Israel In Lawlessness Defies The World Again! Murders Innocent Humanitarians

Israel has again, lawlessly massacred defenseless protesters. Israel’s culture of lawlessness is her default position in the blockade of Palestine, the same lawlessness with which Israel resort to arbitrary demolition of property of Palestinians as Israel also frequently undertakes confiscation of properties of Palestinians. Israel is allowed to indulge in lawlessness while the entire world looks the other way, always!

Israel has fully embraced a culture of lawlessness and Turkey is right in her recent description of Israel as “a state terrorist.” and Israel as inhumane. Turkey has correctly, properly and rightly described Israel high handedness in reaction to Israel’s shooting to death, activists who were acting merely to bring world attention to the sufferings, hardships and desperation of the people in Palestine

There were all sorts of things which Israel could have and should have done, and actions which Israel should have taken to avoid needless deaths, the flotilla was planned and known to Israel, it was not a violent or clandestine military aggression on the part of the activists. Israel engaged in a well advertised, plan to “resist” the flotilla which were bearing humanitarian supplies and basic goods for the long suffering people of Palestine, Palestinians blockaded for so long by Israel, the flotilla was not an invasion!

The nation of Israel has, as usual, attacked and murdered unarmed persons unprovoked, even though these persons were merely engaged in civil disobedience and were in fact on international waters and this is has occurred so soon after Israel stole identities and passports of many nationals and Israel thereafter forged passports for its citizens who brazenly accosted and murdered a member of HAMAS, this victim of Israel’s targeted assassinations, whatever his sins, was not accorded due process and the rule of law.

The nation of Israel regularly engages in acts of lawlessness, murder, maiming and leaving too many people dislocated and displaced in Palestine. Israel engages in all these, both within its borders and outside as exemplified by the assassination in Dubai in which Israel stole passports of various nationals and forged a plethora of documents, while violating international laws and violating rules, regulations and all known protocols, including those of Dubai. Israel received mild criticisms, despite these flagrant violations of laws, rules, regulations, conventions and diplomacy etc

Israel frequently and regularly engages in murderous adventures and Israel escapes censure and condemnation, all these, despite the extremely opprobrious and egregious behaviors of Israel! One can imagine the outrage and shouts of condemnations were these conduct by Israel committed and inflicted by say, Venezuela, or China or North Korea or Cuba or Libya and for that matter, just any other nation on earth, other than Israel itself!

What other nation will engage in frequent demolition and confiscation of properties as Israel regularly inflicts on Palestinians? What other nation on earth would engage in actions which imposes hardships, sufferings and desperations on a mass scale, as Israel has inflicted on Palestine and sometimes on Lebanon? What other nation apart from Israel have frequently demonstrated such contempt, disdain and disregard for the United Nations and its subsidiaries? What other nation has refused to declare whether or not it possesses nuclear weapons or not and further refuse inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency? What other nations engages in modern day colonialism and apartheid as Israel does, and escapes criticism from mainstream press all across western nations?

9 people ended up dead or KILLED. USS liberty with American flag was attacked and an American killed and several other Americans injured and this is coming after another innocent American Rachael Curries was bludgeoned to death by Israel and her only offense was that she was protesting nonviolently against Israel behaviors toward Palestinians

Israel is using the blockade as weapon to overthrow HAMAS which was legitimately elected by Palestinians but which Bush rejected and which Obama now follows as American policy

Humanitarian aid organizations are prevented from delivery goods and no rebuilding of hospitals, clinics and schools years after Israel destroyed them. US fund Israel, and receives military armament and technologies, US has not put its foots down or demonstrate any leadership by way of ensuring Israel comply with the countless United Nations resolutions passed over the years against Israel. Israel does whatever it wants as it persists in unnecessarily exacerbating the abject human conditions in Palestine. This is obviously not the way to peace and the so-called two state solution, of Palestine and Israel at peace and living side by side as free, independent and sovereign nations. How is it that the US has no modicum of influence over Israel’s domestic and foreign policies? Despite the well touted “special relationships, of being allies and Siamese twins joined at the hips? Why is it that this advertised symbiotic relationship only works in Israel’s favor?

