Jonathan + Sambo: Has the arithmetic been solved?

by Odimegwu Onwumere

The reason President Goodluck Jonathan chose Facebook to declare his intention for the 2011 presidential elections in Nigeria is yet to be known to many, understanding that Nigeria is not a large internet market. But not only was that approach shocking, it’s very crestfallen that since the 15th September he made that interest known on Facebook, only ten persons have so far responded to his post on his facebook wall. Even that one Femi Gerald said, “I wish Jonathan success. Almighty God shall grant him knowledge and understanding to lead the nation to a successful destination, Forster Ene said, “Fuck the election and all those raising their ugly heads for the 2011.”

Ene’s provocative statement could be coming on the hill, as he said, “In case you don’t know Mr. President, the South-East universities have been on strike getting to 3months now, yet those that say they are the governors open the hell called mouth to say it’s not their business. But why would it be their problem when their children and even the cleaners in the government house school abroad? – spending our state money on ungodly things…”

Omale Akoji Omale didn’t mind Ene, saying, “Nigeria is moving forward.” Fadairo Olatunde supported Omale, saying, “Love this, ride on. May God give you the grace to do more than you intended to do for this country.” Nigerian Politics said, “Mr. President, you are truly God’s signature, the redeemer that the nation had been longing for. Your victory is definitely certain based on credibility and performance. There is no candidate that can match your profile both politically and socially, congratulations in advance.” Arewa Nigeria said, “The Arewa people are strongly behind you. Please forget the amorphous fight of some few selfish individuals that had in the near past held the nation at its jugular.” Moses P. Adoga said, “The North should wait till 2015. Though a northerner, I hold this opinion because the fact is, like America, we must grow beyond sectional tendencies if we are genuinely committed to a Nigeria of our dream. May God grant your desire and save this dear country through you Mr President. Best wishes.”

Sylvester Ijieh said something. But, Austin Oconquo said, “Your Excellency, now that Gen Aliyu Gusau has chosen the part to exit from the NATIONS-SHIP has stopped the debate that he was the person that was pushing you around. We wish him well in his presidential ambition… For his vacant office, God is now taking over the National Security Adviser pending the appointment of a substantive NSA. I pray that GOD as our new National Security Adviser to help in monitoring the movements of the government enemies and to protect Nigerians lives and property across the whole federation…”

Faloye Isaac Abayomi said, “You are the president I dream of, come 2011.” Ezuruike Nneka Joy said, “It is your destiny my president and we the youths of this country will stand with you all the way, be rest assured.”

While Mr. President may be enjoying the comments of these people, one thing remains sacrosanct: the number is too small. He should note that when Obama’s campaign was taken to the facebook, in short, the whole world people were logging in to make one or two comments. Even that the people that have commented on the Jonathan’s facebook wall are one million, the number is still small compared to over one hundred million Nigeria’s population.

However, Jonathan should work hard to making sure that he re-branded his image in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) because of how infested the party was in the minds of many Nigerians. One Phillip Mind described the PDP thus: “While I have not so much against Mr. Jonathan as a person, I have everything against the torn umbrella under which he is contesting. Let Nigerians be informed that no matter how good or “qualified’ Mr. Goodluck may be or appear to be, he cannot offer anything close to the desired shakeup. I mean the senior demons in PDP will not allow him. To the President: I probably would vote with all ten fingers if you had a good party that loves the nation.”

Notwithstanding, many Nigerians are of the opinion that Goodluck Jonathan, Ph.D has made them proud for not hesitating to declare to contest the 2011 elections. An opinion had said, “Today my hope is not buried by our past leaders pride, sentiments, prejudice, selfishness, greed, austerity…”

The other opinion had it, “I shed tears of emotion when I was listening to President Goodluck Jonathan making declaration on his intent to run for presidency in 2011. Frankly speaking, the man has a large heart. His wisdom is encapsulated in his words. He is the one God has chosen for Nigeria. Governor Jonah Jang said it all: It is already written and approved in heaven by God. Jonathan Zwingina earlier dropped the bombshell in an interview featured by AIT, which captured the personality of Goodluck Jonathan. I never doubt the man before, not even after now. Analysts may view it political, but I see in Ebele Jonathan a man to restore sanctity, and take this country to greatness. It’s not an easy task, but I believe he will do it. He has crossed the Rubicon. With Namadi Sambo as vice now, and running mate to Goodluck Jonathan, the arithmetic has been solved. The equation has been balanced.”

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