Is Goodluck Jonathan Sincere Enough?

If the Acting President Goodluck Jonathan’s claims to have conducted three free and fair elections within the period he has been acting president is anything to go by, then Jonathan may not be different from the typical politicians who are often times insincere. My doubt is coming on the heels of the Acting President’s recent interview with the Cable New Network (CNN) in which the Anambra governorship election and the local concil election in the FCT among others were adjudged free and fair by Dr. Jonathan. It is also worthy to state that the Chairman of INEC, Professor Maurice Iwu has been claiming to have conducted credible elections during the period in review as a way of decieving Nigerians into re-appointment for another term in office.

There is no doubt that Professor Maurice Iwu has lost his credibility and integrity on account of the role he played in manipulating the results of the 2007 elections. Hence, it is high time he became replaced by a credible Nigerian if the votes of the people must count.

I have recently become sceptical about the sincerity of Dr. Jonathan after making reference to the past three elections as credible. Though according to the Acting President, “he is not defending Maurice Iwu” but can Nigerians really trust Dr. Goodluck to deliver on his promises? Most of our past leaders have made similar promises but they have failed to fulfil them. They come up with different visions and agenda just to decieve the Nigerian people. These men have over years been committed to amassing wealth and remaning in power at the expense of Nigerians.

Before now, I have been a strong believer in Goodluck Jonathan’s ability to change the fortunes of Nigeria but when you consider the ideologies and principle of most Nigerian politicians, you wil begin to think otherwise because things may not yet be well with Nigeria afterall and especially with the emergence of a seemingly coolheaded Acting President.

It was reported that the Umaru Yar’ Adua cabinet was sacked in order to inject fresh blood into the system but that did not happen. Nigerians were surprised to discover that the newly appointed ministers were individuals with one political leanings or the other. Many of them were picked along party lines and also on the recommendations of some godfathers and influential politicians with the exception of Mrs. Allison Maduaeke and Elder Goodswill Orubebe both of whom were reportedly nominated by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

One would have expected a departure from the old ways of selecting ministers but the fact that Dr. Jonathan is a typical politician did not give way for the appointment of technocrats which Nigeria is blessed with. Acting President Jonathan seem to still be under the control of some members of the PDP despite the party’s leadership declaration that he would not be given the party’s ticket to contest in the 2011 presidential elections. Though nothing is impossible but this might just be Dr. Jonathan’s one and only chance to lead the country. Therefore, he must not allow the leadership of the PDP and some power brokers to influence his decisions on issues affecting the nation.

Dr. Jonathan has been given the opportunity by Nigerians and a coalition of civil society group to write his name in gold. He should not allow the enemies of Nigeria to tarnish his image and reputation. Nigerians have reposed a lot of confidence in the Acting President and it would be dishearting to betray them. Posterity will definitely not forget Dr. Jonathan if he can be honest and sincere with Nigerians in his quest to reposition the nation.

Written by
Bolaji Aregbeshola
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