Kanu Agabi’s Bad Verse On Lagos

Understandably, so many Nigerians, especially Lagosians, were miffed by the recent statement attributed to one of Obasanjo’s choice minions, Kanu Agabi that Lagos is an evil state. I however refuse to be annoyed by that deliberate effort to curry attention by an expired manservant that still looks up to the rotten fount of his prominence for sustenance. I would have loved Nigerians who are riled by the cheeky antic of Agabi to consider some facts before they confer on that choice lackey the attention he does not deserve. The first question they should ask themselves is, ‘who is Kanu Agabi?’ Other relevant questions are; ‘who stand to gain psychological lifting from that mealy-mouthed, careless and stupid statement?’ And again, ‘where did he make that statement and what are the circumstances behind that statement?’

I would not answer these questions in tranches but I will give a general answer that will capture the entire questions raised therein. My answer. Kanu Agabi is one of the irreverent buccaneers that were exhumed from relative obscurity by the former president in his desire to reduce the office of the Nigerian president and hew unto himself lackeys and subalterns whom he fed and whom he deigned would be eternally grateful to him as to do any task to please him. He was one of the choice mandarins that supervised the monumental misgovernance this country was made to endure between 1999 and 2007 and he was rewarded with a ministerial position. Till date, the most notable act of Agabi as Justice Minister was the discontinuing of the trial of one of Obasanjo’s cousins, Julius Makanjuola who was standing trial for a multi-billion fraud in the country’s Defence ministry. Since he was eased off from Obasanjo’s cabinet, he had been doing one job or the other for Obasanjo, including working for the tenure perpetuation project of the former unpopular president and presently, he eats generously from defending the horrible electoral fraud Maurice Iwu’s INEC concocted last April.

Agabi was reported to have made his satanic statement in a ceremony by one of Obasanjo’s schools, Bells International Secondary School, Ota and this remains one of the self-delusive sessions in self-comforting, which the hated despot embraces after his horrendous era and with the mounting negative press and public opinion he earned from his destructive regime. The choice crony called Agabi made the statement to buoy up the sagging image of Obasanjo, offer his benefactor comfort in the face of the angry tirade of Nigerians before whom the bizarre, moth-ridden and despoiling acts of Obasanjo unfurl with each passing day. He wanted to comfort a failed dictator, who stared as his effort to recruit scoundrels to re-write and manipulate history and facts to his advantage, unshackle and crumble in his ageing face. Obasanjo stands to be the one and only beneficiary of this jester’s effort to criminalize a state that offers perhaps the only ray of hope for Nigerians to recover their country from the hands of rapists and the colony of locusts who took it down the very nadir of decay and corruption in eight unforgettable years of waste-laying. As at the time, this meal table knight sought to give him unnecessary placebo of comfort, Obasanjo was going through the most shameful allegation of sexual perversion and generous mention was being made of men and women recruited in the guise of being ministers and other forms of state officers in the Obasanjo presidency but who ministered not to the tethering problems of Nigeria but to the gluttonous libido of an ex-prisoner, a septuagenarian sexual pervert and his insatiable loin cravings. Perhaps, Agabi was one of these minions who ripped apart a country, swimming in petro-dollars in a fit of bizarre graft and sexual license that would certainly set a record in how to under-develop a country and crash her moral fibers. This forms the pitiable circumstance that leads a pawn to let loose his lousy mouth and abuse a state that gives life-drip to over seventy per cent of the country’s viable population.

Angry Lagosians, I don’t mean those that lay doubtful claim of ownership to Lagos but those Nigerians that make Lagos what it really is today, may still be asking, ‘why our dear Lagos?’ They would better understand why Lagos is the victim of the hungry jackals that ripped apart Nigeria with Obasanjo if they equally understand why Lagos suffered all the needless and provocative persecutions it endured in the hands of Obasanjo and his PDP between 1999 and 2007. They would understand why an Agabi, a venomous creation of Obasanjo who must have descended from perhaps the same vice-driven forces that find a common foe in Lagos, with its progressive politics, which suffers gladly the Obasanjos, the Agabis and other like renegades from the colonial days who deign no scruples holding the generality of Nigerians hostage while their narrow interests flower. Lagos has been the burial ground for retrogressive politics and amoral politicians who seek to enchain the people for their selfish profit. Lagos remains the bastion of the struggle against colonialism. Since after colonial rule, Lagos has been the unconquered fortress of bad, creditless and asinine regimes that have assailed this country. It has remained the last fortress against the rampaging military, the melting point of all progressive forces on whom the fight against the strings of horrible governments that have crippled this country; from Balewa to Obasanjo lies. It is the melting point of the civil society groups, the press, the intelligentsia, the industries and of course all viable economic ventures that fire the pin of the little growth the country has recorded since independence. It has defeated clay-footed despots and their hirelings and has humbled the haughty puffs and vain hot airs momentary dictators exhale once they get intoxicated with the whiffs of temporary power.

