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Some weeks back I had stumbled upon a news item online that shocked me beyond belief. had reported that a 5-year old young girl was abominably raped and impregnated somewhere in Kanke local government area of Plateau state. According to the news report the parents of the girl had told newsmen that few months ago the little girl had begun complaining regularly of excruciating pains in her groin but her case was dismissed by her parents as symptoms of overfeeding or childhood worms. However, when it became obvious that her breasts were developing abnormally coupled with a protuberant tummy a pregnancy test was done and it came out positive!

This story was heinous indeed. Even though as Nigerians we know that our country is unpredictable, a big jungle where nothing is impossible, it is too difficult to accept such sexual cruelty on a toddler. Whereas our nation is one where bizzare weird things happen daily, where a notorious but elusive scammer could cause economic paralysis in a foreign country through his IT ingenuity, where a drug peddler could ‘eat’ hundreds of kilos of hard drugs and carry same in his stomach for hours-long trip abroad. And upon reaching his destination safe and sound he would begin the gradual process of excretion of the narcotic substances ‘buried’ deep inside his abdomen!

In our country a narco she-peddler (or a she-bird) could equally pack her private parts full of cocaine and smuggle same abroad for some big pay. And a woman could feign pregnancy with her protruding belly having been ‘loaded’ with drug destined for sales abroad. In a nation where one could be killed by hired assassins for just one thousand Naira it goes without saying that ours is a society where life is worth absolutely nothing. That is why baby-making factories exist where babies are made, bought and sold depending on the gender!

A nation ranked globally as the richest in the continent with the richest black man among her population Nigeria is great in many ways unimaginable and unthinkable. Recently three of her nationals were among the drug purveyors executed by firing squad in far away Jakarta Indonesia. But whoever tells you that such bad news could dissuade those engaged in such money-spinning intercontinental business must be a novice. Among the thousands of black boys and girls seeking to reach Europe by road via Libya or Morrocco many are our compatriots. Whilst many have succeeded in reaching their European destinations many more had died on the way while many others are still missing or hiding somewhere. Yet the road to Libya, Algeria or Morrocco are daily flooded with those involved in adventures or misadventures.

As a father of a 5-year old little girl I felt instant revulsion as I finished reading this bizzare out-of-this-world tale of a deliberate sexual destruction of a minor. And as a proud dad of the beautiful Stella I was simply incensed contemplating what must be going through the little mind of this victim of criminal sexual abuse that has no camparison anywhere in the world! What could have gone through the anguished mind of the agonizing father of this little girl whose sexual innocence was defiled? What did she do wrong to warrant such brutal introduction into the ‘original sin’ for which we all stand condemned before the Supreme Being?

Some probing questions must be asked here: are we now living in a jungle where the conscience of animals exist only in their wild imaginations? Has it become a wild-life kingdom where he-goats could impregnate even their mothers without any pang of moral guilt? Why has it become too difficult to tame our manhood and use same for decent reproduction in accordance with the divine natural law? Has it gotten to the dangerous stage where carnal knowledge can no longer be said to have a red-line or boundary?

The law enforcement agents in Plateau state must fish out the perpetrator(s) of this abnormal child abuse and bring them to justice. And as the police are at it the parents must consider terminating the pregnancy forthwith to give the little kid her life back. It would be a double tragedy to allow this toddler carry this ‘cross’ for much longer. I hold that God would accept this abortion given the circumstances.

In the middle of June this year the American Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, had officially written to the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, intimating him of how three representatives who went to the United States for the International Visitor Leadership Programme on good governance held in Cleveland, Ohio, namely Mohammed Garba Gololo (APC – Bauchi), Samuel Ikon (PDP – Akwa Ibom), and Mark Gbillah (APC – Benue) had misbehaved themselves sexually during the programme. Specifically he had indicated that; “Mohammed Garba Gololo allegedly grabbed a housekeeper in his hotel room and solicited her for sex. While the housekeeper reported this to her management, this incident could have involved local law enforcement and resulted in legal consequences for Representative Gololo”. Continuing the letter made it clear that; “Mark Terseer Gbillah and Samuel Ikon allegedly requested hotel parking attendants assist them to solicit prostitutes”.

