Ndi-Anambra Have Chosen Ngige To Lead Anambra Again

by Odimegwu Onwumere

His attendance to contest in the Anambra gubernatorial election billed for
November 16 is without doubt heating up Anambra State. Seeing the
irresistible support that goes his way, other contestants have resorted to
towing the inglorious line of propaganda, knowing full well that Senator
Chris Nwabueze Ngige representing Anambra Central senatorial zone, has been
chosen by the people.

Senator Ngige garners and enjoys overwhelming support of his people, upon
all the cock and bull stories traducers are selling across all the media
divides against him, in their inhumane quest and adventure to pull him
down. They have said that he desecrated the much revered Ofala Onitsha
festival. When they saw that that was not been bought by the masses, they
said that he manhandled a Catholic priest, and they continued.

There was nothing they have not done to cast the public against Senator
Ngige, but the public are wiser than the hatchet sellers and political
jobbers. Ngige’s campaigns attest to the fact that he is loved by eighty
percent of his people. And the twenty percent that is still keeping and
exhibiting nastiness is just in that, because of party differences.

Anywhere one goes to in Anambra State, the song on the people’s lips is,
vote for Ngige. Many are saying that Ngige has a right to choose the
political party he wants to belong to. He is a member of the All
Progressives Congress (APC). It is not bad.

But traducers are not leaving any stone unturned. When they have seen that
Ngige is burgeoning with the people’s support, they resorted to tribal
politics, saying that the party Ngige is a member belongs to a particular
tribe, which is not Igbo. And one wonders when Ndigbo have gotten a party
that is solely meant for them to be members and that people from other
tribes are not allowed. This diatribe against Ngige for being a member of
the APC, is the invective of his opponents that has made them to bite the
dust before the elections, as people can see.

Senator Ngige is one man who can be seen that is open minded among all the
other tyro politicians in the Anambra governorship contest, no matter who
the people pushing them are. His open mindedness cuts across
infrastructural development, rule of law, humility, freedom of association
and so many other components he has that are associated with democracy.

Ngige is a compelling figure, an open player, and very freethinking.
Ndi-Anambra have incognito chosen to vote for him, because they have tested
and approved him as the man who had managed the state properly and will
this time, increase the management in manifold.

Senator Ngige has never in the past and will never mess the people up with
sentiments, as can be traced to the opponents, who are unintelligent in
their comments and posts against the dude. What has made the people of this
state to choose Ngige to lead them as governor again is because, he has no
tendency of blatant preferential-treatment, which can be seen, is the trait
of all the opponents.

People have always attested that Ngige is a social vanguard for the welfare
and wellbeing of Anambra people. They know that with his unequivocal and
excellent leadership technique, Anambra is safe in his hand. Senator Ngige
may not be a billionaire monetary wise, but he is a trillionaire with
social, economical and political experiences that will further the much
needed cause of the state, devoid of desperation and power mongering come
sun, come shine.

No doubt, with his many exemplary qualities his allegation that a certain
quarter has embarked upon an exercise to rig the election against him,
holds water. He does not want anything that would deprive Anambra people
the trust they have reposed on him as the next governor after the
incumbent. Hence, he has alerted all the authorities concerned in the
business of investigating election matters, but most especially, the
Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and the good people of Anambra
State, at home and in the Diaspora.

Senator Ngige is the next governor of Anambra State in waiting, because the
dogged Anambra State will resist any forms of imposition that will be
contrary to their choice of him. Anambra State sees anybody, except Ngige,
as a puppet, as far as the gubernatorial election is concerned. The people
of Anambra State have united to fight against what many see as continued
vice-like grip on Anambra finances, by their choice of Ngige.

The matchless aspect of the Anambra people is their stoical stand that none
of them will buy the idea of an Igbo party slogan, which some of the
opponents are using as their campaign strategy against Ngige’s party,
believed to be a political party of a tribe. Anambra people are saying that
if they have ever been brainwashed, that was in the past, as they have
given Ngige their mandate and no one else.

It, therefore, behooves on Senator Ngige to continue with his distinctive
campaigns across all quarters, which have been seen to be devoid of casting
the opponents in the mud or seeing that the opponents are mud-slung.
Ngige’s people are strongly behind him, because they have seen that he does
not play dichotomous politics. He is liberal. Ndi-Anambra have seen that
Ngige does not play boardroom politics with blackmails and brickbats. Other
opponents may be preferred by those pushing them in the contest, but
evident is everywhere that Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige (Onwa) is the
preferred candidate of Anambra people, because he merited it.

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