Ladoja: A Governor On The Marble Of History

by Odimegwu Onwumere

  Fray may be aloof from being resolved but if not resolved when one is alive it will be when one is dead, but all that matter is that it must be resolved one day.
  I had wanted to be a military official, precisely army, but for the fact that I cannot kill I decided to leave that for history. But for brave hearts? I admire men who are routinely dogged so much. One of such men is the governor of Oyo State, Eng. Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja, who was the sacrificial lamb of the crisis that germinated in his State’s House of Assembly late 2005 and entered into his impeachment on 12th January 2006. His Deputy, Adebayo Alao-Akala was put in his stead for eleven months. The absence of Eng. Ladoja from office was so painful then. But today, I would not know how to congratulate Eng. Ladoja for his victory, for making sure that the truth prevailed in the court of law over the impeachment that was proved to be illegal by the court of law, after the masses verdict.
  Eng. Ladoja may not thank me on hearing that I am his fan and is strongly behind him in my own little way: prayer, throughout the days of his trials and temptations and now. Because, he reveals a man of substance, justice, easy going, affable and who follow due process and my mind does not wait a while to chronicle such a man as a hero.
  His re-instatement following the Supreme Court’s ruling, has revealed that the once dead judiciary could be trusted once more. But there was no how we would have known and trusted the judiciary once more if not for people like Eng. Ladoja who stood stoical in the court of law and opposed the enemies of his administration, his impeachers. The enemies of his administration perpetrated a shoddy impeachment which was dastardly meted out on him in a manner that lacked the rule of law, democracy ethics and locus-standi.
  Eng. Ladoja is not a man to leave his State bereft of social and infrastructural amenities. Thank God the campaigners of calumny have seen that the court vindicated Eng. Ladoja for being transparent and innocent. His deputy, Alao-Akala should not be blamed because he was pushed by the intoxicant in the nectar called power. But he must have learnt his lessons by now that even in the grave, a good lawyer speaks from it. Truth can only be buried, but it cannot be killed, it would be exhumed at the appointed time. The truth is that one can see how the crown of glory clad all over Ladoja, but the shoddy perpetrators of his impeachment are now running even when nobody is pursuing them. Once more I say congratulations to Eng. Ladoja.
  I say congratulations to him because I found out that the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation runs in his blood. But even as Jesus Christ forgave his persecutors, Judas Iscariot, who sold Christ, went and hung himself on the tree because he was ashamed and felt guilty. The difference between the bible Judas and the Judas of Oyo State is that the latter has no twinge of conscience. Not that he does not know that he is Judas, such a man can not build the spirit to contest for an elective position but only to be trading with the destiny of a ‘child’ whom he is old enough to be his father. But one day, when there will be pandemonium, a woman with an immense buttocks will know what punishment nature had bestowed on her. She can not run. Powers that be do forget that man is just mere dust…

Like the sad man of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, when he was the president of Iraq, he was exposing and disposing bestiality on the people that he was ruling. He was reportedly to be “convicted of human rights abuse in relation to the killings of the 148 Shias in Dujail, north of Baghdad…” Albeit, I am yet to support his death, the way he was killed. But his death should be a great lesson to the world’s political godfathers and tyrants who hide under democracy and perpetrate evils. Saddam never believed that he could be deposed from office because he was wearing the emblem: above the law, in his heart, not knowing that people were watching.
  Today, Saddam is the loser – he lost virtually all his belongings – and his precious life. And this kind of judgment shown to Saddam may happen to any Judas anywhere, mainly the un-elected persons operating under politics in Nigeria as godfathers when checks and balances might take place one day and there will be no hiding place for the tyrant.

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