British former Ambassador to the United Nations Jeremy Greenstock says United States should prevent itself from being seen as an unthinking supporter of Israel. Unbearable situation in Palestine due to the occupation. Israel is the sole surviving political power usurper and colonial power in the world and Israel remains oblivious of the pains, misery, suffering and hardships which Israel inflicts, even as Israel is entrenched in her sour attitudes of land grabs and settlement expansion in Palestine. Israel has a permanent siege mentality and Israel and her supporters and allies, continue to use this stance by Israel, as poor excuse, why Israel must have no duty, obligations and responsibilities

Former Israel ambassador to Turkey says Israeli government has too much self confidence and tend to ignore the whole world and instead sees every criticism as a matter image management or media event. Israeli seem blissfully unaware that the entire world is opposed to Israeli colonialism and occupation of Palestine

UN ambiguous language… it did not directly condemn Israel for killings… US Ambassador says they trust Israel to conduct impartial investigation… independent? Why have the United Nations and the United States acquiesced and conceded to Israel to investigate herself after the massacres of 9 defenseless activists? Again, I am quite unaware of any precedent in which another nation, other than Israel, murders so many citizens of other nations, including the US, and yet, Israel is allowed to investigate her massacres? Perhaps we should have allowed North Korea to investigate whether or not, North Korea was responsible for the sinking and torpedoing of South Korean ship which led to the deaths of 46 South Korean sailors? Israel remains the only nation on earth which refuses or at other times dictate terms of UN forces to serve as buffer neutral forces, between Israel and Palestine

Many in Israel are condemning the killings by Israel, and yet, the United States is not able to and quite unwilling to condemn Israel. And yet, in the United States, condemning Israel’s aggressions, egregious criminalities and murders is liable to earn anyone and everyone, the unfair label of being anti Israel or even worse, of being an anti Semite! But what would Israel have done, if another nation massacred 9 Israelis in one full swoop, while those Israeli citizens were merely protesting the wrongheaded blockade of another nation, similar to the one Israel has inflicted on Palestine? A blockade by Israel, which by all measure and by all accounts, is not motivated by security concerns, but as punishments for HAMAS and the Palestine population, to compel and force HAMAS out of Palestine political equation

Israel massacres 10 and refuses independent investigation and Israel is above the law
Israel did not demonstrate any restraint.

Israel could and should have vigorous inspection of ships arriving on its shore. Israel as the world knows, is the colonial power in Palestine. Israel is the occupying power in Palestine with absolute power over Palestine land, sea and air space and channels

Israel is held to a lower standard of behavior and the whole world watches these repeated double standards in which Israel is allowed to possess nuclear weapons and Iran must not. Israel is allowed to massacre 9 innocent and defenseless activists from Turkey just as Israel have done in the past in the murder of a young American peace activist Rachel Corrie who was mowed down by Israel with a bulldozer!

Israel is an ally the US cannot use military in Iraq, or Afghanistan and Israel is such an ally which always brings monumental embarrassments to the US, despite US financing of Israel with money and equipment. Israel have been caught several times spying on the United States, Israel’s ally, which defends Israel even against American own national and strategic interests, short, medium and long terms!

In January 2009, Israel killed 1400 Palestinians, and that is merely about 15 months ago and in the face of all 1400 Palestinian deaths in the hands of Israel, there world offered not even a murmur or tepid response. Again, we only have to imagine, what the United States and others would have done or have said, if the killing 1400 people anywhere, was by another nation, other than Israel, an American client state, a bad client, as Israel is, a client without manners, a client which listens only to herself, and not to the US and the UN!

