Kill The Boer! So What If A White Racist Is Killed?

Advocating rights and equitable treatment for everyone, ought to be second nature to all of us, sadly, it is often not the case.

White minority South Africans, land thieves hundreds of years since the Boers set foot on South African soil, now proclaim with unbelievable bravado and with a straight-face, that efforts at Land Reforms by Black South Africans, is “land-grab” by Black South African the true owners of the land! White South Africans undoubtedly have a gift of temerity of irony and extraordinary gift of oxymoron.

All human lives have value and ought to be accorded rights and equitable treatments by all. But all through history, continental Africans and peoples of African descent have been oppressed, subjugated, deprived of fundamental human rights and treated inequitably.

Many Black South Africans were killed during Apartheid illegal regime. Many Black South Africans continue to die from conditions which stems from economic inequalities and absence of opportunities for Black South Africans. Many Black South Africans still die, as a result of economic and social displacements, dislocations and misfortunes caused by historical racial disparities in economic, social and political circumstances in South Africa, which have put millions of Black South Africans in permanent disadvantage, in comparison with White South Africans. But who cries, who weeps and who mourns for these multitudes of Black South Africans, as crocodile tears is wasted and squandered for a known bigot and self-proclaimed racists Eugene TerrorBlanche?

One of the most notorious figures and openly racists and bigoted White South African, he campaigned for the outdated and archaic white racial superiority, and he had attempted to kill a black man and was briefly jailed some years past, and yet, his death received such attention which the death of a president of any of the nation on the African continent would not attract or receive the elaborate press coverage which have been wasted on a terrorist Eugene TerrorBlanche. But why the brouhaha and hula bally over this racist pig? Eugene TerreBlanche was convicted of beating a Black man into a coma and nearly to death, he thought nothing of Black lives and he contemptuously refused to pay them for hard work already done!

South African White Supremacist Eugene TerreBlanche died and was laid to rot, rut and decay, after a violent life filled with his hatred and bigotry which he directed at Black South Africans. But the western press have provided avenues for Eugene TerreBlanche hatred, bigotry and extremist racists views to survive him, instead of allowing his incendiary, highly flammable, and provocatively offensive to be buried with him quietly.

All of a sudden, platforms and podiums have been provided to White Supremacist and White racists and fringe groups upon which to proclaim their disdain, loathe, contempt and rejection of majority rule by Black South Africans.

Western press seem to be aggressively campaigning against the political leadership in South Africa, or why else is so much attention and publicity being squandered on Eugene TerreBlanche who was a violent man, a terrorist and racist with a twisted and warped sense of the place for Black people?

Eugene TerreBlanche was this man who eulogized and imitated Adolf Hitler, a man who operated Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging (AWB) a man who extolled a swastika-style insignia and blood red surround reminiscent of the Nazis. Eugene TerreBlanche’s burial, according to reports, are entrenched and ensconced in the past, as the burial party congregation burst into a passionate rendition of the
apartheid era national anthem, Die Stem and some gave Nazi-style salutes.

It is a surprise that these racists and violent extremists were actually in a church and one has to wonder what sorts of bible they read, in view of the fact that Eugene TerreBlanche was one of them, and he was a man who once threatened to wage war rather than allow black rule, riding his beloved horse like a Boer Napoleon. This is a reminder of the fact American and European slave traders were also bible hugging “civilized” “Christians” from the “bible-belt”! Pious congregation packed

President Obama upon visiting a slave dungeon in Ghana in July 2009 highlighted the fact that slave-traders from western nations actually built a still existing church atop of a slave-holding cell-dungeon. Imagine the absence of conscience on the part of slave traders who kept Black Africans, fellow human beings, in chains and manacles in death-defying conditions, while praise-singing their “Christian-God” as their human cargo await shipment across the Atlantic in filthily congested conditions

