Ndigbo and OUK’s call for Unity

Unity is something that is essential in the Igbo mythology. This is
why every family, kindred and village in ala-Igbo always meet in their
different soirees to discuss issues bothering on their welfares. The
Igbo knows the importance of unity, and the forebears had a proverb
that says, no one can break a bunch of broom, but it is easy to break
just one broom.

For the umpteenth time, the former Governor of Abia State is calling
on the Igbo to unite, irrespective of their political affiliations and
associations. He has been reaching out to Igbo people both at home and
in the Diaspora. From Cambodia to Canada he has not hidden his voice
for this noble act. He is of the belief that the Igbo might not have
gotten it right in the past, but are capable of getting it right this
time. All it will take is just unity.

What makes his call unique is the neutral position he has taken in
making sure that this is achieved. But this does not make him not to
support any political party in Nigeria that would zone the 2015
presidential ticket to Ndigbo. This is what Kalu sees as the
fundamental objective of his, since Ndigbo are not in dearth of
credible and dynamic persons that the presidency of the country can be
entrusted on.

Being over qualified to be president of Nigeria and with their wealth
of entrepreneurship, Ndigbo can ever boast of the sagacity and
dexterity to lead Nigeria. This is the bane of Kalu: why a people with
such charisma cannot be allowed to mount the exalted number one seat
in the Nigeria’s political positions. And it is time Ndigbo came
together and avoid trading blames of the seemingly past that can never
re-emerge in the existence of man.

Kalu would tell anybody who doubts the stuff the Igbo are made of that
they have made name in virtually all the areas of man’s endeavours. Is
it in the business, politics, academia and benevolence, the Igbo have
always hold the mace, but have not been allowed the pronouncedly lead

In the area of doing everything humanly possible for the wellbeing of
Nigeria, the Igbo have always put in their legs. They have always
expressed their republican nature in the amalgam that is called
Nigeria by voting people of different ethnic backgrounds
overwhelmingly. Amongst others, they voted for Chief M.K.O. Abiola
(when he was alive) and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in the 1993 and
1999/2003 presidential elections. They have also shown the same
affability in them to President Goodluck Jonathan by mobilising and
voting for him without blemish in the 2011 elections and as well have
stood by him till date, in affirming the Igbo aphorism that says, Igwe
bu ike.

But there is chagrin on the face of Kalu that the Igbo cannot always
be in unity, only when they want to support an ‘outsider’. They have
to support their own and guide their integrity with every thud of
responsibility. For this reason, from the USA to UK Kalu has been
mobilising for the unity of the Igbo. Many people have expressed and
given him their support for this Igbo unity crusade, while few persons
are still swimming in the pool of political brigandage against their
Igbo kiths and kins, because of the infinitesimal derivations they get
from the powers that are, especially in Aso Rock, the Nigeria’s seat
of power.

Ndigbo have to parley without equivocation for their unity. If it is
not Kalu today that is calling for this unity with the pet project
called Njiko Igbo, who would do better. Ndigbo must solicit for the
support of this unity project with unflinching support to the Igbo
cause. No matter how anybody might be looking at it, Kalu has always
fought for a selfless cause. One was when he rocked as the president,
Student Union Government of the University of Maiduguri, Borno State.
It could be recalled that he refused the offer by the school authority
to pardon him alone during the remonstration of the SUG that saw to
many students being hounded out of the school.

Just as he is going everywhere telling the Igbo to come together and
unite, so also he refused to be solely pardoned by the University of
Maiduguri, saying that unless everyone involved in the match was
pardoned. His function in shopping for the formation of the People’s
Democratic Party (PDP) cannot be easily forgotten. The likes of Dr.
Alex Ekwueme, late S.M. Afolabi, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Atiku
Abubakar and Aliyu Gwarzo among others would always thumb up for Kalu
for his political wizardry.

Today, the party has become a party that has produced the highest
political office holders since 1999 democracy was restored in the
country. It is therefore very aplomb to applaud the commitment of Kalu
in making sure that the Igbo is united to further the promotion of
Nigeria. Kalu has got what it takes to unite the Igbo no matter any
gainsaying opinion. He has got the contacts beyond party and ethnic

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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