Nature Vs Scientists: Understanding the End-time Turbulence

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Nature in all its works so wonderful, is so sure in all its ways. Scientists succeed after years of permutations, analyses, demonic promptings and indefatigable mental exertions. It is true that science has advanced the cause of mankind and will continue to do so.

It is indisputable that science has improved the status of man’s cultural well-being. Where many people err is when they refuse to acknowledge the sovereignty of God, the Father, in all things.

The Creator of the Universe retains the sovereign authority over all persons and all things in Heaven, on earth and under the sea. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the rain, the wind, the sun, the moon and all creatures are God’s creation. He gives life. He shows favour, mercy and compassion. He alone can save and forgive sins.

Worshipping God is the sure way to be free from the forces of nature.
The End-time turbulence must be put under God’s control. His Divine injunction to the Redeemed Christian is to pray ceaselessly.

The Body of Christ and other religions must understand the spiritual significance of the tumultuous events that are overwhelming the human race. This spiritual knowledge will help them to cope with the formidable obstacles that beset the world.

Those, who are freed from the curses of the law, must engage in fasting and supplications so that God’s favour will be upon them.

We have witnessed wars, rumours of war and the destruction of human beings and cities leading to tremendous afflictions and deaths. Many commentators glibly explain these events as being in keeping with the natural order of things, without seeing the hand of the devil, the accuser of the brethren, who precipitates these atrocities using his human agents.
His machinations deprive us of peace. The satanic turbulence has led to woes. The secret strategies of satan are being exposed by the Holy Spirit, who teaches us all things.

Many Christians are being welcomed into God’s vineyard. They are now of the Order of Melchizedec and are rendering service to God Almighty. God is using us to destroy the works of the devil.

The agents of satan are spreading false ideas about the origin of the world; the big bang theory, journeys to space and false prophesies wrapped in eschatology, sooth-saying and scientific explanations that obfuscate what they are labouring to explain.

Their tongues are deadly arrows, they speak deceitfully. These are the human agents of satan, who escalate the human misery in these End-times. These narrations are simple and well-documented, but we are not acting as if we know these things. These precepts are constantly rubbed off from our minds by dark forces, which seek to destroy man.

Accept Jesus today and become a new man or woman. Jews and Gentiles must fulfill the desire of the Ages.

We must live by firm convictions about the role of God in human affairs. The BLOOD OF JESUS CHURCH will hold REVIVIALS in Bradford at Gatehaus on November 15, 2012.

The new year will be more turbulent and the vain analysis of opinionated commentators, who mislead the simple-minded and trusting, will continue to dominate.

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