How Political Wayorism Stultifies Democracy

Delinquent political leaders like Idi Amin, Jean Bokkasa, Mobutu Sese Sekou, Laurent Gbagbo, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Heinrick Verwoerd, Augustino Pinochet,   Blaise Campore, were decadent political leaders.

In contemporary Nigerian politics, there are political leaders, who aid and abet stealing, corruption, corrupt practices and do not seem to know the difference. They have stultified the democratic process.

A wayorist is a person with uncanny ability to deceive people. He is a confidence trickster, who does not say what he means and does not mean what he says.Niccolo Machiavelli painted this type of character in “The Prince”. The political wayorist, gathers around him shady characters, leaders and political associates, who invent ingenious lies and deceptive strategies to keep their leader in power. They are strident in their power quest.

They are not socially-conscious persons. They are individualistic, selfish, opinionated and egocentric.

They control and manipulate the political leader and rip off the nation in contracts, which are awarded to their people, who lobby most, with kick-back expectations. They stultify the democratic process.

A state governed by Christian or Muslim wayorists does not produce an illusion of good governance.

To hide behind religious facades, while promoting stealing and corruption and pretending not to know that “things that are equal to the same things are equal to one another’, is imponderable. Euclid.

The AZATA/NEPU party has reviewed the reasons for the postponement of chaos from February 14 to the IDES of March. The wayorists have moved from manipulation and control to desperate acts of surrender.

The people can no longer to be the victims of the political wayorist enterprise . The people rue over how they have been deceived. They are the ones, who should assess their leaders and take appropriate action.

The AZATA/NEPU Party supports the peoples’ actions’ Our mission is to educate, sensitize and direct action to effect change. Those intelligent Nigerians, who have turned blind eyes to the debauchery, corruption and greed, which manifests in our society, will, one day answer for their benign neglect of truth triumphant.

The wayorist agenda   is to get to political to office by hook or crook, sit-tight in office using venial brutalities that flow from the depth of human wickedness, harass your political opponents violate their human rights, political and civil rights, all in pursuit of political ambition, which is inordinate, insatiable and ill-defined.

In this process, the polity is heated up, the citizens know no peace, just because misguided political occultists, corrupt souls want to erect a satanic political order, in which the citizens become powerless, fearful of their future and well-being.

In this Era of the anti-christ, under the custody and charge of the sons of satan, civil and international wars and disorder are the order of the day. It does not matter, who is right or wrong, the aim is to spread the diplomacy of death by giving volatile support to mayhem.

However, the supernatural forces will continue to overcome, overcome and overcome the forces of evil on earth.

Our nation is spiritually bankrupt, the myriad of religious affiliations, notwithstanding. How can one explain the visible existence of an unholy alliance between corrupt souls, redeemed Christians, who have gone back to their old ways?

Political evangelism, which promotes false prophecies, political idiocy, servitude and pastors, who give ear to political words and have abandoned meditations of God’s words are damned and will soon be exposed.

Job 34, verse 30,” That the hypocrite reign not, lest the people be ensnared”.

Our political evangelists should keep their peace; so that God will teach them wisdom. The consoling memories of God’s redemptive works, our pastors have belittled as they share the political booty with politicians in incarnate and borrowed robes.

The AZATA/NEPU Party holds that if the last hopes of believers are subject to doubts, as the result of the animist behavior of their pastors, this will corrode the triumph at the CROSS and the BLOOD that was shed.

Political wayorism, 419, stealing, corruption are negative societal malaise that have destroyed the Nigerian state. Further escalation of the political violence will push the Nigerian people to resist the attendant humiliation and injustice. Then, we shall have more militants to, who we shall try to appease.

We shall allocate money for arms to quell the insurgency and invite AU, UN and other formidable military and intelligence formations to rescue our nation from the throes of neo-colonial manipulators and controllers of Nigeria’s destiny.

The dethronement of the ascendancy of the alalus homo in Nigerian societal forward march will be accomplished in MARCH, as we march to liberation.

The gate of hell shall be closed permanently and events happening in other nations will not happen here. AMEN!!!

Revelation 22, verse 12,” And behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according to his work shall be”. The corrupt will not inherit the land.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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