Jonathan Disgraced Nigerians by Meeting Hollande in Paris over Chibok Girls and Boko Haram

by Bode Eluyera

“Omo go, eni ko sa ma ti ku. Sugbon, kinni o n pa omo bi ko base ago” – Yoruba proverb

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” Jane Austen.

“We have observed that countries where Americans interfered in like Afghanistan, Iraq and even Libya, they still suffer crises till today because they are oil rich States. If we allow America to interfere in our matters, something similar may happen to us. If you recall vividly, they predicted come 2015 that Nigeria will disintegrate. Their coming into this matter may cause more confusion because they are most times interested in crude oil.” Alhaji Abubakar Tsav. Former Commissioner of Police. Excerpt from interview, May, 2014.

“Abduction of Chibok girls is a conspiracy by the United States, hatched 10 years ago by the Bush family and CIA, in order to destabilise Nigeria and justify sending their troops their FOREVER.” We must NEVER allow any foreign intervention under any circumstances. I don’t believe the cock and bull story being propagated by the Western media and some interest groups in Nigeria that the Nigeria Army is not capable of defeating Boko Haram. This is also part of the conspiracy.” Pastor Tunde Bakare. Excerpt from sermon, May, 2014.

Jonathan badluck is a complete disgrace and disappointment to Nigerians, Africans and the black race. I just cannot understand why this useless president had to squander tax-payers and our oil money by flying in a private jet all the way from Abuja, Nigeria, to Paris in order to meet with presidents of Benin, Niger republic, Chad and Cameroon respectively that are just a stone away from Nigeria’s border? What is really going on in Nigeria for God’s sake?! Is this the useless giant of Africa that we all make noise or brag about? A giant of Africa that has zero influence and whose president is not even capable of doing very simple things like inviting his colleagues from neighbouring countries to Abuja, the capital of his country, for discussions on how to rescue purportedly abducted Chibok girls, tackle Boko Haram, ensure peace, security and stability in the region and Africa as a whole. This shoeless and clueless opportunist had to wait for more than a month after the Chibok abduction for Francois Hollande to extend an invitation to him and his colleagues to visit Paris in order to discuss and find solutions to this menace that has been plaguing the country for years. I was just wondering what kind of crime did Nigerians and Africans in general commit to deserve dense like Jonathan badluck as their president. Honestly, it seems to me that I am living in 1414, when the Portuguese first landed in Eko in their ship and renamed it Lagos; the name that the city still bears today.

I was just wondering too if we are ever capable of building our roads, schools, Senate building, rail lines, teaching Nigerian students, protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians by ourselves without involving or seeking the ‘help’ of the Lebanese, Indians, Chinese, Americans, British, French, Germans, Israelis etc? Where the hell then is the Sovereignty, dignity and pride of the country and its citizens? Have they been thrown to the wind? How on earth do we blacks expect to be respected or taken seriously if 5 African presidents from neighbouring countries had to travel thousands of kilometers by plane to far away Paris in order to talk to one another about vital security issues that concern their respective countries in the 21st century? For God’s sake, what happened to the over rated African Union? Is it more of a club where members or incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt good for nothing African puppets meet from time to time just to display their knowledge of the English, Portuguese and French languages over delicious dinner with expensive French wine?

It’s very sad to admit that this moribund organisation has not been able to solve any significant political and/or security problems facing the African continent since 1960 when most African countries got their independence. Suffice to say that it was also the Americans and Europeans that played the decisive roles in the fate of Sudan, Libya, Cote d’Ivore, Mali, Central African Republic and other hot spots in the continent. The civil war currently engulfing Southern Sudan which got its independence just a couple of years ago is another very sad story of the incapability of the African Union and African rulers to solve their problems independently without involving or seeking input (help) from outsiders; most especially, their formal colonial masters that suppressed, oppressed, dehumanised, exploited and murdered them at will during the colonial era.

Furthermore, in my humble opinion, it’s high time the headquarters of African Union, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is relocated to another African country (Senegal or Benin for example) simply because practically all Ethiopian presidents including the current, Mulatu Teshome Wirtuis, are brutal dictators, gross violators of human rights of Ethiopians most of whom still live in abject poverty – just like many other African countries. As far as I am concerned, it is immoral to site the headquarters of the African Union in such a country like Ethiopia with one of the worst human rights records in the world.

Personally, the fact this farce is taking place in 2014, almost 54 years after the so called PAPER independence from the cunning British, MAKES ME TO BE ASHAMED OF BEING A BLACK MAN. It’s just now obvious that Jonathan does not have tick balls and is nothing but another incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt puppet and opportunist imposed on us by the Americans, French and British. He would have been much better off staying in the University to teach his favourite subject, zoology, instead of making a zoo out of the whole of Nigeria.

So, all we are being told by Jonathan and the international network headed by the CNN is that the Nigerian Army which carried out many successful peace missions in many African countries like Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Mali etc despite their complexity is now helpless and incapable of taking on the Boko Haram with its ghost soldiers. Something is really fishy here. What about the billions of dollars that have gone into training the Army, Navy, Air-Force in Britain, Germany, India, United States, France; procuring ammunitions, equipment; paying salaries and general maintenance? May we also enquire what happened to the celebrated Nigerian satellite that millions of dollars was invested in its launching? What about the drones that Nigeria bought from Israel for millions of dollars? Is the invitation of British, French, Americans, Chinese, Israeli( with a population of just 7 million)foreign troops and drones the result or what we are getting for the huge money that has been invested in them? Are Jonathan and his incompetent Army trying to tell Nigerians that the French, British and American soldiers respectively know Chibok, Borno state, Sambisa forest, Chad Basin and the entire region much better than the locals who have lived there for centuries? Do we have the right to ask these crucial questions and demand for urgent answers too?

