I Love (virtually) “Empty Treasuries”…but Only if…

If my leaders tell me the “treasury is (virtually) empty” and I look around me and across the country, and I see progress and development, upliftment, empowerment of the masses; I see the hospitals working, with efficient and effective healthcare system; I see a good and qualitative education system that is there to steer future generations on the right path to making this country great; there is employment created or made conducive for our present and future generation; I see good roads everywhere I drive; the farms and industries are working with 100% productivity, there is potable water and regular electricity; there is no threat of Boko Haram or any other home-sprung terrorists threatening my people, etc.

emptyThen I will say, “Yes, I know how the money was spent so much that the treasury is empty”. In fact, with what we have as a country blessed with all kind of resources, one will be confident, and will fear no evil, that we will soon make up the treasury, and I will sleep easy. I will commend those types of leaders for spending our money wisely and for the benefit of my people. I will be happy that the treasury is empty and tell them “you are doing fine by the people who elected you, no fears, no shaking, God bless you for an empty treasury”.

But when all the above listed, and more, are missing, and I see poverty everywhere; with my governors, local government chairmen, ministers, legislators, civil servants, commissioners and other political jobbers and office holders, all within a short time of elected or appointment have already built several houses at once and sleeping in 3,4 rooms at the same time; tar only the roads leading to their palatial residences; are driving 10 cars at the same time (yes, in Nigeria, that is now possible, though I don’t know how they do it, but I suspect they may keep one mistress or girlfriend in each room and dart all over the house to each one in one night) and flaunting ill-gotten wealth in my face, while our education system, healthcare system, moral fabric, social, industrial, agricultural, technological, academic and economic infrastructures, remain moribund and neglected by the same people who are supposed and entrusted to initiate and implement good governance; and someone tells me “the treasury is virtually empty” why wouldn’t I believe it and be angry?

Why wouldn’t I believe that the treasury is really “empty”, even when we know it is not really that empty, and the use of that phrase is merely political and figurative?

Just my view and opinion!

Written by
Akintokunbo A Adejumo
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