Insanity 2007

by Churchill Okonkwo

On the following lines are stories of spectacular successes and spectacular failures and flops of 2007. There were bungling of anticorruption fight, regulatory meddling and legislative inertia, drama in the house of madness, election, selection and senseless killings. Put on you sit belt, relax and enjoy this bumpy ride through the year as we get ready for the madness of 2008.


What a quasi-stable year

There were booms and busts

There was scheming and conniving

As the power-thirsting villain

The civilian dictator shamelessly bowed out

After a botched third term

Leaving behind a mess

An oversized and meticulously crafted dragons

Incredibly strong and dangerously intelligent

This can’t happen here again


So we thought

If it does we will fight

Or someone else will fight for us

But it happened

Something we have anticipated

There was an election

Sorry, selection

The result,

Entrenchment of political bankruptcy

Egocentric political aids

Chronic brainwash of the masses

And everyone was disappointed

Someone tried to cry though

A whimpering cry

Then we all went to sleep


Night will offer a natural cover for darkness

But not for Iwu and cohorts

We were treated as an object of fun and ridicule

Acceptance of failure was impossible

And controversy was our constant companion


If life was ever so simple?

But we know it is not

The economy still repels investment

So we have stagnation

With unpaid pension arrears

Pangs of hunger hammering infants

Educational institutions rotten and begging for help


We crawled sluggishly forward

Like a tortoise carrying a house

Bugged down by ministerial aids

Sycophant-like shelf

Hunting for squirrel to diffuse a quarrel?

The unemployed

Seeing the bareness of job offers

Took scour in the churches next door

With human spirits

Filled with wine rather than spirits

Masquerading as holy spirits

A new dynamic sense of spirituality?


There were mild dramas

As EFCC finally summoned courage to scratch some bulls

As the judiciary castrated some he-goats

Cleaning out the disbelief, anger and the pains

That reverberated in my head

But not much has changed

The scavengers are still in control

Then the pungent smell from the untouchables

The Ubas, Adedibus, Atikus, OBJs, IBBs, Odilis, Igbinebions

Just a hint of rot from the endless list of cabals

But bad enough to make one sneeze

The air smelled like a burning oil pipeline

Then burning flesh

Then blood


Etteh finally resigned

Raucous laughter soon responded

To exchange of jokes and anecdote

Country dwellers listen with mock astonishment

To accounts of events from the House of Madness

City dwellers slapped their thigh

At exaggerated expression of rural earthiness


Ex-governors and their loot

Drama at EFCC and office of AGF

Corruption in the fight against corruption?

Something about these seems sinister

It all stinks

Their actions black and filthy

Its depth impossible to fathom

With corruption, everyone pays

Even the poor and the unemployed


The phone rang

“The president’s nose”

“What about his nose?”

“It’s true”

“It’s false”

“His moral character stands very high”

“Yet, he communes with the untouchables and the sore evils”

Click and the line went dead

So, the debate stopped again

One day,

We will wake up and find ourselves dead

It is then that we will

Cover our mouths

And cry out in pains

Until then,

This present insanity may continue

Merry Christmas Nigerians

Am already looking forward to the madness of 2008

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