Long Standing Illogicalities In Nigerian Politics

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Since 1960, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is unalloyed truth that the ambition to govern has not been “made of a sterner stuff”.  Ambition has been vaulting; performance has been meager.

Ambition centers upon becoming President, Governor, Minister in order to wield power, improve one’s material and societal status.  There is no evidence of intellectual breath and vision.  That does not matter.  The “leader” wobbles, recruits timid individuals, posts them to jobs they were not prepared for. The nation suffers.

nigeriaAs a result, the nation has not developed, the people groan incessantly.  When push comes to shove, they form dissident groups which create instability, through insurgency.

The leader abandons governance and engages in nationalistic militaristic pursuits.  The people suffer.

Such engagements destroy the little there was!

Since 1960, Nigerian politics have suffered from poverty of thought and illogicalities.  These have stultified national progress inexorably. The nation has been propelled by chance happening.

The quality of leadership has been very poor as a result of the fact that the so-called leaders emerged through chance happenings, election rigging, coups, impositions by external intelligence organizations and states, occult affiliations and tribalism.

The most recent illogicality is the statement credited to His Eminence, the Bishop of Sokoto, Mathew Kukah.

In screaming headlines, the National Mirror reported the Bishop as asking President Buhari to “stop blaming Jonathan for Nigeria’s woes”.  He advised President Buhari “to find ways of tackling economic challenges facing the country”.  He urged Buhari to stop ascribing the current economic recession to his predecessor, former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. Kukah spoke at the Catholic Bishop’s Conference dinner night in Akure, Ondo State.

He said that the “previous government did not only do bad things but did a lot of good things.”  His pontifical proclamations raised the eye-brows of those of us, who hold the cleric in high esteem. We still do.

He selected the Abuja-Kaduna Railway for laudatory mention but did not speak of the billions of Naira that were stolen under Jonathan’s watch.

With reverent reference to Bishop Mathew Kukah’s defence of Jonathan, I would have no cause to disagree with him if he had spoken ex-cathedra during a pontifical high mass in Sokoto.

He spoke in Akure, after a sumptuous meal with Ondo bush meat, sweet gravy and some wine.  When a man is well entertained with such rich banquet, he would be in harmony with life-giving forces.

Bishop Kukah has always made constructive comments on Nigerian politics.  This time good wine seems to have gotten in the way after the wine took effect.

I discourage clerics from making political statements which could be controversial because the rubicon between liturgical musings and playing the devil’s advocate is crossed silently, slowly and with proclamation.

His pontifical discourse lacked the objectivity evidenced in an erudite clergy, we have long admired.

I will use respectful hard-hitting polemics to challenge as inaccurate and tendentious the CAN sponsored illogicality that encouraged Jonathan’s total failure and lack of intellectual depth which is the remote and immediate causes of our present predicament.

With the CAN connivance and condonation, a lot of very bad things happened under ungodly and luciferian control that destroyed Nigeria.

To ask Buhari not to blame Jonathan for Nigeria’s woes is illogicality warped in an enigma.  I will illustrate the issues involved by the following.

Bishop Hassan went to hold a pontifical high mass in Sokoto.  He found that the sacristy had been looted by PDP thugs.  The chalice had been stolen, the alter cloth had been removed, the bibles had been removed, the chairs had been broken, the Eucharist bread had been eaten.  Also his Episcopal dress had been stolen.

He then announced to the congregation that he could not hold the mass.

One Catholic priest told him not to blame the thieves but to go ahead and hold the mass!

In another instance, a farmer, who planted crops in his farm discovered that thieves had removed the tomatoes, corn, yams, potatoes, etc.  He was told not to blame the thieves and the herdsmen who allowed the cows to eat the crops.  He should supply the shops with the products.

A government that met an empty treasury cannot be asked to perform wonders.  So Mathew’s logic is convicted of error.

Another illogicality was Buhari’s statement that he would not probe Jonathan because he handed over power to him.  Did Buhari not contest an election? Was political power just handed over to him gratis? Ko ye mi!

Not to probe Jonathan is condonation, which I wrote is corruption personified.  Now that the EFCC has declared that Jonathan’s wife stole 5 billion Naira, will Buhari also not probe her because her husband handed over power to Buhari? This will amount to a peculiar logic.

A husband and wife are one in law.  “How can an anti-corruption war be based on justice and fairness,” in the face of this disquisition?

This complication is convicted by logical reasoning.

