My Name Is Mallam Boko Haram!

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I am proud to so introduce myself. I am the public enemy number one of the confused federal government of Nigeria. But I am still holding out, outsmarting the security armada unleashed on me and my followers by these big thieves in Abuja. Since the desirable (northern political dominance) is not available the available (terrorism) becomes the desirable means to achieve that! The language of brutal force appears, in our reckoning, to be the only bargaining apparatus in our possession which the federal government understands very well.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I can tell you authoritatively that we are not afraid of the large number of security forces (the SSS, regular police and the Army) deployed to our various towns and villages to truncate our mission. We are vanquishing them day in day out. We have killed a good number of them and took some prisoners. And their police stations and army barracks are not spared of our wrath.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram. My movement is immuned from the state of emergency declared by the ‘President’ in some of our states; we operate with sophistication and our major objective is to overwhelm the security forces thereby overawing their Commander-In-Chief. If there exists an immunity in the Nigerian constitution that guarantees freedom from prosecution for political office holders — even when and where they are established looters — then we consider ourselves immuned from persecution and prosecution. While we cannot claim to be above the law we are against the elitist law skewed to favour the rich at the expense of the poor.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and we are defiantly and unapologetically taking the law into our own hands because we believe in the secular spirit of the law. And secondly, since we are all living in a big jungle called ‘Nizeria’ where lawlessness is the order of the day, where any big man with Abuja connections can ‘kill’ anyone or steal the people’s money and nothing happens to him we feel it is nonsensical to submit to the dictates of these laws. The outlaws sent to the north christened the Joint Task Force (JTF) have been assassinating our people, raping our young girls and stealing our properties. But we are giving them bloody nose as we are more organized and one step ahead of them in terms of military strategy.

In a country where a president can corner billions of Naira and allowed to enjoys his loot (OBJ/IBB for example) upon retirement we see no reason why we should be the target of the state terror machinery. In a nation (in continuing search of true nationhood) where a state governor can steal billions of Naira and goes scot-free we consider it trivial the efforts of the state to ‘annihilate’ our members and render us ‘fugitives’ in the land of Othman Dan Fodio and Tafawa Balewa. My name is Mallam Boko Haram and we are standing on the shoulders of Hausa/Funani giants mentioned above.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I want to islamise the north. My name means in Hausa language “Western Education Is Forbidden” because I simply detest western education even though I did not attend any local Koranic school but schooled in the West. I hate the West even though my car is a Honda product and my home is fitted with AC and TV and other modern electronic appliances including the internet. My best international news source is the CNN and I eat burger and meat pie and drink beer ‘hidden’ inside a kettle and people think it is water that I am drinking!

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I confess my hatred of President Goodluck Jonathan. I hate the man from Ijawland because he is an infidel presiding the affairs of our great country. After Mallam Umaru Yar’Adua died we had expected a northerner, bearing the ‘born to rule’ slogan in mind, to replace him and finish off his short-lived democratic mandate but that sadly failed to happen. Rather what the PDP godfathers including Obasanjo did was to deny the zoning formula paving the way for the Jonathan presidency.

My names are Mallam Boko Haram and my late father Alhaji Mohammed Yusuf was killed by the state police years ago thus making me an orphan. My father’s land is Maiduguri even though I can visit other cities and towns in the north-east hitting and bombing targets like churches and security bases to avenge the brutal manner my late father was murdered by Nigeria. Nigeria has made a lot of orphans out of the ubiquitous economic hardship and regional neglect of the north by the present administration that many, mostly ‘Almajiri’ youths, have joined our movement. With Allah on our side we shall bomb Nigeria to capitulation.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I declare with pride that the late Osama Bin Laden remains my hero even in gruesome death! We are waging this campaign of terror in deference to both his memory and his doctrine of non-tolerance of Christianity. Yes, we are all the children of his Al Qaeda network, born and bred with the message of hate for the infidels at home and abroad! This campaign of terror will definitely continue until we rid our land of the southerners with whom we have nothing in common.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram but our enemies within and without prefer referring to me as a “sect”. The current ubiquitous state of insecurity reinforces our invincibility and organisation. Our demands are simple: give us our Arewa Republic so that we can impose the Sharia law on our subjects and live our frugal lifestyle as diametrically opposed to the hedonism of southerners and Westerners.

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I am associated with fear and trepidation; even the President once confessed that we had pernetrated every facet of our national lives including where he lives and works! He vindicated our stand as a major force to be reckoned with spreading sorrow and tears and blood with little resistance anywhere we visited including demystifying the Abuja myth of being an impregnable fortress. We shall continue importing expertise from our brothers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq and exporting terror down south beyond the northern territory. We are winning the war and Allah is great!

My name is Mallam Boko Haram and I am against the unity of this disorganised nation. The federal system of government being operated by this present regime is a fraud! We are fighting for the millions of the ‘Almajiris’ abandoned on the streets in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Maiduguri and other cities and towns in the north. Needless to say that these unfortunate children of Ahmadu Bello deserve a better life which they can only get in an Arewa Republic.

The professional politicians and political prostitutes from the northern extraction are a bunch of hypocrites and scoundrels, but there are few good men and women among them giving us money and logistical support. That is why we are hitting the irresponsible ones mercilessly because they have betrayed us and mortgaged our future by conniving and working with the Ijawman living as a ‘prisoner’ in Aso Rock Villa in our territory. Some more will be killed as we intensify our efforts to make this country ungovernable by those pretending to be calling the shots from Abuja, Ota and Minna.

My name, I persist, is Mallam Boko Haram and I am the most dreaded and most wanted terrorist in Nigeria — invisible and invincible! But if you like you can also call me Jama’atu Ahl-Sunnati Lil Da’awati Wal Jihad. And lest I forget my leader is called Mallam Abubakar Shekau. Welcome to my world of unconventional terror warfare!! Allah Akbar!!!

Written by
SOC Okenwa
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