The prominence and high profile given to the death and burial of Eugene TerreBlanche, a nonentity, a bigot, a racist an ex-convict and terrorist, is clearly illustrative of the mindset of most in the western press, as exemplified by the condescending attitude by the BBC journalist Mr. Jonah Fisher as he crudely and rudely confronted and antagonized the African National Congress youth leader Julius Malema. News reports quoted Mr. Malema as accusing the journalists of treating him the way white people used to treat blacks, saying: “Don’t come here with that white tendency!” Why is it okay, for the BBC journalist to, in the name of press freedom, to heckle Mr. Julius Malema with the BBC guy’s alleged comments in which he persisted in interrupting and intoning that Mr. Malema spoke “nonsense and rubbish”? It is the case that western governments and western press have aggressively promoted the Zimbabwean opposition political party. It therefore comes as no surprise at all, that the exchange between the BBC Fisher arose out of criticism by Mr. Malema against MDC. The is alleged scene is said to have ensued after Malema criticized Zimbabwe’s former opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)

Western press campaign against Mugabe of Zimbabwe is well known. There appears now to be shift of that campaign of calumny to South Africa. And perhaps Mr. Malema sees this pattern and strands and connections between the land issues in Zimbabwe between Blacks and Whites, as identical to the Land Reforms in South Africa between Blacks and Whites, which is now topical, controversial and current in South Africa. The BBC Mr. Fisher’s spirited defense of the Zimbabwean MDC opposition political party, may have conveyed and confirmed these suspicions. Mr. Malema’s views are therefore quite understandable in these contexts.

These views are understandable, bearing in mind that Eugene TerrorBlanche is being portrayed in the press as some sorts of national hero and an icon in South Africa. His sordid, violent, criminal pasts is glossed over, while he is being treated with kid-gloves and whitewashed to smell like roses! The press should be objective. The press may not abuse freedom of the press by advocating the cause of White Supremacists and hiding behind journalistic duties as cover for the dirty work of a party to contentious racial disparity in South Africa. Where is Mr. Jonah Fisher and the BBC’s substantive work on land redistribution in South Africa and all of Southern Africa?

Where have Jonah Fisher and the BBC substantively addressed the root causes of the economic disparity between Blacks and Whites in South Africa and Southern Africa? Black South Africans continue to bear the disproportionate burden of that nation’s economic and social conditions. All this, even after twenty years after the well reported and heralded flag independence of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe etc land and other levers of these economies remain in the hands of White minorities. When will Jonah Fisher, the BBC and western media as a whole focus on the roots of these contentious race relations in Southern Africa? These gaping wealth gaps, these land inequities and inequalities at large which put White at permanent advantages and Blacks remain disadvantaged, despite political independence and majority rule for more twenty yea


This mindset among some journalists in the western press, is surprisingly identical with the mindsets of those racist, thuggish, extremist, terrorist and violent Eugene TerreBlanche who clearly have an aversion to Black majority rule in South Africa and everywhere else. The Guardian newspapers in London reported that there were mourners from all over South Africa “Mourners rose before dawn and traveled from all over South Africa” “There were camouflage-clad men carrying pistols and little girls in their Sunday best. There were men on motorbikes in Hell’s Angels-style black leather jackets. There were also many cars and pick-up trucks flying the pre-1994 national flag.”

Why is this dead terrorist and racist Eugene TerreBlanche such a cause celebre portrayed in glowing statesmanlike terms? News report about his death were couched in seeming referential terms, instead of describing him and portraying him as the terrorist, bigot and hate-monger that he was! Here are some excepts “it was easy to believe that this was a sepia-tinted bubble in which democracy and Nelson Mandela never happened. This community’s long simmering resentments have been focused by the bloody killing of Terre’Blanche in his bed last Saturday. He was found beaten so badly that his face was unrecognizable, and his trousers had been pulled down to expose his genitals. Two black farm workers have been charged with murder.”

