In Defense of Pastors Ibiyeomi and Enenche Part 2

Pastors David Ibiyeomie, and Paul Enenche two of those snakes-oil salesmen, and spiritual gangsters, whose vocation has been indoctrinating Nigerians already beaten down by ignorance, superstition, bad governance, gastronomic emergencies, and social deprivations; and robbing them of their meager resources in Jesus name, were on record and video; one threatening to murder one Daddy Freeze, who he claimed insulted his “Father“ Oyedepo, another spiritual fraud, who has been fleecing his flock like a “good“ shepherd; the other raining ineffectual and hyperfalutin curses of fire and brimstone; with neotenic boasts and artisanal braggadocio on the same Daddy Freeze for reasons that defy reason.

The background is the running battle between Daddy Freeze, who has been piling it on the pastors, for extorting money under false pretenses from their congregation, by planting fears in them that if they don’t give the god represented by Oyedepo and Ibiyeomie‘s accounts, 10% of their earnings, that they would be struck by the displeasures of the god they claim to worship.

Daddy Freeze rose up to use those same book of Judeochristian fiction, to counter their robber-baronial extortion scheme. He told them that shaking down their congregation for money is not a scam supported by the New Testament.

At that, these Pastors, became alarmed. Daddy freeze has gone for the jugular. This guy was coming for their bread. They knew, like the Shakespearean Shylock did, that “he takes away their lives, when he takes away the means by which they live“

They rose up, like brainless monsters stung by a wasp. They started throwing the kitchen sink at Freeze.

Nigerian rogue pastors,discovered the fraudulent strain of American Evangelical Pentecostalism in the late 90s. This prosperity-gospel racket is the spiritual version of 419. They target the poor and oppressed. Instead of a liberation theology, they craft golden calves dedicated to mammon. They bid the poor come to receive wealth they never created. They charge fees for everything; consultation of the man of dog, holy oils, which is nothing but cooking oils repackaged in foils of deceit, and prayers, which is nothing but frothing insipid pieces of nonsense to intimidate their ignorant patrons, into parting with their meager resources, to appease the pastor‘s god.

And when they have been well softened and thoroughly brainwashed, the pastors go in for the kill. They know that the best business ever is that by subscription. They get these poor, ignorant people to subscribe to handing them 10% of their earnings as monthly tithes. They are not content with that. These same people are leaned on to „sow seeds“ every sunday and on every other occasion that the congregation gathers.

They are virtually imprisoned with brainwashing tools, to sit their asses down for many hours in those churches; being bombarded with biblical propaganda; of a hell filled with fire and brimstone; and of a god that needs a little bribe of 10 percent from them, to make them superlatively rich; in an eerie setting reminiscent of the communists brainwashing recalcitrant dissidents in their Gulag Archipelagos.

They deploy the bible in their extortion racket of collecting tithes from their impoverished congregation, in God’s name.

With these tithes, the poor victims were supposed to purchase the good pleasures of Deity; while these Pastoral shylocks, purchase for themselves; their families and their mistresses, all
the pleasures of this earth.

Many of these rogues utter balderdash, and tell the people they are speaking in tongues. They forget that loving your neighbors is the greatest of tongues that even a deaf from any clime would understand.

They stage spectacles of deceit, in the name of signs, wonders and miracles, just to gain popularity for themselves and attract more sheep to their herd, who would be laced with the juices of manipulative eloquence, sprinkled with whiffs of bible verses, designed to market a non-existing expertise on the bible.

This is is not far from the sale of indulgence, which the catholic church ran as a scheme in the medieval times, which attracted the ire of the young German Augustinian Monk, Martin Luther, who nailed some 95 thesis, condemning that holy thievery on the doors of the church in Wittenberg. He virtually told the Pope and his paladins, that they were robbing the poor in broad daylight, by capitalizing on their ignorance and illiteracy.

You would think that old format is now an anachronism, that wouldn’t find modern patrons. But the Nigerian Pastors refined that format and have been applying it to their sheep. And their sheep are being fleeced like there is no tomorrow.

And then comes Daddy Freeze, to tell the sheep that they were being fleeced and deceived.

Freeze made one mistake.

It is not that he was wrong in his assessment.


