National security, military intelligence and you

It was only slowly that we abandoned the idea of lethargy and adopted the idea of national security and military intelligence. This new national awareness must be kept alive in our own interest.

Since last October, Nigerians have become weary of the actions of those, who express their discontent with nitro-glycerin devices. They feel, perhaps, that the cooperative commonwealth is not being fairly distributed and that their cries have not been heard, in spite of their inaudible murmurs.

As a result, damage is being done to the psyche of both the fragile and brave compatriots. In order to re-assure the citizens of their safety, security measures are being put in place because, without safety and tranquility, the transformation process will be handicapped.

As we admonish the citizens to be security conscious and be vigilant, we should explain the rudimentary information that could lead to a better appreciation of national security and military intelligence.

In most European and American states, their young people are made to undergo a period of military service, during which the young citizens are acquainted with some relevant information on national security and military intelligence.

The scope of our youth corps engagements could be widened to embrace studies in military intelligence and national security. The knowledge may even induce them to join the Military Intelligence Directorate.

The problem is that at times, in Nigeria, innovative thinking and rational suggestions are often ignored until some “powerful” person snores out the proposition. Then, Nigerian press will jump at the idea and over-blow or over-simplify it.

The prerequisite for military intelligence and national security studies is a robust human intelligence endowment. The student should be naturally gifted, witty and sharp. Upon this, the complicated but interesting studies in military intelligence and national security can be built. Complete patriotism is needed to be national security personnel.

I have had reasons to shake my head, after observing the lackadaisical attitude of some security officers. Some should be given other jobs and duties.
National security encompasses many areas of national life. Human intelligence and military intelligence are undeniably important aspects of statecraft. The difference between a bright leader and a not-so-bright one is easy to discern.

A Clinton, a Kennedy, an Obama, I can smell from a distance. The leadership attribute, the quick wit confronts you at once. Nothing gives a nation greater confidence than when your destiny is entrusted to a clever guy.

Intelligence may mean the application of human senses in solving personal or societal problems. Military intelligence involves gathering information about the war plans of an enemy-state. Military intelligence operates both general and specific intelligence systems. Some details of military intelligence operations concern evaluating the strength of the enemy, the strategies of terrorists and their armaments.

In modern times, when the advanced party of the anti-christ have unleashed mayhem on human societies, using their human agents, military intelligence deals with espionage, code-breaking, wire-tapping, disinformation practices, propaganda, remote-sensing, radio-signals, cryptography, reconnaissance, sabotage etc.

The citizen must be aware of the work of their military and police intelligence officers. If they are well-informed about the difficulties and dangerous nature of these operations, they will not glibly blame the officers each time there is failure of intelligence.

The only sure intelligence in these END-TIMES is the one provided by God, the Father.
The enable intelligence and security people to function, they must be well-educated, well-equipped and well-cared for. If society expects a man or woman to sacrifice his life for the state, the person must be sure that the state will take care of family should he be killed. A situation, where widows stand in the sun and pensioners are humiliated before their entitlements are paid, does not show that the state appreciates the value of national security and military intelligence services.

To call on foreign states to come and perform security services for us, is an affront to our sovereignty. One of the attributes of a sovereign state is its capacity to defend it territorial integrity and political independence.

We should send our military officers to sophisticated military colleges, where they should learn and imbibe the culture of defence studies.

If I were sitting somewhere near our Defence College and I learn that someone else has been asked to help us with intelligence matters, I will look down.Our people have the training, but there are missing tools others have, which we do not have- gadgets. If one hears about the amount we are ready to pay for those services, one would wonder, why the double expenses?
Why do we not use our retired directors of military intelligence, those West Point, Kimberley, Sandhurst trained officers? They are the best!

There is a difference between the cult of intelligence and the craft of intelligence. It is a cult when its objectives are geared towards hegemonic ends. It is a craft, when it it directed at state security and in the defence of national interests.

The Soviet Union, The United States of America, Israel and China have built solid intelligence formations, which have raised the innovative caliber of their citizens to dizzy heights.
Any state that relies on human intelligence that cannot pass any psychometric test, at any level, is responsible for its critical failures at statecraft engineering.

As for good, relevant education for statecraft, “anaghe awataya na aya”. For lectures on NATIONAL SECURITY AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE,” contact BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU,Abuja,, or phone 07036660639.

The Hansards of many nations document parliamentary speeches of DISTINGUISHED parliamentarians. It is not every Senator that is distinguished. Parliamentary, robust speeches, full of human intelligence and witty remarks, quotable quotes and memorable quotes, these are the hallmarks of DISTINGUISHED Senators, diplomats and politicians.

There is an intelligent debate going on in Nigeria about governance prolongation as a panacea for the success of the transformation agenda. The issue should have been made an electoral hot-point.
As far as I am concerned, whatever the majority of Nigerians say must be the final verdict.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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