“Terre’Blanche was the talisman of hardliner opposition to the end of racial apartheid in the early Nineties. But he had been in relative obscurity since his release in 2004 after a prison sentence for
beating a black man nearly to death.” Jan Bosch, 52, from Vanderbijlpark, had left home at 5am. “I’ve been close to Eugene and in his heart many times,” he said. “In his heart he was a good person. He was a great leader of our people.” But would any journalist from any western nation describe Osama Bin Ladin in these same affable and endearing terms which are liberally reported here as appellations which were applied to this terrorist and violent extremist Eugene TerreBlanche?

The press reports of Eugene TerreBlanche death and burial, presented over and covert threats to the majority Black government in South Africa which is led by Mr. Jacob Zuma and judging by Mr. Zuma’s public pronouncements, he is already cowering, caving and yielding to extortions by the white minority and their agents in South Africa and outside of it. It surprised me to read that representatives of the government of South Africa actually attended the funeral service of a terrorist extremist bigot racist Eugene TerreBlanche! This is similar to having the representatives of the United States government attending David Duke’s funeral for whatever reason and for whatever political benefit or calculations!

And yet, Black South Africans politicians and ordinary citizens who attended Eugene TerrorBlanche’s funeral were sneered at and jeered and denigrated with dehumanizing names reminiscent of Apartheid era South Africa, so, why even bother? Why voluntarily mislead yourself into a known lions’ den? Here again is an excerpt of news reports “an AWB member, who did not wish to be named, said: “We’re quite calm. We’re not up to anything drastic. Not yet. You never know.” Wearing a badge with the apartheid era flag, Jan Jacobs, 72, from Bloemfontein, said: “No one came with any weapons. We left them at home to be peaceful. We’re not mighty enough to take on the blacks. God will do it for us.”

“Eugene Terre’Blanche was a sober man and a fighter for his share of the land. That’s what I’m fighting for. Anarchy developing in this black nation causes us to worry. I’ve got the bible: it says 2010 will be the last year.”Asked about the African National Congress youth leader Julius Malema, who has been accused of inciting violence by singing “Shoot the Boer”, Jacobs added: “I reckon he’s going to be taken out very soon. It won’t be a Boer. It will be his own people. I reckon that’s what we need in this country.He added: “God separated us. We can’t have a mix. The ‘rainbow nation’ could never be possible.”

White racists South Africans are saying, spouting nonsense and spewing hatred such as some of the excerpts you have read above, and here is another excerpt, “Terre’Blanche’s white resistance movement, the AWB. The AF believes South Africa was built on the blood and toil of the 17th-century white settlers from Holland and France, and was given away to the black majority by traitors who entered into negotiations with the African National Congress, such as the former president FW de Klerk.” “The real problem is President Jacob Zuma,” said Bennie van Zyl. “He cannot be trusted” And yet, some persons are more troubled by songs by Mr. Julious Malema as inciting violence?

Some African commentators in reactions to the hoopla which followed the death of Eugene TerreorBlanche, made the following numbered statements

1. “Where was the outrage when a Black South African cameraman covering the Terreblanche’s funeral was punched in the face? What relationship does SA have with Nazi flags/insignia? Even Germany is heavy-handed on the display of such flags.”

2. “It amazes me that in this day and age, there are still Africans who think that purveyors of deceit and distortion like the BBC, CNN and major Western newspapers actually operate according to journalistic ideals. These outfits are nothing but instruments of propaganda.”

3. “The trouble with us Africans is that we allow all these lying, intellectual frauds, who use airs of enlightenment to mask base racial agendas, to come to our lands and run roughshod over us”

Written by
Paul I. Adujie
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  • what about the old white people on the farm that is being killed bruttily some of what was throne in baths of asset burning the skin of them while being allive.we se the black south afrcans as annimals who havent got the guts to take on the younger whites thy rather murder the old people who cant devend themselfs,and rape our wifes over and over and leave them for dead and celebrate about it.

  • Paul, there is a reason why I enjoy reading you! It’s disturbing how people around the world have no clue how black Africans indigenous to the land are always under pressure from foreign media who keep painting them as “murderers” of white Africans who settled on the continent after killing millions of blacks and acquiring the land with no qualms. You would almost think watching the BBC and CNN that black Africans are actually the ‘invaders’!