Kim: He is no Racist!!!

Those of us who are Universalists, who are well-informed about the ideological musings between capitalists and socialists, who understand the inherent advantages and disadvantages between the two socio-economic systems, are wont to look at both sides of international affairs issues, in order to apprehend the logic of the matter and the logic in the the matter.

We shine incandescent light on the arguments of the competing philosophies before arriving at our informed judgment.

In this way, we discard the steaming propaganda of irreverent agnostics, who spread the poisoned darts of misinformation.
When I studied in the East, I was told that the West is not always a witness of the truth in international politics.

When I studied in the West, I was told that the Eastern ways were not to be emulated.
I saw the truth in between. Those, who were not lucky to see and hear from both sides, often fall prey to propaganda.

>From Kim IL Sung to Kim Jon UN, a thread runs through North Korean politics. There has been total control of its internal affairs and are quick to pick out saboteurs and those, who venture against their national interests.

There appears to be more than meets the eye in the reasons given for the summary execution of Kim’s uncle far beyond his love for spaghetti Bolognaise and Kentucky fried chicken.
At his age, I do not believe that he goes to the red light district too often.
The United Nations may wish to review the “domestic jurisdiction clause” and put more emphasis on the protection of human rights.

Kim has demonstrated that he is not a racist by striking friendship with his African/American friend.

In America, he would be described as “black”, with its pejorative connotation and underlying racist appendages.

Local Korean newspapers reported that Kim wiped off tears, after learning about the evils of apartheid during the funeral orations during the Mandela burial rites. He decided to invite his friend to make his point.

After we have learnt about the evils of apartheid, racism has no more room to destroy the human race.

Putin’s reprieve for the Russian oligarch is proper.

Yanukovich must release TIMOSCHENKO earliest.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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