In Quest of Spirituality

Strenuous life could lead to spirituality, but this quest for spiritual life is demanding and arduous.
I was a mass server at Christ the King School in Aba, where the name Emmanuel was given to me by the officiating priest during my baptism. Ever since, I have cultivated the culture of relating to Men of God, until I joined the clergy myself.

My most influential spiritual mentor was Apostle A.A.A Egarbor. His book, “The Sword of the Spirit opens to the reader, the mysteries of supernatural life. The book is founded upon veritable spiritual facts .He was called to be the message bearer of the Era of the Gentiles, the era of spirit consciousness.
In order to understand wisdom and spiritual power, I had to go into the mystic Galleries of World religions. I learnt that we are all children of Abraham and are heirs to his blessings. I learnt that the Holy Spirit can teach us all things. I learnt that “The needs of man are manifold and that man must know his needs” and not his greed.

As Levi wrote, this age will be an age of splendor and of light, because it is the home age of the Holy Breath and the Holy Breath will testify anew for Christ, the Logos of Eternal Love.
I acquainted myself with the mission of Enoch the Initiate. “He was a Prophet, priest and seer, his life of purity and love; how he changed his carnal fresh to flesh divine, without descending through the gates of death.”

I learnt that Melchizedec, who gave his life, “ a willing sacrifice for men. I studied the life of the Prince of Peace, Jesus, the Christ, who went through incredible adversity and shed his BLOOD to redeem man and free him from the curse of the law. “He was despised, rejected and abused; was spat upon, was crucified, was buried in a tomb, but rose a conqueror over death that he might show the possibilities of man”.

Man must eventually reckon with the “spiral journey of the soul until the Man of earth and God unite” until time indefinite.

After studies in the School of Prophecy run by Elihu, in Zoan, Egypt, the Akashic Records, the Book by Hebrew Masters, the Proverbs and the Ecclesiastes, I went through life’s experience at OAU,IFE, which proved to me that “God will fight for you, if you keep your peace” and that “one with God is a majority”. Where are your adversaries?
The heart of man is deep, wicked and vain, yet, we contemplate him as “the crowning work of manifest creation”.

If you are still chasing cheap political titles like Governor, President and CEO,” mortify the body; deny self, affections as well as appetites, and then the inner eye will manifest its clear and unmistakable vision.
God is always leading us and spiritual victory is assured.

The politician has become incapable of doing what he promised, not because he is not well-meaning, but because you cannot rule over man, whose spirit is purer than yourself.
Critical to success in statecraft is predicated upon God’s acceptance, adoration worship and reverence.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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