Is This The Final Blow For Andy Ubah As Soludo “Enters” The Race?

by Churchill Okonkwo

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke, (1729-1797)

I believe many keen observers of event in my beloved state – Anambra, will be wondering what next for Andy Ubah after the Supreme Court Ruling that struck out his case saying, “it was a mere waste of time and an attempt to make a mockery of the judiciary”. The big question now is what next? Will he give up? Or will he go back to the drawing board and strategize for 2010 ambush after the expiration of current Obi’s tenure?

The truth is that we all know the dragon is not going to rest until the mission of “conquering” Anambra state is accomplished. Left alone, the likes of Peter Obi, APGA, Ngige, AC etc cannot stop Andy come 2010. With the current political realities on the ground and the present constitution of INEC, it will just be a matter of rehearsals of the April 2007 insanity.

It will however, only take the collective determination of the good people of the state to weather the storm.

I will thus inform the good people of my state, our friends and lovers of democracy in Nigeria that the battle is not over yet. There is a saying that “if you can’t take the heat, doesn’t tickle the dragon and that if you dispute land ownership empty-handed, the person who has yams will be planting them. That is why am commending all those behind the current move to draft Prof. Soludo into the race come 2010.

He who carries the carcass of an elephant does not search for crickets with his legs. We don’t have to leave a live dragon out of our calculations, because we live near them. Justice Oguntade bluntly told one of the dragons during this latest attempt: “I have a feeling that you are a crook and one of those who go about exploiting politicians. You are most irresponsible citizen of this country going about to blackmail people. You are a common crook. From where did you derive the courage to approbate and reprobate?” Anambra state my people, is still full of common crooks and dragons referred to above.

In all great compounds there must be people of all minds – some good, some bad, some fearless and some cowardly; those who bring in wealth and those who scatter it, those who give good advice and those who only speak the words of palm wine. That is why we say that whatever tunes you play in the compound of a great man there is always someone to dance to it.

Let us all join hands and keep up the beat of sanity, accountability, purposeful leadership and vision and see whether Soludo will emerge from this our huge compound and dance. If he however refuses to answer the clarion call, we all have to beckon on another good and sane rioko in our midst to lead us to the dance of freedom. No more tunes for the dragons that scatter our wealth, no more fake and misplaced dance steps from those who speak the words of palm wine.

While the Supreme Court may have postponed the big fight for us, let us make this “2010 Rumble in Anambra Stae” a sucker punch – the final blow

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ifeanyichukwu January 19, 2009 - 9:47 pm

well good wine need no bush,in fact nobody on planet earth even a blind man now the difference between Andy uubah and Soludo charles


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