Israeli commando have not shown flotilla had contraband and even if there were contrabands, it will be no reason still, to shoot and kill nine defenseless activists. Turkey was attacked by Israel, even though Turkey is a nation which has been very friendly towards Israel, Turkey must feel like an orphan now. Israel’s aggressive militaristic policies towards Palestine, Persians and all Arabs have always been predicated on Israel repeated tautology, that its neighbors wish to annihilate her or drive her into the seas, but, this usual hollow argument by Israel is now shown for what it really is, a mere pretext by Israel to strangulate and emasculate Israel’s neighbors with Israel’s “security” as camouflage. Turkey is not hostile to Israel, and yet, the world is now witness to the massacres of 9 citizens of Turkey by Israel, Israel the peace-loving, and rule of law and the “only democratic nation” in the Middle East?

Turkey now reviews relations with Israel and understandably so. Turkey must now feel embarrassed before its neighbors, who behind the scenes and even without gloating, must be by now chuckling “I told you so” to Turkey regarding Israel’s siege mentality and paranoia in connections with Israel’s neighbors which Israel seeks to dominate.

HAMAS is unfazed as Israel defends its illegal blockade and Israel’s latest aggressions have the potentials of making things in the Middle East become incredibly worse. Israel and her allies have sought to emasculate, strangle and suffocate the government in Palestine which organized by HAMAS. Israel have since sought to pull the carpet from under HAMAS feet through a senseless and inhumane economic blockade. And through all of these, Israel pretends that it all about a search for arms. The truth of the matter is, Israel has banned sweets, spices, and caramels as goods Palestinians cannot import into Palestine territories. Now the world knows that sweets, spices and caramels are security threats to Israel! And now the world knows that sweets and spices are parts of the essential ingredients in HAMAS bomb and Katusha Rockets endeavors

Israel literarily and metaphorically dictates American foreign policy towards Israel, Arabs, Persians and the entire Middle East, Persian Gulf Region. And American entanglements in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and to a large extent, Afghanistan, are inspired and motivated by America quest to support and “defend” Israel at all costs and even when it is not in America’s best strategic interests, measured whether in both short and long terms. The unthinking rush to support Israel at all costs, have resulted in the squanders of blood and treasure by America and that seem to continue without vigorous public debate by a plurality of Americans

A few months ago for instance, Vice President Joseph Biden was on an official visit to Israel, and upon his arrival there, Mr. Biden promptly announced that US policy on Iran and nuclear is because nobody can come between the US and Israel safety and security. And as if on cue and following a script, Mr. Biden, a sitting American vice president received a crude undiplomatic slap in the face; even Israeli press and media were caught off guard in surprise as Israeli government announced the start of construction of additional 1600 houses in East Jerusalem. Israeli Newspapers reported in screaming headlines, “Israel Slaps America In The Face Again And Embarrasses Vice President Biden

The question which should be asked is, but why is America smiling? Only a fool or buffoon would smile upon being slapped in the face, and America is no fool or buffoon, so why is America still smiling and encouraging Israel’s truancy, intransigence and recalcitrance in dealings with Palestinians, Arabs and Persians?

A few months after Vice President Joe Biden disrespected and embarrassed by Israel, in most undiplomatic way, and the wrong way to treat a guest, an ally and friend, now comes a fence mending visit by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of Israel, while he was in Canada on the way to Washington DC, he had to skip DC and went home to Israel because of the massacres of 9 multinational activists by Israel, it is noteworthy that one of the activists, is an American and from right here in New York.

Israel announced ahead of time that it would interfere with the activists and in the aftermath, the US pressured the UN to have a reaction to Israel’s misconduct in a less than tepid response! The clamored for condemnations of Israel’s murderous actions on the high seas on international waters was hijacked and stopped by supporters of Israel and in particular, the United States.

Obama tepid response to fatalities caused by Israel shows and demonstrates the stranglehold, the clout and extraordinary power of the AIPAC an other American Jews lobby groups on American political leadership, it is almost always irrelevant and insignificant, whether the occupant of the White House is Republican or Democrat, and as we now know, whether the US president white or black or whether he is a change agent such as Mr. Obama, or Mr. Bush who gave Israel everything Israel ever wanted, whims and caprices, kitchen sink and all.

