, greed is perfectly ok, when you do it standing upright, obeying all laws, as a buyer and seller that is.

That’s it, all laws?

Why is it that we have to always put the cart before the horse?

The breakneck effort to copy all that is western without understanding the safeguards of it. What ensued is what happened. Leaving thousands of average Nigerians absolutely penniless, hope lost in dream, a system they believed in. Some still paying back margins on valueless assets.

I could have cautioned, eskis sir, eskis ma, e be careful oh, the stocks are rising, but the country is not developing, there are no rabid development, there are no cranes (like in Dubai, Durban or Abu Dhabi) in the thousands, there is no light (power), but the stocks are rising and rising and rising, 50% return, 60% return, 100% return. Ololo unlike Gekko knew the safeguards were nonexistent. Only here, could one man understudy greed and the banks C.E.O, s in their numerousness become willing accomplice on such a grand scale.

Allegedly, Mr. Chas, Ok anything you say.

If you can learn now to put the horse before the cart, you might be on to something.
As basic as, leap before you jump, Nigerian solutions to Nigerian problems, don’t pass numerous laws unless you have the enforcement, don’t create EFCC if your judiciary is obsolete, ridiculous and suspect, where convictions of big fishes are everyday as opposed to aberrations.

Don’t have a parliament, where your young ones are not represented or women are not represented or minor tribes, minor ethnic groups are not guaranteed rights, don’t give local government allocations if safe guards against graft are not procurable.
Don’t have SSS, if your intelligence gathering is only for political power leveraging,
Don’t have schools if your learners have to pay for grades.

Don’t have a country if one part can’t enjoy all parts because of your inability to define religious laws and enforce them.

That’s why china wants progress, not democracy, thumbs its nose at ill motivated criticism from suspect quarters. Can you say home problem, home grown solutions?
No ism, s or acy, s or ion, s, no need to look far, just China; look at them now post 1980.

Danjuma now says he doesn’t know what to do with all his money?
Sir, your money?

Why would you? You didn’t exactly go to Wharton to learn about management, you didn’t exactly go to Oklahoma to learn exploration, why would you?

How quite possible the attempt at house number 105 without as much as a suspicion? How quite possible the remitting of 9.8 million pounds sterling to a group of “English solicitors” from a man whose website said the following, and I quote

He served in this position up till Feb 1987, when he left NAL to join yet and another investment banking giant, the First Merchant Bank Limited, as controller of operations. The turning point came in Feb 1989 he took the momentous decision and joined 3 other investors to float the intercontinental Bank Plc, blah blah blah, there comes a tide in the lives of men, which when seized, translates into glory. So it was with Erastus

Glory? Really

Milverton Road, amazing grace (that’s funny) plaza, Bedwell road, Ruxton road, Chester Terrace London, Gove-End road, Connaught road, Dubai, Accra, Tropics Securities, Tropics Property, Tropics Holdings, Summit finance, and on and on and on, I will have to stop.

Glory? I hear he is a church elder and Dr to match.

More Like Greed, which unchristian? you be the judge, perfectly ok though if legal, after all “greed is good”, Unforgivable if on the back of poor (or any) Nigerians believing in the system that will probably let them down again and again, hysteron proteron, jumping on the bandwagon because the western countries are consolidating, lets consolidate too, yeah! But the western countries have S.E.C, s and F.S.A, s and A.F.T, s.

Institutions that work more than they don’t, hence aberrations won’t be anomaly’s, they’ll rather shall I say (In my queens English twang), uncommon.

The next illustration, I doubt will earn me any relish at the Guardian, much more will I attempt a publication at the daybook, after all blood is thicker than water, here is a better one, he who pays the piper dictates the tune.

If anything my reclusiveness will slide further as I lose chums faster than a “has been” at a owanbe, the good thing is, I’ve been having sound sleeps lately, nothing better than a clear conscience.

Deaconess Cecelia, What exactly could you get in house number 105 that house number 104 couldn’t get for you? 4155 chariot way, 4145 chariot way, 4139 chariot way, 4149 chariot way, 4141 chariot way, 4141 chariot way, 4143 chariot way, 14630 Hawley lane, 14605 Hawley lane, haba, renting to yourself and yourself not paying?

15,000 square meters of land, water front that is, 12 storey tower, and water front that is, Metro plaza, this plaza, that plaza, 28 shops in Dubai, it is virtually impossible that you are guilty, I have tried to comprehend, greed is good, absolves you, but this level of greed, I hope you get what’s coming,( You’re guilty that’s if).

Putting the car before the horse, the system, in a need to appear in vogue, up in the times, to appear relevant allowed it. Grabbing at a complexity without fully comprehending i

t, hats why multinationals clean us out with impunity, bloody savages who don’t know what they have.

The three drunken men go off in search of death, hoping to kill death and stop death from murdering their friends. They encounter chunks of gold and fashi the fact they were looking for death. One man goes to fetch food, while the other two guard the gold. “Greed is good” right? Again use my mantra, only if moral and legal.

They plan to kill the 3rd man on his return, so they can have more gold for themselves, of course, the 3rd man is also greedy and plans to kill them with poisoned drink and keep the gold, anyway to keep the long story short, guess what happened, al die of course, why would I spoil a fantastic ending. That of course is the “Pardoners tale”

Your familiarity with the tale will remind you that the pardoner was of course a preacher against greed, a hypocrite who used his position in the extortion of the poor, keeping indulgences and refusing to abide by the teachings against jealousy and avarice. He of course admits to tricking mostly guilty sinners and he didn’t care what happened to the souls of those he swindled.

In the absence of such cut and dry, may I suggest a little guardianship on the part of those captaining the ship, the 50 year old relic, longing almost for its past colonial glory? Please master this boat before getting on the driver’s seat. 150 plus million lives depend on it, a lot have been jumping ship, the oceans are uncertain, and some are coming back to it.

Eme Zuru Ayortor was just planning for the next election, in the beautiful Edo state, yes that old empire responsible for shipping folks on abroad on boats.
House of assembly, this time, only this time a do or die affair.
The pharmacist (yes really),Weapon of choice, swallow 4.7 pounds of joy powder, ok do a brainstorm, what will be his guiding principles once elected and what will he have represented, a whole 100 pieces of nose candy powder. Allegedly, take it easy, innocent until proven guilty, the blind lady with the sword.

When Othman Dan Fodio was racing to get to the seas, even with the moral compass of his times (and those were some “hard core” times) I doubt he would shore up the Seriki of Zamfara, the Seriki accused of spending N20 billion and nothing to show for it, that definitely is un Islamic, allegedly?

Allegedly spending N549 on community based projects with nothing to show, yet in the senate (of which he is a whip), yes the houses that make hundreds of laws with no enforcement, sure pass laws, that’s what the Oyinbo,s do, we see them in everyday on CNN, some even say yeeahhhhhh, every time the other speaks in parliament.

Copy to a fault, I almost died of laughter reading the Editorial board of Punch blowing hot and cold about Yerima breaking the Child Rights Act of 2003, section 21, go and arrest him now, with all the checks and balances put in place before the numerous laws were created, go and arrest Oga Yerima in the Sshamber.

Is it not the Owu commander that pretended that Sharia was not an Issue and fixated political opportunism over national expediency? We pretend now we have one country (as opposed to two), making laws that don’t matter, the cart before the horses, and the race towards insignificancy.

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