Let The Work Begin!

by Paul I. Adujie

Regardless of political party affiliations, I write to congratulate all persons elected to all levels of political offices nation-wide! I urge all of them to eschew bitterness which arose from the electioneering campaign rhetoric. I implore them all, to rise to the worthy causes of Nigeria, I beseech them all to rise to the occasion of Nigeria’s renaissance, Nigeria’s recovery, Nigeria’s revival, rebirth, reconstruction and re-development!

Let the work begin!

The Herculean task of turning Nigeria into a developed, advanced and great nation must begin in earnest. And there is no better time than now. The yearnings of all well meaning Nigerians, the heart desires of all Nigerians at home and abroad, what Nigerians expect of all leaders of Nigeria, The progress that Nigerians crave, but which has since Nigeria’s political independence and self-determination in 1960, eluded her!

The preferred attitude, the recommended and new attitude, from the presidency to the local government level, should now be, the desire and focus to do everything for Nigeria, which done for Nigeria to lead us to the great country that we all have aspired. We must now focus, in the most profound sense, only those things that are important to, and beneficial to Nigeria’s national, continental and global objectives.

Let Us Get To Work! Nigeria’s Wait Is Over!

The president must show renewed leadership direction with vigor, he must increase his pace and energy, increase his passions with more flame, his rededication must leave no one in doubt! The president must be a lightning rod and brimming bristling shooting star, all at once, to all Nigerians! The president must be the beacon of reassertion of Nigeria’s goodness and Nigeria’s reawakening! The president must excel, he must not fail, or falter, the new president must ensure that no Nigerian is left behind. Opponents must bury the hatchets!

No longer, should Nigerians thirst in the midst of Nigeria’s Oceans of abundance! The public and private sectors must work in unison! Adamu, Babalola and Chioma must work together to advance Nigeria’s worthy causes! Adherents of Islam, Christianity and other faiths must join in the hot-pursuits of Nigeria’s national interest. Let the work begin!

Public office holders, politicians, business leaders, religious and cultural leaders must be awakened to the emergence of a new Nigeria, we must all be alive to the emergency of revitalizing Nigeria, right now, right here! We cannot wait anymore, we must not wait!

Our national conversations are not about how to advance the desires of individuals or APGA or ANPP or AC or PDP etc. Our national struggle is not about how to advance the cause and course of any religion. It is always, and should always be, how to advance Nigeria. Political power must not be sought, just for power’s sake. Political power must be sought and put to good use for Nigeria’s common good, for Nigeria’s public good and for the benefit of all Nigerians!

We, as Nigerians, are perhaps quick to forget, that our national issues, are not about individuals, or their political parties, their religion or regions, but instead, it is always about Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria! Nigeria’s place and roles on the African continent, Nigeria’s place and role in the global scheme of things. We must, in all our debates of relevant issues, in all our arguments and competitions, have as our core value, Nigeria and how to advance the worthy causes that advance Nigeria. We must put Nigeria first!

The president should make a clarion call to all levels of government, irrespective of political parties and other affiliations or idiosyncratic differences! Nigerians and Nigeria must now rise up and claim Nigeria’s pride of place in the world! The Time Is Now!

Arise Nigerians! Arise Nigeria, Nigeria’s greatness and glory is long overdue! Nigerians at home and abroad must now join hands with all levels of governance from Aba and Abuja to Zungeru of Nigeria’s every Home towns, Nigeria is born and reborn again!

The new president certainly appreciates the magnitude of his responsibilities and the trust that has been invested in him to lead Nigeria; Time now, is of the essence! The new president must now avoid distractions and extraneousness and trivialities of partisan politics, he must be steadfast and determined, he must operate, as if with blinders on, he must remain singularly focused, he must be eagle-eyed and be alert! Our new president must guard and guide our national interests jealously and zealously, as a hawk, a lion and ferocious soldier!


When the president performs, he will impress all Nigerians and even the skeptics! And he will then truly convince Nigerians! Performances that would be long-lasting, enduring legacy for posterity begins now! Congratulations NIGERIA!!!!

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