Who Sits In The Seat After Obama? Americans Decide 2016

In dealing with the challenges of emerging worlds, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton has proved that she is possessed with the capacity of not only leading the highly competitive process of American society, but an increasingly in secured world beyond 2016.

Even though politically, it’s rare for Democrat to hold the office more than twice, history has been fair to the American society to choose their leaders clearly on the lines of merits, antecedents, etc.

The possibility that an average American will gun for a Democrat as next America’s President is high. Nonetheless, the battle for the US presidential seat is on, there are indication its going to smoke out from the box very soon.

Consequently, the media is one raw platform where Mrs. Clinton have demonstrated her apt resolve for the true freedom of the entire American society, as well as a just, secured and more robust union of all mankind.

As a youth leader, the works of Hillary Clinton has inspired me… In the areas of civic leadership, putting Hillary’s antecedents in fragments has helped shaped my worldview. I am grateful for her inspiring resolve and pursuit of true happiness for our world, both the present and emerging generation.

She has, like Obama touched the world of all global citizens… though policies vary, hers for Africa and Middle-East is a realization through collaboration, commitment and Trust.

Apart from haven faired excellently well in all her previous and past functions…she has also helped designed policies for the survival of the spirit and good of our continuities, worldwide – a global society, free from terror and other violent escalation.

Though, I’d felt I overemphasized Mrs. Hillary’s role towards good governance everywhere, peace and security and immigration policy has been of immerse value….

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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