If Only You Are Involved

by Opeyemi Ajayi

The Nigerian government set the year 2020 vision. The vision is to make the country one of the first twenty developed economies by year 2020, which is just twelve years away.

Another group of Nigerians mostly in the private sector called Gemstone Generation with a massive youth membership across Nigeria led by Fela Durotoye have decided to make Nigeria the most desirable country to live in by 2025.

It is very good to have goals but it is also very important to have realistic goals. The two goals mentioned are realistic but not with manpower which is lacking in Nigeria.

The best way to beat the gap for Nigeria is for Nigerian professionals outside the shores of Nigeria to come home and join the league of nation developers.

India is an example of a country where calling on professionals abroad helped a lot. India is now a leading IT nation but that feat would not have been possible without the contribution of Indian’s in America who left their comfort zone to heed the clarion call to their fatherland.

From records in India, more than 20,000 professionals returned to India from abroad and 90% of them are IT professionals.

More than 700 of the 2400 staff at the General Electric’s research and development centre in India are young Indian professionals who left U.S.A. to India.

About 160 big companies from Europe and U.S.A. have set up research, design & development centre in India.

The year 2020 vision is realizable in Nigeria coupled with the fact that it’s no longer a government show, the private sector is involved and some people are now carrying the Nigerian youths along but a lot still needs to be done. We are years behind Europe, we need to leapfrog and not stroll along with them if we are to move forward. Nigeria needs skilled professionals in various fields of human endeavor. Nigerians who have skills should come to Nigeria and do something for Nigeria.

About 17m Nigerians are outside Nigeria, at least those who left legally. Of this number, about 2m Nigerians live in the U.S.A. alone, out of which 15,000 are medical personnel and 150,000 are IT professionals.

It’s no longer whether Nigeria will be a world power in a few years’ time; it’s whether you will be named among those who developed Nigeria. Will the coming generation name you amongst those who stood to make the Nigerian dream a reality?

Things are changing in Nigeria, the nation is changing for the best, youths who happen to be the life wire of the nation are poised to make Nigeria great again, corrupt leaders are facing prosecution, election petition tribunals are removing political leaders who took the baton through rigging of elections, it has never been done before. Judiciary, the last hope of the common man is no longer a rubber stamp.

It is important for you to play your part. Be part of history; be counted amongst those who made Nigeria a better place to live.

Opportunities are there for every one, currently there are 30 mineral resources that have been discovered at a large proportion but are not being explored at all, the entertainment industry is moving forward; the IT world is just emerging. No matter what you are doing outside Nigeria, once it is legal, you have a role to play in developing Nigeria.

Great men joined hands in developing the great countries of the world today, be part of those who will make Nigeria the great nation. Don’t fold your arms and watch Nigeria get better, make history, join the crew!

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

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