Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton: US President?

Alles ist moglich! It is filtering through to us that Madam Hilary Rodham Clinton is nursing suppressed presidential ambition. By universal conception of intelligence, she has what it takes and it takes what she has to be a leader.

I have told this story before and I will tell it again, now that the Michigan prophecy is unfolding.

In 1991, I was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, Law School, at Ann Arbor, USA. Presidential campaigns were in top gear.

Mr. Clinton was billed to speak to the University community at Ann Arbor, but was unavoidably absent, but sent Madam Hillary to represent him.

She delivered a very exhilarating speech and got a standing ovation. The young lady in front of me shouted excitably, and asked Mrs. Clinton why she was not the one running for President.

I said to the young lady, SHE WILL, SHE WILL.

During question time, I asked Mrs. Clinton why Americans harp more on civil rights instead of human rights. She responded to the point. Later, I pondered over the matter and this encouraged me to publish my book entitled HUMAN RIGHTS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW (Dexter Publishers, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1992.)

I sent a copy of the book to the Clintons, and prophesied
that Mr. Clinton would win. He won twice.

President Clinton later convened an international conference on human rights in Vienna, to which I was invited.

At the ELIHU School of Prophecy in Egypt, we were TAUGHT how to enter the deep spiritual cove and prophesy. Those of us, who read my column in Nigerians in America, will recall the year before the last American presidential elections, I accurately predicted that Barack Obama would win and stated how and why. He won.

I predicted that the Socialists would win the French elections. They did. I predicted that Putin would win in Russia. He did.

Mrs. Clinton should not hesitate to openly declare her intention to run for president. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Her ambition is made of a sterner stuff.

With a Bill Clinton behind, at her side, OR in her front, the presidential election development perspectives are bright. I will be there!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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