Keep The Fire Burning

by Opeyemi Ajayi

The world is a beautiful place to live in if and only if we understand how the world works. There are principles for everything in life.

Unfortunately not everybody that lives on the planet earth understands how the world works. Not everyone knows why they are here, most people just live life as it comes, they are pushing nothing and nothing is pulling them. Very few demand for what is rightfully theirs; they just sit back, fold their arms and expect things to happen.

Nothing moves until it is moved, nobody will naturally give you what rightfully belongs to you until you ask, human beings are naturally selfish, brutal and corrupt.

I have dreams, I have visions, I know why I am here, I understand what I am sent to the world to achieve. I know my purpose on earth. Unlike me however, very few know why they are here, very few understand the fact that they are sent here by the Supreme Being to do something and they have a time frame to achieve what He sent them to do.

Do you know what you are sent to the world to do? Are you doing it? Is what you are presently doing part of your assignment on earth?

As for me, my assignment is to raise the generation that will make things work in Nigeria, the generation that will make Nigeria to become the most powerful nation on earth by 2040. To inspire young Africans that will re- build African countries. To be the model of integrity and patriotism. To build 21st century educational institutions in different places across the continent. By 2015 therefore, I must have a minimum of 500 Africans on my scholarship list studying in various schools at various levels across the continent. By 2014, I must have built an African company that will be on the Fortune 500 list. I want to inspire great men. I want to mentor powerful people. I’m sent to empower people.

Do you have dreams at all? Do you know your purpose on earth? Is your dream so fascinating that it is difficult to share it with people around you?
A study tells us that it is very difficult to relate great people’s childhood day’s with their future achievements. Most of them do not look it at the beginning, what made them achieve their goals is internal. Catch a vision; make it plain for those that will read it.

What is that thing that you want to do? Nobody can stop you except you stop yourself. You are the only limiting factor to your future achievements. Whatever you can see is what you will become. Whatever you see is what you will become. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it, if you have doubt in your mind, you won’t be it.

Joseph’s dream was so great that it intimidated his blood brothers. Hillary Clinton vowed to either be the American President or make sure that whoever marries her becomes the President. Nelson Mandela wanted true democracy. Henry Ford wanted to produce cars for all categories of people. Adolf Hitler wanted to wipe out a race.

Never say you can’t do it. Your present circumstances may not support your goal, it doesn’t matter, just pursue that thing in your mind not minding the people or circumstances around you. Take that bold step, nothing is impossible.

What would be your contribution to the world in a decade time? Will the United Nations ever declare a day in your memory? Will your country ever celebrate you? Will your children ever truly declare you as the best father or mother? Will you be the mentor of great men? Will you ever declare any powerful speech?

The world is bigger than where you are right now. Success is not an event; it is an every habit that should be regular. Move beyond your limits, stretch your mind, you can do it. I believe in you.

Till we meet at the top, keep the fire burning!

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afam July 2, 2009 - 7:21 am

powerful are an embodiment of greatness meet you at the top.


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