Kidnapping In South-East Nigeria: Tracking Collaborators; Tracing Hide-Outs!

by L.Chinedu Arizona-Ogwu

Owing to government cold-feett attitude onto certain crimes in Nigeria; there is an outcome of thousands of cases signifying the brutality wrought on the innocent Nigerians, with the help of local collaborators. Besides kidnappings and murders, there were millions of cases of torture, rape, arson, looting and other crimes.

The tragic assassinations of innocent Nigerians in the cause of Kidnapping and few others have once again brought to the surface the continuing deterioration in law and order situation in the country. The deadly attack had its impact on the on-going agitation politics demanding the fall of the government for its failure to ensure safety and security of citizens and not just important political leaders. In fact, the continued abduction of important political leaders, in particular those belonging to the main traditional council rulers, have been used to reinforce the argument that if the government fails to ensure their security, what happens to the ordinary citizens.

In this respect, it is a welcome sign of the return of commonsense about these incidents; the current government is expected to take some steps toward the trial of Kidnappers although a lack of coordination amongst the different ministries may delay the process, according to experts.

The incendiary nature of politics in Nigeria shows no signs of abating these crimes any time soon. At the same time, we happen to think that since power brings with it an enormous degree of responsibility, it is for the Jonathan administration to display the kind of sagacity they are in huge need of. It is an extremely bad state of things when party politics takes its own struggle against the wellbeing of ordinary Nigeria citizen in the streets. For a nation to meet its constitutional responsibility; politics though good idea; but there must come the question of what a government has been doing about the problems which have been cropping up all around.

In the end, it is respect between and among politicians which needs to come back. And respect certainly becomes a casualty whenever one politician happily and freely accuses another of indulging in conspiracies against the state. A politician will never go against his country. Only a pseudo-politician will.

The question is whether expedite trial of these kidnappers should be the top priority of a government which begins on an auspicious note and may have to face deadly challenges ahead. Participants of the July monthly “nigeria4betterrule” forum has urged the new government of Dr. Jonathan to focus more on good governance, peace and stability. Of course, no one will dispute it as regards priority of this government, or of any government for that matter. After the two-thirds majority of our selfish politicians garnered the more important agenda; they should perhaps be not cold-fist handle of these crimes of kidnapping.

The amendment of the constitution to inculcate the provisions which authorize death sentence unilaterally on those found wanting on Kidnap-crimes needs legal recommendation.

Despite taking some important decisions, there are some doubts about the actual implementation of kidnappers’ trials. This is true and commendable that the government has taken some infrastructural decisions to hold the trials.

However, the trial process is too tedious and this is delaying the justice. The government should clearly present what the trial procedure will be, the prosecutors, the investigating agencies and other related matters. They are yet to do this and this points out the lack of coordination.

I am very much in doubt that whether through the trials, human dignity, human rights and emotions of the general people who fought for their freedom and liberty (independence) in 1960, will be restored.

Both the liberation war fighters felt it imperative that leading collaborators, killers and war criminals of military era are brought to trial as it is necessary to safeguard the independence and sovereignty of Nigeria, to uphold the spirit of freedom, and to ensure the safety and liberty of the people of Nigeria.

If we want an acceptable trial, the government will have to file strong cases against the kidnapping collaborators and for that a thorough investigation is required. The government also needs to make certain that hierarchy collaborators serving in this dispensation but abate kidnapping do not get respite from the cases due to the lack of accurate and strong allegations. Those who are accusing Jonathan’s government are trying to demolish the politics of balance of power in Nigeria.

We want trial of Kidnappers’ collaborators and it does not matter what their political ideology and party is. The agency to investigate Kidnapping crimes in Nigeria will be formed and simultaneously, another special court to prosecute Kidnapping crimes would be established. The investigation agency will consist of members and will be led by a retired inspector general of police.

The Kidnapping crime tribunals will be led by a Supreme Court justice. Those who were accused of committing crimes against humanity will be tried and the prosecution would be held under the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 197.

The list of collaborators will be irrefutable documents of the Kidnapping crimes and primarily, the Command Council will identify them. In such a situation, Nigeria politicians might have a role to play. If they were not given full charge following a possible collapse of the military Government, there could be made the point’s men for selecting the ‘good patriot’ and apportioning them. The future will tell whether the redoubtable power-seekers lie on building enduring nation or bridging collective effort for Nigeria to sail.

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OKEY OGWUEGBU August 12, 2010 - 12:00 pm

I have the solution if government is prepared to listen and act. Introduction of sgreening centres and automatic number plae capture and gsm interceptors. There are too many guns and ammunition in the wrong hands.

Mazi ukpabi July 22, 2010 - 3:33 pm

If the security situation in our country is posed to risk; tell me the future here.


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