Labour Party Versus Ondo State People: The People Shall Win

by Adewale Ologbon

Since the creation of Ondo State from the old Western State in 1976, the collective aspiration and the determination of the people to succeed as an entity within the Nigeria commonwealth has never been threatened as had been witnessed in the last two years.

Not during the post-election crisis of 1983 when scores of prominent lives were wasted and hundreds of millions of naira worth of property destroyed when the anger of a politically conscious people was visited on the unbridled ambition of some power mongers who were hell bent to steal their ballot was the state moved to the edge of the precipice.

Not even during the difficult days of the struggle for the actualization of the June 12, 1993 presidential elections, won by business mogul, M.K.O. Abiola but annulled by a gang of selfish military cabal when identified political icons in the state stood unwaveringly on the side of justice, was the state drawn to the verge of disintegration.

The two above-stated episodes instead of threatening the unity of the state, only reinvigorated the believe of the people of the Sunshine State in their collective responsibility to blaze the trail of democratic principles as enshrined in the power of the ballot and their commitment to the oneness of Nigeria based on fair play, truth and social justice.

Like every other state of the federation, Ondo had its ups and downs specially during the military regimes when non-indigenes were made to preside over the state affairs, leading to the heat-up of the system and the neglect of all the indices of growth thereby stunting development of a people whose state, because of their sophistication, should be the flagship of others in the country.

The democratic experience of 1999 – 2003, during which the flag of democracy was hoisted over the land through the rule of the Alliance of Democracy (AD), a party that laid claim to continuity of the old political order of the South-West region when this part of the country witnessed tremendous growth, only wet the appetite of the people for the goods inherent in representative governance.

The growth, in the real sense of the world, wherein an unprecedented list of development was recorded in every facets of social and economic life however came with the advent of the administration of Dr. Olusegun Agagu’s administration in 2003.

And for once, the progressive minded people of the state saw development as it had never been seen before. It was almost unreal, like watching a grain of maize grow before your very eyes and in your presence. All the flashpoints were doused and irreversible steps of development that launched the state well ahead of its peers were being taken in measured and sure gaits.

But when the Labour Party (LP), an amalgam of groups of political jobbers who found leadership and direction in the character of a public name with uncontrolled personal quest for political power, things took turn for the worst.

The first sign of their appearance was the introduction of violence into the political field such that even before the election, fear of the unknown hung like the sword of Damocles on the state’s political firmament.

It is on record that on the eve of the gubernatorial elections, something unheard of in the state, the frightening sound of a detonated bomb, planted within the premises of the Agagu Campaign Headquarters, minutes before a schedule meeting of prominent individuals, shook the building and indeed the whole of Akure, to its foundation.

Caches of arms and ammunition, meant to play out the bizarre drama of the emergence of an over ambitious man and his band of political leeches as the controllers of our collective inheritance, were smuggled into the state with the connivance of dubious security agencies and powerful outsiders who, discredited at their various homes, wanted to pitch their camp on our shores to loot our treasury.

A ravenous band of opportunists had been unleashed on the state and the polity would never be the same again as several unwholesome antics were brought to play in the field of politics putting concrete meaning into the saying that politics is a dirty game.

As expected, a dark cloud of apprehension was hovering over our state but our people, despite the unprecedented release of a floodgate of negative propaganda and outright lies, stood their grounds and re-elected governor Agagu, who in the previous four years had given a refreshingly new meaning to governance.

Even during the polls, attempts were made to literarily set the state on fire to prevent the democratic train from running its full course. In Irele, several of these people were rounded up by the security agencies in possession of fearsome armoury with which they intended to unleash mayhem in the sleepy community.

Arrested alongside these destructive political elements were several hoodlums who were brought in from outside the state but unfortunately the Irele stoppage could not be replicated in other parts of the state and many of these thugs found their way in to cause general confusion on poll day.

With the defeat of these elements at the polls despite all their antics and violence which could not stop the aspiration of a people determined not to halt the cause of development, one would expect that they would at least give peace a chance but even after the exercise, they appeared more resolute in their destructive tendencies.

To the tribunal they went with all manners of manipulations that could be found in their books of tricks and at the end of the day, succeeded in getting a flawed judgment.

And when the matter had been taken to the appeal level, where the inconsistencies of the lower court are expected to be revealed and the truth upheld, a new onslaught is being visited on our state.

An order to stop the state from functioning was obtained without any legal representation from the government and this was done in Benin even when a parallel court of equal jurisdiction exists in Akure.

Prior to this, they had, through spurious petition to the EFCC and the ICPC, obtained restraints against the government from discharging its statutory responsibility to the people of this state through the spread of general goods among the population.

Some of the projects that these people hoped to stop are the N14.4 billion Owena Multipurpose Dam water reticulation scheme which would in effect put a stop to the thirst of millions of people in the Central Senatorial District for potable water and the N3.8 billion Akure Township Stadium that will change the skyline of the state capital.

