Kalu is not Orji

Because of the name ‘Orji’ in Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, a former Governor of Abia
State, and the present Governor Theodor Ahamefule Orji, some persons
erroneously or knowingly attribute the woes that Gov. Orji has created in
the state to Kalu.

To differentiate between the two names, one has a surname as ‘Kalu’ and the
other has a surname as ‘Orji’. During Kalu’s administration, Abia State
flourished with commerce and industry. At least, people from all walks of
life were coming to Aba, to buy their goods and other wares. People were
coming to reside in Abia State and do business. At least, Aba was somewhat
the like of Onitsha in term of trading and buying.

But all of these changed and were replaced with kidnapping, when Gov. Orji
became governor. Robbery took the place of commerce and industry and,
residents were relocating to safer neighbouring states, due to the imminent
kidnapping and abuse of office that characterise Gov. Orji’s government.
The government became the government of Gov. T.A Orji, Odochi Orji and
Chinedu Orji (Ikuku).

Stating the fact, an unbiased mind would attest to the fact that Kalu’s
name resonates in Abia and Nigeria with love from people. In Aba alone,
mention Gov. Orji and you see people abuse you, while Kalu garners a lot of
accolades. Many had wished that the type of government that is operated
here is monarchical for Kalu to have continued to lead them. They are
regretting the aberration called Gov. Orji’s government in Abia State.

Why Gov. Orji’s government is too bad is because he has too many
governments in his government: That of his wife and that of his son and
cronies. His government informs us of how bad government is. If some goons
think that Kalu’s government was bad, Gov. Orji’s own is even worse. This
government has grown out of hand; with docility that majority of our people
are enduring in the name of democracy.

Conversely, Gov. Orji’s aides would see his government as one good one just
as many people who do not make enough research about politicians would take
their many lies as good government. The government of Gov. Orji is lying
for its selfish interest. Our people had thought that this government would
perform positively wonders when in 2010 Gov. Orji told the world blatant
lies that it was Dr. Kalu who was holding him not to give the people the
dividends of democracy and he distanced himself. Now that he has estranged
Kalu, Gov. Orji is still looking for excuses from the blues for his
non-performance. Wise-thinking persons would see that Kalu was innocent.

Gov. Orji thought that by attacking Kalu would be the best way to govern.
His boys continued in that stead till this writer took it as a single
project and shut-up their many lies in Abia State. Many of the liars in the
government of Gov. Orji like one media gangster called Ugochukwu Emezue was
disgracefully fired from his position as the Chief Press Secretary to the

Others like the shamefaced Eze Chikamnayo is no longer coming to the media
always in order to buy favour from the governor. Many of them who were bent
on labeling critics of the government with malicious make-belief stories of
kidnapping, rape, extortion and sundry are now jittery. *Ndi ara*!

While not taking side between Kalu and Orji, the later has reduced the
vision of our people. Gov. Orji believes that attitude is not welcomed but
interest is supreme. So, his interest is not in the favour of our state,
but that of his political ambitions, the welfare of his family members and
those of his favourites.

It behooves on all to know that there was no incident of kidnapping during
the tenure of Kalu; everything started with the government of Orji.

Gov. Orji might indoctrinate anybody to hate Kalu till they die; the truth
remains that it will take Gov. Orji another reincarnation to garner the
influence that Kalu wields, if that will even be possible in Gov. Orji’s
next life.

Many people thank Kalu. The people of Uzuakoli to Nkporo in Ohafia Local
Government would always be grateful to Kalu for building their roads. But
who thanks Gov. Orji, nobody, except Eze Chikamnayo, Obed Nnaji Asiegbu,
Eddie Onuzuruike, Ugochukwu Emezue…

Let all those who see Kalu as Orji leave him alone. Businesses did not
leave Abia State in droves during Kalu’s administration, but are leaving in
droves under Orji’s government, because of bad government policy. This
government does not respect public opinion, hence the bad government we are
enduring, and has become autocratic government. By the bad government
policy and the total failure of bad regulation and by greed, everything
under Governor Orji’s government has collapsed. Gov. Orji should wake-up
from feeble execution of governance!

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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