As this spectacle or well planned and staged show organised by Western countries with the connivance of some Northern elements who are bent on getting back power in 2015 unfolds, it’s now obvious that the whole exercise is a conspiracy to bring in foreign troops to Nigeria and hijack Nigeria’s young democracy – and Jonathan too, either knowingly or unknowingly, is playing along PERFECTLY! Perhaps, these Western countries, France, Britain and the United States, whom I am more than convinced are behind those bombings in Nyanya in Abuja, funding and equipping Boko Haram (just like Pastor Tunde Bakare testified too in one of his recent sermons) know where the girls are kept and will provide them immediately they get the green light to bring their ‘sophisticated equipment, gadgets,’ drones and locate their troops in Nigeria FOR GOOD.
What I find shocking and difficult to believe is the fact that nobody out of Nigeria’s leading politicians and/or human rights activists ever bothered to call Jonathan badluck to order and advise him against flying to Paris for a meeting with other African leaders because by doing so, he would be ridiculing Nigeria and confirming the well-known fact it(Nigeria) is not only NOT a sovereign country, but is as well A FAILED STATE, THE BIGGEST BANANA REPUBLIC IN THE WORLD, A VERY SICK AND DOOMED COUNTRY!

So, it is now the French president, Francois Hollande, a womaniser who had to camouflage in order to get to his mistress’s apartment, is the authority and peace-maker that African leaders get instructions from on how to bring out peace, security and stability in Africa. Could one of the master minders of Nyanya bombings Sadiq Aminu Ogwuche who was born in Britain have been recruited by the M15 to carry out these deadly attacks and act as a link between the agency and Boko Haram? Could the fact that Hollande claimed during the meeting that Al-Qaeda has a strong link with Boko Haram be another manipulation and strategy to up the scale and increase fear in order to make sending of French troops to Nigeria inevitable. Comments like the dislocation of foreign troops or involvement of foreigners in the search for Chibok girls and fighting Boko Haram insurgency will not jeopardise are also filtering the press recently in order to cajole naive Nigerians, make then lose their guard and subsequently give foreign troops a ‘soft landing’, that they have always dreamed of in Nigeria. Would it be right to claim that these foreign countries are now planning to achieve through any hook and crook means their failed or abandoned AFRICOM project through Boko Haram?

Suffice to say that locating abducted Chibok girls should not be of any challenge to the Americans simply because the Niger republic had already given them the permission to dislocate or fly their drones along the border a couple of months ago. What I am trying to say in essence is that the Americans are withholding vital information about Boko Haram and its activities from the Nigerian government purposely in order to achieve some sinister motives in the nearest future.

By travelling to Paris to meet with Hollande, a fornicator, and the presidents of Cameroon, Chad, Benin and Chad republic, the message these useless opportunists are sending to the whole world is that de-facto we are still the colonists of France and Britain. Can’t you guys understand that the recolonisation of Africa is unfolding in our eyes and if we fail to talk and/or react now, we will not only be culprits, but our children, grand-children and generations of unborn Africans will NEVER forgive us! We need to speak up now STRONGLY and not allow the political ambition, greediness and stupidity of Jonathan put the little sovereignty and democracy that we have at the present moment in jeopardy. We can lose everything that we have fought and died for within the past 20 years within a twinkle of an eye. Only God knows what kind of secret agreement Jonathan has reached with the French, Americans and British in Paris. This is a man without any honour and who has nothing to lose if things go bad. Therefore, we hold ourselves and generations of Africans the responsibility of standing firm to resist any form of neocolonialism camouflaged as a ‘rescue mission’, ‘fight against Boko Haram and or terrorism’ either in Nigeria or any part of Africa. We cannot afford to abandon our destiny to a nonentity like Jonathan to toy with. Definitely, the consequence will be catastrophic.

Although, I am not a supporter of Jonathan badluck, an incompetent, visionless, corrupt and morally bankrupt puppet, but from all indications, it’s obvious that he is being sabotaged by some powerful internal and external forces – which make his already compounded problems to be even more demanding, overwhelming and unsurmountable. These evil forces are ready to go to any length and collaborate with anybody; including the enemies of Nigeria, to achieve their political objectives at the expense of the country and the lives of its citizens. Nothing is sacred to them. All means justify the end.

It’s certain that the insurgency in the North-East is not unconnected with the 2015 elections. The strategy of these devils is to frighten Jonathan by escalating the security situation in the country; distract his attention; make the country ungovernable (as Muhammodu Buhari had already promised) and eventually pressurising him to capitulate by either resigning or refusing to contest for a second term. Although, as earlier stated, I am not a supporter of clueless Jonathan badluck’s government, nevertheless, we must not succumb to political blackmail in form of terror and killing of innocent Nigerians as a means of struggle for power. In the defense of Jonathan, although he is the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, nevertheless, one does not expect him to guide over 160 million Nigerians personally. It’s obvious that he has been betrayed by those he entrusted with the security of the country and citizens. It’s these same hypocrites that are now crying, sympathizing with him that swore their allegiance to him that is stabbing him at the back.
Finally, I will not be exaggerating if I say that today is one of the saddest moments in my life. It’s still very difficult to come to terms with the fact that this ignominy took place in 2014. I was just wondering what kind of offense or sins black committed before God for giving us bad leaders in the whole of Africa? Perhaps, we Africans are caused just caused! By going all the way to Paris, Jonathan has confirmed again that we Africans are naive, stupid, lack honour and dignity, and are the most retarded race in the world.


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