Thoughts on American Republicanism

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The political philosophy of Republicanism was a very potent movement against British colonial policies in America.

King George 111, extorted taxes from Americans without American representation in the British Parliament. By the application of British laws in America, the Americans, goaded by national pride agitated for independence. They demanded a Republic.

The leading intellectual giants of America wrote learnedly and forcefully on the subject. They successfully sensitized the American populace about the need for self-rule.
The impact of their writings found resonance in England and France.

It is not surprising that for many centuries, the American people approved of Republican administrations. They voted for the Republican Party of America casting their minds back on the activities of Republican leaders, both in commerce and industry and political leadership.

With the spread of Marxist-Leninist ideas on statecraft, the dominant ideology has tended to move towards social engineering, social consciousness, social considerations and social justice.
The writings of Herbert Marcuse, Adorno, Angela Davies, Stokely Carmichael and other social scientists in America push Republicanism off the map.

The rise of Socialist China and progress recorded in states with social democratic culture resulted in a shift to Democratic Party formations all over the world.

As a result, Republicanism has become an anachronism. As a party of privileged citizens, who are now in the minority, popular democracy has robbed the Republican Party of votes. So, they have lost to the Democratic Party and will lose to Obama in 2012.

The American people know what happened under George Bush and how Obama rescued America from Republican misrule, which created a feral underclass, who has remained severely marginalized.
America has come of age. In America, racism and race-consciousness are no longer fashionable. People now believe in talent, vision and rigorous application of mental intelligence.
People all over the world are now more socially conscious and take to the streets to make their views known.

The security forces should evaluate the governments’ policies, advice government that they would no longer be used to kill their fellow citizens in defending authoritarian or incompetent rulers.
Republicanism has become an anachronism. The ideology can no longer serve as a societal regulatory system. It can no longer propel the social dynamics evinced in this era of economic crisis, natural disasters, and social discontent.

It will too strong a view to say that Republicanism is dead and buried, with no hope of resurrection.
Perhaps, no future Republican presidential candidate can muster the funds and the energy Romney expended in the current elections.

The Democratic Party is waxing strong because it represents the middle class and has put in place social justice policies that resonate with the American people.

The Americans once wrote in the US DOLLAR, “IN GOD WE TRUST.”Atheistic and unchristian ways crept into American life and America has not been the same again.

The New York Times is a symbol of Republicanism.

Recently, it published a curious story about the fabulous wealth of the Chinese Premier Wen Jibao. Wen has called for an inquiry into his alleged financial status.

If the story is untrue, it will be seen as an attempt to take off the shine from the peaceful and ordered process of China’s political transition. Wen may sue for defamation.

God acceptance, reverence and worship, will restore God’s glory to America.
America is a peaceful country, which seems to believe that she must fight wars to prove it. In the process, a lot of needed funds for American social order suffer inexorably. Mark my word, Obama will review financial wastages and reduce the national debt by 2016.

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