Lack of Vision

Nigeria has been suffering from the inability of her leaders to articulate their thoughts with respect to the problems facing the country and proffer necessary solutions to these myriad of problems, since the advent of the nascent democracy which has lasted for over ten years now, showing that Nigeria may never experience a change from the way things used to be despite the high level of poverty, insecurity and unemployment to mention but a few.

It is generally agreed that Nigeria needs purposeful leadership after 50 years of independence. Past leaders have failed the people—impoverishing them so that they can continue to manipulate them. These have been the plan and agenda of Nigerian leaders from the world go and none of them is changing their ways. Every wise and observant Nigerian would know this, though our politicians present themselves as the messiah to us.

Fifty years is a long time. Power still remains a problem, there is no universal health coverage, innocent citizens are being kidnapped, maimed and killed under a government that is seeking to retain power beyond 2011.

All the presidential aspirants have not told us in clear terms how they intend to tackle the problems facing Nigeria and its people whom have been at the receiving end of bad policies and lack of vision.

The speeches of those that are seeking the vote of poor Nigerians in the 2011 elections is yet to convince them that the beginning of the next half of a century in the life of the country will be a good one as expected by many Nigerians.

What we have been hearing since the declaration by the presidential aspirants is that they have the capacity and wherewithal to transform Nigeria. But what they have failed to tell Nigerians is how they would turn the country around.

Nigerian politicians are used to just making speeches during elections not knowing that whatever they say goes a long way in showing how concerned and serious they are about positively affecting the lives of Nigerians. Nigerians are tired of empty promises and vague speeches made by politicians who are supposed to lead the country aright. After 50 years of independence, politicians still come to the electorate with the same old speeches. One of the presidential aspirants, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan said in his facebook declaration that he will promise less and deliver more. And most Nigerians were quick to believe this statement. They have been drumming up support for the campaign of Mr. President without a proper explanation of what he has done to improve the life of the common man since he became president as well as how he intends to solve the problems facing all the sectors of the economy.

Nigerians are being blinded to realize that we are threading in the dark past. We are still allowing ourselves to be used by politicians who throw money around during election campaigns in order to achieve their ambitions and fail to serve us and work in the interest of the Nigerian masses because we have foolishly taken our share of the so-called National Cake.

It is ridiculous how Nigerians would continue to sell their votes, conscience and future after suffering the consequence of such actions, decisions and choices with the increasing level of youth unemployment, and unstable economy all of which does not have a solution in sight. How can we not speak with one voice on the best candidates for our country after 50 years of running round the circles?

With the reports that some youths were fighting over money during the declaration of presidential ambition by IBB, it seems to me the Nigerian youths despite being advised not to be used are selling their future because of their present circumstances which President Jonathan said he faced while growing up but remained undeterred till he became the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Every Nigerian youth with a conscience can achieve their full potential just like those who now have a success story. But a brighter future may not be guaranteed if the youths become tools in the hands of some politicians for propagating their personal agenda and achieving their selfish ambitions.

Obviously most politicians do not have programs for the youths and their appeal for a fresh term of office will not change this. As Nigerians clamor for leaders with vision, credibility and integrity, it is unbelievable that those vying for the highest office in the land lack a proper understanding of the problems of Nigeria and how to solve them.

This present scenario portend a great danger for the future of Nigeria which needs a paradigm shift from bad policies and governance. Worst of it is that many Nigerians are going to the polls next year without their eyes wide open.

Nigerians still have some few months away before the elections and this is enough time to reconsider our decisions, positions and actions in the forthcoming elections and the consequences for the future, stability and progress of Nigeria. We would only have ourselves to blame as a people if we fail to take our chances and allow the opportunity presented by the next election to get Nigeria on the right track pass us by.

Written by
Bolaji Aregbeshola
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