Knowledge Waste in Nigeria (2)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Knowledge Waste in Nigeria: Further and Better Evidential Disquisition on the Nigerian Universities Commission, an Impediment and Tragedy (2)

In a letter, written by the Executive Secretary to me dated 31st October, 2013, he wrote with the discernible motive to cover up the crime by Mr. S.S Ikani, who demanded 33 Million Naira from me in order to facilitate my getting a licence to run a private Afemai University in Fugar said and I quote, “Be also informed that our investigation has confirmed that the non-issuance of licence to your proposed Afemai University is solely due to non- fulfillment of approved criteria for issuance of such licence…”

The NUC should name “our investigators” so that I can send them damning evidence of fraudulent and criminal conduct, I am waiting.
Others already have the evidence!

Anyone who has not looked at the written note of the ignominious demand note as re-produced hereunder, will see that Professor Julius Okojie, seems to doggedly pretend that he is sweetly ignorant of Ikani’s criminal conduct.

An officer cannot demand such colossal sums of money, solely on his own initiative.ABI?

To wit:

1) Academic Brief ——5.0 Million Naira
2) Master Plan——- 12 Million Naira
3) Law——————–1 .8 Million Naira
18.8 Million Naira
Test and Surveys-
1) Geo-technical Investigation—————-N3.o Million
2) Environmental Impact Assessment———N2.o Million
3) Hydrological Survey/Water Tests……………..N1.5 Million
4) Agricultural Tests ——–N2.0 Million
5) Metrological Surveys…… N1.5 Million
6) Topographical Survey Map…N3.5 Million
N32.3 Million

But the other part is for “the undertaker”. It must be N33 Million.
Mr. S.S Ikani demanded N12 Million in advance, otherwise “you will not get the licence”.

Verily verily, I have not, four years later!!!
The authentic hand-written note of demand has been carbon-test for evidential purposes.
I briefed Mr. Ilogho, the Registrar of Novena University, who took me to Mr. Ikani’s Office, as we walked out of the NUC.

Novena University had been given a licence by the NUC.
The NUC has not written to me four later, Professor Okojie’s notification to me about the outcome of the 2010 interview was contained in his letter of 31st October 2013!!!

Could it be as a result of not meeting the covert demand? I do not know.
Professor Julius Okojie advised me to “approach proper channels in my future “dealings “with the Commission, which suggests clearly that he knows of “other channels” in existence within the Commission.

The NUC should be subjected to a total overhaul. The public funds spent annually on its regulatory role or the lack of it, must be reviewed.
Next: Sordid revelations of cases pending in Nigerian Courts against the NUC.

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