Another long standing illogicality is the mode of ascension of power in Nigeria and the composition of the National Council of State, which everyone knows the antecedent of each of its members.

The quality of leadership in Nigeria can be situated in unpreparedness to govern multi-tribal ethnic nationalities before ascension to power.  Whoever gets there both by hook or crook finds governance a mission impossible.  The Federal Republic has suffered inexorably as a result of the poor quality of intellectual ability and lack of it by our “leaders”.

Such leaders become short tempered, dictatorial and hostile to even rational suggestions as a result of deficiency in logical reasoning and intellectual prowess.

If one looks at the leaders of Europe and America, their qualifications speak for them.  In Africa, it is power that is the goal, followed by next-of-kin, religions, occult brotherhood connections and the privilege to make a man a woman and a woman a man.  It has all led to nowhere and it cannot, until logic is seated on the throne where it belongs.

Until intellectual governance gains acceleration in Nigeria, primitive politics, guess-work, one-man wisdom, power display, illogicalities will continue to destroy Nigeria’s well-being.

The blissful conviction so prevalent in Nigerian Presidents or Heads of State that having rigged yourself into power by hook or crook, by coup or rigged elections that you love Nigeria more than all of us is illogical and convicted or error.

The shame by legislators’ crooked ways is crying for redemption.  Both institutions of state are a national disgrace.

Unlike the Japanese Prime Minister, Abe, who would resign his appointment and test his popularity or the lack of it by calling early elections, no Nigerian “leader” has ever done so.  Instead, they seek Third terms and set the country on confusion if the people refuse.

So, how patriotic are they when they watch the country go through austerity, endless reforms, debauchery and wanton looting of the nation’s wealth.

Of course there are the Oritsejofors and the Kukahs who would support failed leaders.


Most Nigerian former “leaders” were coup plotters, riggers of elections, suffer from illusion of grandeur.  In other states of the world, when leaders leave office, they stay away from politics in order not to corrode the political process which they already polluted.  I refer to leaders who act as meddlesome interlopers, holding secret meetings behind closed doors, seeking political relevance aided by their captive journalists, who quote their irrelevant, unsolicited opinion avidly.

The National Council of States because of the past “heroic” coups and rigging elections do not possess the moral capacity to point out wrongs in governance.  It is a rewarding council for those who took power illegitimately and by force.

Can the pot call the kettle black? So we are deprived of voices that could have spoken in the national interest. Their silence encouraged Jonathan’s  ineptness.

Out of the many outstanding illogicalities, the existence of the National Council is paramount.  Mathew Kukah would have seen this crying illogicality instead of giving the Jonathan administration the encomium, which it did not and does not deserve.

After 2019, the real Nigerian probes and revolution against condonation, connivance, selective and partial dealings will be rectified by revolutionary, emergency action after the present sufferings have sharpened the dulled intellect and docility of the Nigerian populace.

The EFCC documents have shown who did what, rightly or wrongly.  Nemesis will visit our oppressors and their fellow travelers in high and low places.  The people are angry and desperate.

In Nigeria, since 1960, we have fought against not “flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, dominions and spiritual wickedness in high and low places”.  Blood had been shed and the prospect of another round of wicked-hearted occultism is not welcome. (See Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, “Commentaries on Nigerian Politics at page 621.”

I call for a National Conference of Nationalities to investigate the sources of discontent and settle discontents instead of dropping bombs on fellow citizens in puerile imitation of Russia-American power political acts in Syria. National dialogue will curb insurgency.

Since there is no money to feed the people, there is no logic in buying jets and bombs to kill the people.  Adding to the people’s misery is not good governance.

Since there is no money to build homes in the creeks, then do not destroy their huts because of the actions of political mal-contents.  Tough talk and tough action will not solve Nigeria’s problems.  Since there is no money for new constructions, reconstructions will be more difficult.  Brothers do now bomb brothers except we have not discovered that we are not one.

History has taught us that an attempt to unite unwilling nations is illusionary.  Ask the Romans, Spain, the British and French colonialists.  A man convinced against his conviction of the same opinion still.

The future of Nigeria hangs in the balance as a result of corruption, condonation of corruption, lack of accountability, dishonorable conduct, wickedness, the reign of hatred and acrimony, ungodly and satanic demonic pursuits by political agents of foreign intelligence organizations.

Poor intellects should not govern Nigeria in 2019, because a Sociocratic order will come about.

