A New Year Message to Everyone

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As the new year 2018 rolls in, there will be no significant difference in it from its predecessors. I seldom make New Year resolutions! It is a common ritual that everyone makes! In reality, it is good to face surmountable challenges in life. Challenges make us thick! Life in itself is beautiful when you are a victor of its challenges! The beauty of life is inherent in its awkwardness and remonstrance. We must face life with incredible challenges, derivatives reality and truthfulness. Do not anchor your happiness with the bureaucracy of life, or people’s behaviour and promises otherwise, you will be disappointed! You’re the author of your own happiness.

In a nutshell, the best author of your life is you! No one can write or rewrite your own story for you better than yourself without making or marring it. The incredible power of a pen lies in its ability to write a good story of your life. The responses of those who read the story of your life will depend on how you pen-push and write down your own story. When your story is embellished with lies, deceit, hate and other negative nuances of life, no one should be blamed for authoring your own baleful lies. Life is what we make of it!

Most of the global problems today stem from ‘self’. When self is wrong, the subconscious mind will be defective, the outcome will be asinine. The collective ‘self’ will mushroom to become multiplier problems like we witness in the world’s upheavals today.

Why do leaders lie? Why do the led accept their lies? The answer to these quintessential questions aren’t far-fetched. Followers are enablers, they have penchant taste for lies and deceit. When you want to expose the intricacies of a man’s psychology and inanity, tell him the truth, nothing but the truth; you will instantly become his self-avowed enemy. He will see truth as a repellent to what he wants to hear. A jejune mind is a vulnerable mind, and it is a willing tool for political and religious machinations and manipulations.

The world is becoming increasingly a shrinkage. Do not tell the man next door your shortcomings or your secrets, you might be selling or sentencing your own life to the insatiable global village. Never film your nakedness, or nudity of mind or body to that circumstantial lover or acquaintance of yours. You might be lovebirds today, tomorrow is shrouded in darkness and mystery. Be cautious! Man is never what you think he is, he’s what he hides!

Do not allow your mind to be weaponized for political and religious gains at your own expense or peril. We are existentially dispensable. Life is beautiful when you harness its beauty for the common good of man. As we approach the twilight and extent of 2017, take the stock of the tumultuous year 2017; make the outcome a good template for year 2018 and beyond. We indirectly, and in a jiffy make daily resolutions every second of our lives, but we are always unaware of it.

What’s even in a name or a year? Name is just a referral or personal representation of ‘self’ or thing. There are so many successful Smiths, Yahayas or countries; and there are so many impoverished or poor Yahayas, Smiths or countries around the world. The choice these individuals make is the choice they take. There is nothing like accidental success, or accidental failure. It is the way we lay our bed that will determine our blissful night or nightmare. If you fail to prepare, you’re definitely preparing to fail….it’s no rocket science!

Meanwhile, we are all responsible for our own action and inaction in life. There has never been any magical wand in a name or a year. What makes 2014, 2015, 2016, or the previous years so different from the incoming year-2018 and beyond is the ugly or beautiful events of each year. It depends on which side you are in! The only thing that is constant in life is change. Like time, change revolves around change. Change eventually comes to change at end of metamorphosis.

In order to be successful in life, we must accept our responsibilities and shortcomings; make amends where necessary, work hard with resilience, faith, focus, determination and prayers. If you fail, get up; brace up with unfettered imagination for possibilities! Impossibility has never been in the literal lexicon of strong-willed and rugged human beings. Success is a continuum for determined and rugged individuals. The choices these ruggedized individuals make are a determinant of their successes or failures in life. Every man is cocooned in his willpower. How we use our power of imagination for lifelong positive results and possibilities is either burden or joy. Let us unleash our potentials today to the admiration of our friends and foes. Let’s take our lives back, because, life is beautiful!

Happy New Year to you all.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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