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2015 Elections: Political Psychiatry and Infantile Disorder

In 2007, I flew from Beijing to the Lauterpacht Center for International Law, University of Cambridge, England.

I re-read Darwin’s Evolutionary theory.

The recent political events in Nigeria, which remind me of 2nd World War Germany, have enabled me to frame the synthesis for studies in political psychiatry and infantile disorder.

At different levels of mental ability and the vibrancy of intellect, the contending political parties have demonstrated their capacity to bring forth statistical innovation in their debates.

Unfortunately, we have not been provided with new social policy programmes for nation building.

We have the evidence that our state is not famous as an entity, where moral perfection is upheld. The ethical dilemma seems to spark fear of defeat into the ruling party, which has postponed chaos, real or imagined.

Both fluid and crystallized intelligence recommend that the reason for postponement is and has been subject to critical debate.

Terrifying reports of violations of human rights in the process of the political campaigns are worrisome. The armed forces must maintain visible neutrality.

There are suspicions of an interim government being put in place. Such an inchoate arrangement is bound to stultify the democratic process

The analogy runs thus. In a football match between Nigeria and Ghana, with seven minutes to go, the referee postpones the match. The bedlam will be deafening. Football lovers, like voters will be disconsolate and distraught. Nigerian voters have vowed to vote another day.

An extraordinary intellectual re-birth is going on in Nigeria. There is a paradigm shift from docility to activism.

The political climate is provoking radicalization of the youth. Political tension is affecting some leaders.

Studies in human anatomy and biology have shown that extreme tension, fear of failure and confusion, can impair the medulla oblongata, trigger psycho-galvanic reflexes and could exacerbate cerebral mal-function, which, in turn could result in lack of intellectual vibrancy, blood-shot eyes and psychiatric disorder.

According to Albert Speers, this was Adolf Hitler’s push into bestiality. Our weekly seminar was held in Abuja last week and an old German friend of mine held up THE NATION newspaper of February11, 2015, ked,”

I said that that was more that law enforcement rather; it was a taxonomy that construes covariance into different political packages that serve the purpose of predictive validity of the wrath to come.

He cynically remarked,” Memories are made of these”.

The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerian men and women urges political leaders to pursue healthy political ideals and not political chicaneries that are insatiable and ill-defined.

At last, Olusegun Obasanjo has redeemed himself and the truth shall set us free.


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