Between 1999 and 2007, Lagos faced perhaps its most scorching direct assault when Obasanjo vowed on his life, to conquer Lagos and make it the last vassal state of his evil empire, built on the most gargantuan electoral fraud this country has ever witnessed. He set sail his evil army, made up of besotted vandals, yeomen, court jesters, parodists, lackeys and eunuchs who draw their lifelines from kowtowing and genuflecting to clay-footed despots. He wangled through embarrassing illegalities, scorched-earth policies, provocative and unguarded statements to sponsoring outright outlawry and violence on the streets of Lagos in order to add Lagos, the yet unbowed post of progressives, to his vassal territory. Ensconced in his imperial make-believe world at Abuja, Obasanjo taunted and abused Lagos when its people demanded for federal attention to the state that houses and gives succor to more than half of the country’s productive work force. He labeled Lagos a jungle, just to bring it down to his guttural level, overwhelm and conquer it. From state to state, he concocted sham electoral victories in order to extend his evil reign and where he conquered, he infested with his odious buffoonery such that the only business that thrived in such state was corrupt mediocrity while the only people that shined were irreverent bootlickers and scavengers with whom he reduced this country in one long stretch of insipid leadership, cavorting in sexual liberty and writing flowery report cards for themselves in deference to babaism, a quaint philosophy that was rooted in celebrating plain mediocrity in governance. That was how Agabi was exhumed from where he was plying his lowly trade to insult us with a position as lofty as the chief law officer of the federation. What happened in our justice ministry in Obasanjo’s woe-laden years where the ministry hit its lowest depth and became an appendage of the wily antics and pranks of the rusty old soldier, is well known to Nigerians to bear repeating here.

It is still a shock to Obasanjo and his domestic mealtime jesters like Agabi that Lagos never fell to all the evil forces and tactics they deployed to buckle it, thanks to the astuteness to the proven leader of men, Bola Tinubu, who survived the strafing of Obasanjo and his minions to hand over to Lagosians a viable state and infrastructure base that ensures that Lagos meets the Herculean demand of having something for the hundreds of thousands of Nigeria that flood Lagos each day. Far from sharing petro-dollars in Abuja, Obasanjo has been boxed to Ota, with the same hobbled state of infrastructures he bequeathed to Nigeria after eight years of oil boom, where he lives a recluse; a rebuke to decency and men of honour and an apostasy to even his offspring. Although he appeals to funny impostors and holders of stolen mandate, viceroys of corruption and unending pillage of the commonwealth, he is not unmindful of the black spot he hugs in Nigeria’s history books. Agabi’s efforts were to sound so sweet and pleasing to his evil source of prominence and wealth.

Agabi made his evil statements some stone throws from Lagos after the grand failure of such phantom expansionist projects as ‘Tsunami’ and with Lagos still firmly in the hands of the progressives, loathed to hell by Obasanjo and all that saw through his cataract-infested prism. Agabi felt the best effort to boost the sagging ego of his beloved principal and live down the frustration of not capturing Lagos after eight fruitless years of internecine persecution was to insult Lagosians and dismiss Nigeria’s economic base as an evil state. So when next Lagosians see an Obasanjo dog, struggling to find sweet words to ingratiate himself with the evil source of his affluence and in the process, feels that the best way to sound the evil depth of his master is to haul guttersnipes at a Lagos they couldn’t subdue even with all the evil armada at their disposal, Lagosians should not loose any sleep but must understand that such is borne out of frustration at watching the last bastion against evil threatening their tenuous hold on all Nigerians, survive their arsenal and standing as a sure sign that the battle for Nigeria is not yet finished. All reprobates like Agabi must prepare for the final battle and must be assured that Lagos will win against their temporary fraud-backed coveting of power.

Written by
Peter Claver Oparah
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  • I wish you made your readers know the context in which Agabi made this statement. It is a fact that Obasanjo disappointed Nigeria and Nigerians, but I do not see that as enough evidence to condemn Agabi. From the little I know about Agabi, he is one man that goes the extra mile to better the lifes of everybody he comes across. He is principled and God fearing and for that reason Obasanjo deceived him and deprived him of the governorship of Cross River…maybe Obasanjo has more in common with Imoke, afterall he Obasanjo and Imoke gave out the NEPA contracts together.

    I really wish you made you readers understand the context in which Agabi made the statement. Because anybody who has travelled across the World and then visits Lagos and sees the state of lawlessness, filt, crime, etc, would say Agabi’s statement is an understatement