Both “leaders” and the people are the same when one calculates how in Nigeria, poor governance has become contagious. Real change must come about.

There is urgent need for a new political dispensation, with people unencumbered by the past, in charge.

New electoral laws must be put in place which must exclude those who have been indicted for public treasury looting and incompetence.


World Intelligence Unit has documented corruption in Nigeria from the    SCANIA buses scandal to Patience and Mr. Jonathan’s financial fraud.

The 835-page document’s content will shock the world.  Condonation is a coordinate of corruption. Things hidden under the carpet have been exposed.

If Buhari had not come to power last year, Nigeria would have faced disintegration because those who looted the treasury included “unholy men and women”. They would have still been in government, to the detriment of the race.

Those who blame Buhari for Nigeria’s woes are hypocrites, dishonest and impervious to corruption.  Buhari should declare a REVOLUTION not seek only emergency powers. Democracy in Nigeria is a farce, and its principal officers.

He should disband his cabinet of cautious ministers and pick Gani Fawehinmi-type, outspoken and courageous intellectuals not party dull wits.

The new electoral laws must bar all those who are indicted by EFCC, ICPC and the courts.  So that Nigeria can start on a clean slate.

We must forget party democratic nonsense and effect far-reaching revolutionary changes.  Partisan, ethnic and religious considerations will not advance the sociocratic order that the revolution will put in place.

Reactionary forces are thriving because of the present predicament of the nation.

Those who put Nigeria in jeopardy are talking like mad dogs.  Nigeria must beef up security, involve the intelligentsia, and not avoid them as has been the past practice. Knowledge is power.

Nigeria will continue to lose the services of their intellectual inputs if side-tracked.

Nigeria is suffering from the disastrous consequences of raising mediocrity to heights the mediocre do not deserve.  Now that Jonathan’s golden goose hotels and the wife’s 5 billion fraud have been laid bare to public gaze, are we still not going to probe him because he handed power to Buhari?  Condonation is a coordinate of corruption.

Nigerians must be rescued from the throes of condonation, separatism, ethnic preferences and irredentism.

The naked truth about Nigeria is that in the last 50 years those who know have always been side-tracked while those who marginally know have governed.  As a result, Nigeria has been wobbling through the dark labyrinth of low-grade performance and social discontent leading to coups, counter-coups and anomie.

The rat-race continues.  Imagine semi-literate urchins who can hardly think logically amassing billion of the nation wealth and impoverishing Nigeria.

It is said that in Nigeria, corruption is the system, rectitude is an aberration.


  1. The decline of Nigeria can be traced to our inability to harness the technological opportunity offered by the Ajaokuta, Aladja and Oshogbo Steel mills.
  1. The dismal failure at capacity-building for sound political administration of the state.
  1. Dependence on oil, without timely diversification of the economy.
  1. Ethnic preferences in job allocation, which put dull heads to man strategic sectors of the state apparatus.
  1. The docility of citizens.
  1. The re-cycling of failed leaders.
  1. Lack of patriotism.
  1. False consciousness that extols material acquisition over altruism.
  1. Lack of knowledge of the ethos that drive compatriots. What has the Zamfara man in common with the Efik man?
  1. Petty-bourgeoisie culture of worshiping power, money and corrupt leaders.
  1. Incessant replacement of governmental systems, through hare brained reforms.


The whole world is in a peculiar mess, because Presidents, did not create the Universe of Man and so cannot rule the world they did not create.  No matter how much they try, they will always fail.

Those of them who serve the luciferian principalities, powers and dark forces in the world are trustees.  They hold the states in trust for forces that promote wars, rancor in the name of geo-politics.

They sacrifice human beings to dark forces without knowing what they do.  They are intolerant and are quick to resort to death and punishment of rival opponents, in circumstances of utmost cruelty.

God the Father is watching and we are waiting for the Messiah reign of our Lord Jesus Christ; who will soon come. Selah.

Because the world has become the new Nineveh, Sodom and Gomorrah, the end-times are here.

We are watching

We are waiting

For the dawning

of that glorious day

when our Savior

with all his saints

will descend in bright


As the EFCC and ICPC unravel the actions of national thieves, we remember what we wrote last year and early this year.

  • God is not mocked, what nations and people sow, they shall reap.
  • That Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and rebirth and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.
  • That honesty is the best policy.
  • That condonation is a coordinate of corruption.
  • That no-one is above the law.
  • Those things about change are easier said than done.

