Kalu's Gambian House And Ufomba’s Made-up Comment

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Immediately, I contacted Emeka Obasi, the Chief Media personnel to Dr. Orji
Uzor Kalu, the unconquerable former of Abia State, when I saw the report on
a blog.

The blog reads that Kalu’s aristocratic house in Gambia is now on sale. The
report went further to induce Nigerians that the house was put on sale at a
ludicrous price. The hypothetical house, the report went further to say
that it was built four years ago.

The report didn’t end there; it said that Kalu is now suffering from
financial kwashiorkor. The report went on and on that even his businesses
are gradually grounding and that Kalu needs spiritual help to come out of
this (traducers’ invented) financial bankruptcy.

Before I contacted Obasi, I had said that why can’t people leave Kalu
alone, out of the murky waters of politics in Abia State. This is a man,
who is maintaining a very mature silent over any political discourse in the
country, except as he adds his opinion on his Saturdays column in The Sun
newspapers, without running anybody down, and he is entitled to his
opinion. He maintains a high level of research that does not malign any
group or personality in the country or anywhere around the world on his

The blogger was sooner or later out for something and he or she wrote that
the ‘current financial predicament’ that Kalu has found himself is also
collapsing The SUN newspaper, saying that staff are owed ten months
salaries and that banks in Nigeria have turned their backs on him for

On the same blog, but in another report, the blogger said that Mr. Reagan
Ufomba, the APGA gubernatorial candidate in the 2011 elections in Abia
State has vowed that he must make sure that Kalu is sent to the gulag. The
blogger bloated his or her report, stating: Reagan Ufomba who ate with Kalu
is now paying the price and he is turning against his master, Kalu.

But Obasi speaking about the Gambian House said that it’s a falsified
rhetoric oozing out from those who feel that Kalu’s ever resilient
influence always send them into a box. He said that they are running when
no one is pursuing them.

“Kalu does not own any house in Gambia, but even if he owns, when has it
become a crime for somebody to sell his property, and when has it become a
crime for someone to be financially bankrupt, if their claim of Kalu being
bankrupt is true. This is the way they said that he wanted to sell his
house at Igbere (Kalu’s hometown). Maybe, they will soon come up with
another story that he wants to sell his children, mother and the entire
family members. Why this tiny group of people is just after an innocent man
does not meet the eyes. Though, any man who is not criticized is not doing
well, but such critiques have to be facts and very constructive,” Obasi

On the claim that Ufomba was against Kalu, Obasi said that Ufomba was not
against Kalu and had no reason to be against Kalu. He however added that
when he noted of the news he knew that Ufomba cannot say a thing like that.
He vowed on his position when I pressed on him that he has not contacted
Ufomba and he has started to defend Ufomba. Obasi confirmed that anything
people are reading that are denigrating Kalu’s reputed name are being
cooked by traducers and detractors who don’t have any other job, but
expertise in politics of calumny.

“Those that are making such claptrap comments against Kalu or using
Ufomba’s name or other to write are agents of Satan, because Satan itself
is a liar,” Obasi emphatically concluded.

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