Their recent actions have however showed clearly that they are a band of retrogressive elements that are uncomfortable with the giant strides that the state under Agagu is taking in the area of development and who are ready to do anything from stopping the people’s progress.

It is a pity that the Labour Party is fighting it dirty and making politics look like a do or die affair. Politics is not dirty. Neither should it be as vicious. Politics is not a do or die affair where people are honest and sincere.

The people will overcome.

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lola March 5, 2009 - 11:33 am

jummy is right,we visited a village in akoko north west for youth empowerment progrm,i was dazed.these areas are not experiencing any development in any way cos it was so glearing.they needs quick moral and financial aids and supports from the state gov and non governmental organizations.

jummy February 25, 2009 - 10:41 am

we hope for another fashola(lagos state gov) in ondo state.he is presently turning lagos state into a mega city and his various empowerment progms.the development is taking place everywhere in lagos state.this is what we want in ondo state.reconstruction of roads and electricity.some area in ondo state are suffering,they are far from information.look into this.we hope for the best from the newly elected gov of the state.congratulation

'molade February 25, 2009 - 10:28 am

agagu spent close to six years without any visible development. let us wait and see if mimiko will make any positive impact. but, thank God that at the end,justice was done to the entire people of ondo state.

lola February 25, 2009 - 10:04 am

Thanks be to GOD for his faithfulness.we pray for all round development across the state.

Jane February 23, 2009 - 1:30 pm

Iroko jo gba si be, iroko jo gongo aso,

Iroko declared governor of ondo state, agagu sent to ori omi with adewale ologbo, shame on you man, the people of ondo state has won at last, agagu can go to supreme court(appeal is the last place), obj can help him make a phone call, mimiko will be swear in tomorrow at 10:00am. Thanks for your anti-ondo state campaign.

Reply February 20, 2009 - 11:50 am

Not suprised at all. That is what mimiko AND THE LP COHORTS stands for. SELFISHNESS, SELFCENTEREDNESS AND TEAMLESS.

Reply February 20, 2009 - 9:47 am

Thanks Charles for the interest and the painstaking attitude employed in your tracking of the issues here in Ondo State. I must confess you’re one of the rare few who are inteligent enough to understand the lies and false anticidents of the LP led by Mimiko. But time is no more on their side as the whole world awaits the down trodden and nosediving of his unholly ambition which he has unfortunately led a lot of innocent, careless and uneducated members of the public into. Time is a great healler and it will heal all the aches and pains this Mimiko led LP cohorts has induced into this Sunshine State.

Jane February 18, 2009 - 4:52 pm

Charles, where do you live, I was in Akure during the election, and will tell u what happened, Agagu so called PDP rigged the election, dont be deceived by any news, listen to people in Akure themselves, Agagu used the so called Agbo Ile’s in Old garage to rigged election that his Deputy Governor was caught in National TV stealing election materials, people voted for LP very well that Agagu could not have gotten even the amount tribunal gave him. Obasanjo was the brain behind everything. Charles wake up and read whats happening, Agagu brought thug to Ondo State through Ade Basket led people and not Ketike led Agbo Ile, Ondo State are not more fools, they want IROKO, GBA SI BE

bummy February 17, 2009 - 5:35 pm

This is non-sence talk. Mr Ologbon can you tell the whole world what is the main achievements and policies of this present administartion deployed that help this state. LP & PDP are all common criminals. None of this stupid, knuckle heads, visionless leaders can do anything for this state. We still live like third class citizen in the same state and location. LP and PDP can all go to hell, all I care

Aina February 15, 2009 - 3:40 pm

Charles — whatever you name is, do you know what you are talking about?

Pls, stop using “we”, and speak only for yrself!!!!!

Charles mellorne February 13, 2009 - 11:05 am

This issue has been a top discussion everywhere across the globe but no one seems to analyse it as explicit as this. I am on the neutral but my take on this is that the LP which has tried to force itself into the heart of the people of Ondo State all these while has started to loose their stand and focus. Ever before now we have been made to see a lot of their stuffs on the net but it is drying up so quickly. Why? The Tribunal has decleared Mimiko and the LP as the bonafide owner of the mandate and i think this is the time for them to brace up on their heels and stand up to the challenge of the Agagu led PDP at the Appellate Court. But it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the mandate given the LP was a huge fraud on the other hand by the PDP. A lot of articles and blogs on this website, other notable and credible sites has seen the PDP as the true political owners of the State in question. However, whatever happens at the Appeal Court verdict will be a welcome development in the heart of us who are across Europe and the Americas. As it stands at the moment, we are no longer bias as to previous believe that the LP is the best party, we think the PDP can perform too if given the chance. On these note I will prefer the present Government to complete their term and allow the next elected individual to take over and continue on the present development of the State.


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