He was right.

He never said that Nigerian pastors are highway robbers. He knew that they were worse. Armed robbers want either your life or your money. These guys want your life for your money. They are fishers of men. They are fishing men, so that those men and women would be hooked to the narcotics they peddle in Jesus name. These guys convert men and women into unthinking fishes and zombies, who if the Pastor asks them to drink petrol, they wouldn’t hesitate. We know of Jim Jones in Guyana.

Daddy Freeze’s mistake has been the mistake that many revolutionaries and truth-bearers of history made, and paid dearly for.

One of the greatest mistakes we make, is to think that every bondsman hates his chains.

That was Daddy Freeze‘s mistake.

We are always tempted to think that every slave, wants to break free. We always tend to believe,that everyone loves freedom. Or that the poor must necessarily love those, who fight for them or want to liberate them from their captivity.

It is a mistake that many paid with their lives for. Pauhlo Freie in his masterpiece, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed saw this clearly.

Many oppressed people may be pining for freedom. But many are not looking to be liberated from the pain their masters inflict. They don‘t desire that this oppressive system be dismantled. They want the system to be kept in place. They only want to be liberated so they can take over the same system from their masters and become like their masters.

George Orwell painted that well in his masterpiece, Animal Farm.

The Animals wanted to shake the yoke of their human masters. Old major dreamt a revolution. Eternal incapacity froze him out of the equation.

Napoleon hijacked the revolution, ran snowball and every other potential challenger to his power-drunkenness out of town; brainwashed Boxer into a drooling, lobotomized slave, condemned to manual labour, who when he collapsed under the toils of constructing the windmill of illusions, was sent to the butcher to be converted to food for dogs; and then sat down, with his congress of pigs, to don, the aprons of the masters they overthrew.

The situation was so confusing that the animals couldn’t distinguish their present circumstance from what it has forever been. So much for a revolution.

Many oppressed people don‘t want freedom for everyone or even for themselves. They love to see those chains around, since they hope that some day, they will become like their masters. And they need the same structures handy, to exercise their own perversities on others, when that utopia arrives.

When some of them fight for freedom, they are fighting to exchange one yoke for the other. Their fights are most times to exchange places with their masters.

On the other hand there are many masochists in existence. It is a part of our human experience.

These ones never want liberation. They are not fighting for freedom. They are fighting to exchange one master for another. They love being lorded over by others. They don’t want you to liberate them. What you construe as their bondage, is for them not slavery. Ask many House-Niggers of the American plantations. They want they Massa to continue his enslavement, so that they wouldn‘t loose the crumbs of recognition that falls off Massa‘s table.

Machiavelli was right. The change agent is hated. Those he fights for, are sitting on the fence to see, who looses, so that they can join the winner.

Those applauding Pastor Ibiyeomie and Enenche, have a very ancient pedigree. They were attitudinal kindreds of those, who asked Pilate to crucify Jesus.

They were the religious people of the day, very busy at home with the extortion and racketeering they endured at the hands of the pharisees, the scribes and the priests, who owned most of the Bureaux de Changes at the Temple precincts; which Jesus saw as a den of iniquity, a citadel of sleazy extortion and a racket convoked in god’s name by godless priests and men of god.

When Jesus overturned those tables. He may be thinking that the people, whom he had symbolically liberated with that act, would join him to run those robbers out of town.

Alas, was he mistaken.

He made that mistake. He presumed that the people want to be liberated. He forgot that many of them had made their peace with the oppression and are ready to die defending those moats preventing them from reaching uhuru.

That was Daddy Freeze‘s mistake, when he tried to overturn the racketeering tables of the Nigerian spiritual gangsters that have been duping and extorting our poor of the meager resources they need for their own lives.

Daddy Freeze should have read Karl Marx; the only guy who got religion right. Religion has forever been and would always be the Opium of the masses.

Napoleon Bonaparte was right also. Religion is that brainwashing of people, which is the only thing that has prevented the poor from eating the rich; but rather worshipping them.

Daddy Freeze should have known, that if he starts a war with gangsters in cassock, that they are no different from Mafian Dons; that they would go to the mattresses for him.

That is what is happening right now.

Gwazia ndi yard unu.

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