The murders of 9 persons by Israel on the flotilla from Turkey, is heinous, this is particularly so, in view of the fact that these persons were unarmed, and yet, they were met with special forces on international waters, instead of custom service inspectors or other

There is just too much kid gloves treatment reserved for Israel by a cross spectrum of the American Media. Imagine if Iran, North Korea, or Venezuela had killed ten unarmed persons protesting an egregious blockade such as Israel has inflicted on Palestine for far too long… and here…. there are platitudes being written and spoken?

The United Nations could not even make declarations or pronouncements against these needless killings without UN choice of words being dictated?

It should surprise all reasonable persons around the world, that Israeli press is more critical on Israeli government than the American press/media…. go figure! It speaks volumes that the press/media in Israel is more forthright about the misconduct of the Israeli government and military… this the American press/media and government are quite unwilling to do! wow! Another massacre by Israel, another affront by Israel and Israel does not receive even a rebuke from the US, and US actually pressures the

UN in arm-twisting, to offer Israel a backslapping for Israel’s opprobrious killings of 9 innocent citizens.

Why is Israel allowed to engage in aggressions and murders like no other nation on earth? And why does the United States continually shield Israel from the natural consequences of Israel murderous aggressions?
Why is there never the courage to censure Israel? Who protects Palestine? Who protects Persians? Who protects the Arabs?

And why would, and why does anyone then still pretend about the source of all the troubles and violence in the Middle East?

Written by
Paul I. Adujie
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  • If FACT were to to share lunch with you in broad daylight you wouldn’t recognize it! But since you alluded to “historical facts”, let’s start from the modern-day presence of the Israeli Jews in Palestine. And here is my first question to you: When Jews established the modern-day State of Israel at its very location today, whose land did they steal in order to do so? Every single one of the so-called “FACT” on your list of “FACTS” up there will in fact be “fact” if and only a coin has one side and one side only. But since there are forums on this website that are better suited for the kind of give and take it will require to iron this out, I ask you man up and join us where your opinions on this matter will be even more popular amongst your fellow marxists. So, how about it lawyer Adujie?

  • Akinola you sound so silly and ignorant with your religious interpretation of purely historical facts…

    In writing my article under review, I relied solely on the facts and incontrovertible data….

    1. FACT …the occupation of Palestine by Israel is fact

    2. FACT… Israel rejected the election of HAMAS by Palestinians

    3. FACT… Israel murdered a 23 years Rachel Corrie an American for daring to peacefully protest Israel’s criminal behaviors towards Palestinians…. she was unarmed peace activist.

    4. FACT… Israel stole 12 passports of citizens of other nations, forgered and fraudulently used the passports to travel to Dubai to murder and assassinate a political enemy

    5. FACT… Israel massacred 9 peaceful protesters who were unarmed and defenseless on a flotilla in peaceful activism to protest Israel criminal and egregious blockade of Palestine… Israel used deadly excessive force

    6. FACT… USA pressured the United Nations not to sanction Israel

    7. FACT… Israel is in violation of UN Resolutions regarding Palestine… Israel continues to expand Jewish Settlement on Palestine land… contrary to International Laws and Contrary to UN resolutions and contrary to the demands of the United States government with President Obama and Vice President Biden having to constantly clean up after Israel

    There are much more incontrovertible FACTS/Evidence and you…. come here AKINOLA to talk rubbish and falsely accuse me?

    What has land grabs by Israel, massacres by Israel, and what has colonialism, apartheid and occupation by Israel got to do with your BIBLE and Your GOD?

    You wrote such ignorant rubbish, it turned my stomach!

  • Other than for the possibility that you are a Jew-hating Nigerian or closeted Wahabist/Shi’te, I have no other explanation for your ad nauseam, ad infinitum, baseless, factitious and incongruent attacks on the State of Israel and the Jewish people. And those attacks, dangerously silly as they are, will probably continue unabated until your goal, as well as that of Hamas and Ahmadinejad, of “final solution” is achieved. At least so you hope. But for as long as God remains on His throne, truth will triumph over the lies and propaganda being perpetrated by your ilk on Israel-Nomad matters. Yes NOMADS. There are no such people as “Palestinians”!