If Nuru Ribadu Dies, The Nigerian President Killed Him!

by Femi Oyesanya

There is a division in the Nigerian polity. On one end of the division are the corruption-friendly proponents, on the other are the anti-corruptionists. The corruption-friendly proponents are those men whose generally political tendency amounts

to protecting Nigeria’s corruption culture. The corruption-friendly men generally have a direct or indirect benefit from the Nigerian usurp. They hope to stir the polity in a direction that maintains a status quo on Nigerian corruption culture. A culture that breeds the chain reaction of election rigging, which in turn leads to protecting thieves that money-bagged the election, and eventually to more election rigging. The circle is decadence.

In our Nigeria today, the corruption chain reaction now appears to have hijacked the total hierarchy of power. It is complete. They include the President, his Attorney General, his Chief of Police, and the collusion by these three authority figures to displace Nigeria’s only effective crime fighting institution; the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria. The reason for a Head of State, Head Lawyer for the Government, and a leading Police authority wanting the EFCC out of the way is simple; the Nigerian Presidency won his election with a helping hand from bandits, and in return, the bandits must enjoy impunity. Impunity so bold, that it makes a laughing stock out of law and order. Impunity that increases the decadence, and every decade the Nigerians beg the world for debt forgiveness.

The Nigerian President has an obligation first to the bandits that won his election, second to Nigerians. Citizen welfare is incidental, the political office buyers come first. Economic and Financial Crime policy reversal has become a necessity. He must appease bandits, and in so doing, he will stir his Attorney General, and his Chief of Police into unscrupulous tendencies. This tendency includes; removing Nuru Ribadu. It includes, changing direction on an effective Economic and Financial Crimes regime. The Government must in so many ways, become extortion-friendly. Nigerian Law and Order must be adjusted to fit the order of kleptomania!

In any case, Nuru Ridadu must not die. He must not disappear in the middle of the night, or be killed by an assassin’s bullet. He must not have sudden Cardiac Arrest.

If he does, the Nigerian President killed him! Yar’Adua killed him!

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Macaulay Oluseyi Akinbami December 10, 2008 - 11:33 am

The moment an ex governor became the president, I knew that the “padi padi” phenomenal will come to play, I have watched the persecution of the Young Vibrant Hero Nuhu Ribadu, who I personally described as hero because of his singular fight where others shred for fear of our corrupt country’s Gangster in Nigeria

He took the bull by the horn and hunted the enemies of our nation to the palaces of kings

Although some other men saw it as a sectional fight, I did not see it so

My reasons were that He (Nuru Ribadu) cannot do it all and those whom he exempted at the time (in my own thinking) were shielded by some known powers that he must thread with caution, the fact that he took some other criminal of our society on should be commended. The man cannot do it alone

These gangsters are everywhere; they have eaten into the crevices of the nation and are in the position of authority

They are a great clique, the control our resources and their kids take over from them

No wonder, the case of one of the ex erstwhile Governor has been seemingly carpeted by the Metropolitan police when the government in power shielded him after the exit of the ex president

The man was later representing in some form

That was the beginning of the calamity of a good man

I wonder why it should continue

The man must not die


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