7.That another EFCC II must review the work of EFCC I.

  1. That God will overturn, overturn and overturn in order to save the people from man-made disasters:

World-wide tumult is the work of satan, his demons, who use political leaders to cause mayhem using self-righteous”arguments” that create crisis.

Unfortunately, these world leaders do not understand that their actions fall into the plan of dark forces that rule the Universe of man.

The various crises in the world could have been avoided if the Big Powers had adhered strictly to international Law.

The Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian crisis could have been avoided if  states respected the RIGHT OF NATIONS SELF  DETERMINATION, by allowing states to conduct their internal affairs without meddling and interventions based on ideological dictation by states, which think that they have all the answers to everyone’s problems.

Since 1939, such states have only caused wars and social dislocation.

The Devil’s Work

The World is not serious about universal peace, when some states pre love of wealth manufacture weapons of mass destruction for sale, which are used to bomb cities and kill human beings world-wide.

Let the World ban the manufacture and sale of arms, respect people’s sovereignty and independence.

The climates change program is a futile effect for God Almighty in the Creator of the Universe and the rain must fall, the sun rises and sets at His will. So what are noises about?

This climate change force is a peculiar illogicality. The idea is the work of “BIG BANG” adherents in Europe and America.

They proffer inane, illogical arguments over Syria in Geneva and elsewhere. The revealed truth is that whether the Big Powers support the Assad government or hate Assad, they are shedding Syrian blood in the service of Satan, who supports the destruction of men, women and children, which is his primary assignment.

Peculiar illogicalities at the United Nations Organization.

Within the international system, there were peculiar illogicalities.

The future of the United Nations Organization under Banki Moon to regulate and pronounce authoritatively on violations of international Law as adumbrated in the UN Charter was responsible for many crises.

For example, certain principles, norms and usages in international Law were ignored.

Banki Moon is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate, not International Law like Kurt Waldheim and Butros Butros Ghali.  He did not invoke International Law to challenge the violations of the territorial integrity and political independence of Libya, Iraq and Syria (Article2 (4) of the UN Charter.

He did not oppose the dangerous doctrine of “Hrebisine charge.” he did not disassociate the doctrine of the “axis of evil” which pushed Iran, Iraq and North Korea into nuclear pursuits.

He lacked the ability to objectively analyze and blame some states for their ambition to install governments of their choice, while supporting rebels to destabilized government they do not like.

He pursued the bogey of change.

He did not set up arbitration panels to critically look into the International disputes but was quick to appear on TV, when North Korea tests nuclear weapons.

I had pointed out his failures in my article last September “UN at 70” published in Newswatch newspapers.

Let us hope that the new UN secretary-General will run the affairs of the UN with vision and strict adherence to the UN Charter and internal International Law, brushing aside all undue influences and pressures.

National Assets

The most annoying illogicality is the muted idea by the Federal Government to sell our National Assets.

Who will buy these peoples’ properties? These are Nigerians fronting for foreign business houses. Foreign business people. Those who have stolen National wealth in the past and are now regarded as rich people.

National assets belong to the people of Nigeria, not to the government. The government is only a temporary trustee. Government can only sell national asset, with the people’s consent. When Britain wanted to leave the European Union, its government conducted a referendum.

Disposing national wealth to Nigerian “moguls” who have dubious Euro-American connections in which they served and still serve as agents will violate whatever is left of the Indigenization polices of the 1970’s when government sells off our National assets, what will we use as collaterals, if we aspire to take a loan from the World Bank or  IMF?

The new owners of our factories and corporations will retrench staff in the quest for profit search.

Our country will lose its sovereignty and independence. This move to sell our National assets is not wise or proper.

In the absence of price control, the new owners of our markets will increase their prices, leading to hardship and social dislocation.

Mass protests will great this wrong-headed adventure and Law enforcement agents will clubber citizens mercilessly. Civil society will protest against this policy.

Should the sales go on, I will like to buy all buildings in the Three Arms Zone and Turn them into anti-corruption academies.

To sell off our National assets in response to the prevailing economic recession amounts to a butcher’s solution.

Letter to my country men and women to mark the 2016 Nigeria’s independence Anniversary.

The chaotic political situation in Nigeria is worrisome.  APC as a party seems to have lost its credibility.  The Chairman, the President of Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and other party leaders are having problems. Can this citadel stand…..?

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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