The three shameless men had risen in their own defense with some issuing statements denying the charges and others crying foul and demanding for hard evidence of guilt! Well, in matters of this nature (given the fact that these men are married men) denial or outright mendacity cannot be ruled out. But I hasten to say here that I believe the Ambassador more than our randy compatriots. Mr James Entwistle is a professional seasoned diplomat who must have sought and received some approval from his superiors in Washington DC before releasing the statement. Besides the ‘sanction’ of revocation of the visas of the legislative ‘Romeos’ the intention of the action was to name and shame the dishonourable men by bringing their case to national attention. Mission accomplished!
The House leadership has since mandated the Ossai-led committee to investigate the matter and report back to the House but so far nothing is being heard from any quarters. We urge the House leadership to follow this sexual misconduct to its logical conclusion. Let the final report be released and made public as soon as the Ossai committee rounded up its investigations. It must not ‘die’ a natural death like many probe panels and committee reports that were never released to the public for obvious corrupt reasons. In organised modern democracies in the world when you set up a panel to unearth the truth behind a misdemeanour or official case of abuse of privilege or office it follows that the final report of such panel ought to be published in order to deepen democracy by making transparency and accountability a reality.
Nigeria is a nation where sex is sold and bought at will. Prostitution is flourishing at home and abroad. Many Nigerians have made money by ‘exporting’ girls and ladies to Europe for money-spinning trade in sex. You have some big men in power having someone employed to man the beat of ‘arranging’ for girls of bliss whenever the need be at home or abroad! They are called “body-no-be-wood” aides! And they are remunerated handsomely. It is a special duty or domestic affair that everyone knows but no one dares talk about in the open. Politicians have succeeded in corrupting the good morals of our girls — mostly those in the Ivory Towers. Now you have undergraduates who sponsor themselves in school through dint of their sexual hardwork! You have those who ‘hustle’ at night in hotels and motels around towns and cities only to become students in the day-time!
In Benin city, capital of Edo state, a middle-aged man, Lucky Idahosa (40), was jailed for 14 years imprisonment by an Egor Chief Magistrates’ Court for raping his 17-year-old daughter for alleged money ritual! Idahosa must have dreamt big of becoming wealthy overnight. Great rich family names like Igbinedion, Dokpesi or Dangote must have rung a bell in his head as he went visiting a marabout or about joining a local cult. The native doctor or cult leaders must have told him that his destiny of making money laid not in prayers and fastings nor professional wages as a carpenter, a taxi driver, a mortician or an artisan but on his having carnal knowledge of his daughter, pure and simple!

So he went about the task with the mindset of a man possessed! On that fateful day on Upper S and T Barracks Street, Off Uselu-Lagos Road in Benin city he first made her unconscious through an unindentified substance before committing the crime punishable under the laws of the land. The victim had told the police that her father threatened to deal with her if she ever told anyone about the rape. While pleading guilty to the offence Idahosa said he was under a ‘spell’ to rape his daughter for money ritual! Poor man, big problem! Poverty can do many things (including hatching evil plans) in the life of any man desperate for ‘freedom’ from same. But the truth remains that there are decent ways of making good money.

(Dis)honourables Gololo, Ikon and Gbillah ought to own up to their deeds (and rather blame it on bibulousness or tipsiness or the work of the devil). As it stands today they stand condemned until proven eventually guilty. Their innocence in this sensationally salacious issue is not plausible in our reckoning and that of the Americans. The American authorities are not known to be flippant; they never accused anyone wrongly for whatever reasons. The system they operate in all transparency is not a respecter of anyone (in terms of commission of crime and the consequent penalty) no matter how highly placed in any society. That was why the former FIFA President, Sepp Blatter and his corrupt executive members were brought down in a spectacular fiscal scandal. That was why the rabid Frenchman, former IMF boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was booked without compromise in the Nafissatou Diallo Sofitel New York Hotel rape saga.

Written by
SOC Okenwa
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